Norwich Fashion Week 2014 - The Vintage Show

I mentioned Norwich Fashion Week in my last post, today I bring you news of The Vintage Show. I've said it before and I will say it again,we are so very lucky here in Norwich that we are a city of many scenes. 

With a rich history of culture and having not one but two universities (one of which is dedicated to the arts) Norwich has always had lots going on. Our vintage scene is an excitingly active one which you can enjoy regardless of how in to vintage you are. Maybe you like the music and style of a certain era or just like to rock some vintage style hair with your not remotely vintage New Look dress, Norwich has something for you. 

Last year I was invited to join the Norwich Fashion Week team, and ever since it's been a diary full of meetings and planning for 2014. I worked behind the scenes quite a a bit at last years Fashion Week and that was flipping hard work, but being really really behind the scenes has given me a totally different respect for a week I already loved. The effort the city puts in to making Fashion Week happen is just unbelievable.

One years work for one week of events. It's incredibly exciting, and is a brilliant week for Norwich, but there is so much going on for the other 51 weeks of the year to pull that 1 week together and Norwich businesses really pull out the stops to put on some great events, so if you're in Norwich 6-13 March visit NFW events page and see what takes your fancy.

This year I'm organising The Vintage Show with the help of the suitably named Fabulous Miss K and with the arena for this vintage style visual feast being the Norwich Puppet Theatre, a Grade 1 listed medieval building, it seemed only fitting there was a touch of theatrical drama. So this year The Vintage Show is getting a bit of a shake up and it will be vintage with a dash of avant garde.  

Photography by Joe Black
Think gorgeous and wearable vintage styles, but say goodbye victory rolls and hello to styling that's more Westwood meets Marie Antoinette....which will be created with the talents of a hair and makeup team from the Jackie Hamilton Beauty School. Plus there's a special appearance from Natalya Umanska......  We think it's going to be brilliant!

The Vintage Show takes place on Sunday 9th March and tickets are £10 including a goody bag. Doors open at 7pm and show time starts at 7:30pm. After the show don't head home, stay and have drinks with us! 

 I'm always a fan of cocktails on any day that has a Y in it and we have the Norwich Cocktail Club mixing up something special to help you enjoy our after party in the form of a special NFW Blue Skies Lounge, with vintage tunes by DJ Three Bits of Rhythm.

Madame Deroubaix's travelling chocolate boutique will be on hand to sweeten the evening and recording it all with a special pop-up  photo booth will be Michael Lyons, who is dusting off his tux especially!

What to wear? Sunday Best! Floor length and fabulous, micro and magnificent, it's up to you. Chaps, dig out those cravats or release your American Hustle medallions, the choice is yours! We'll be awarding the two best dressed guests on the night with special goody bags crammed with exclusive prizes! 


Just be sure to get your evening recorded in our photo booth! I can't wait to see the pictures!!

 The shoot we did to promote the show involved us running around in the oldest hotel in the UK. More on that to come next time!

So fancy coming to The Vintage Show? Get your tickets here!

You can also follow Norwich Fashion Week on 
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