Hello February

I'm not sure I'm ready for a new month already, I'm still wondering where January went..... 2014 has got off to a crazy start and there was me thinking this year would be calmer. Famous last words..... 

The blog may have been quieter than usual last month but that wasn't because I wasn't doing anything, I did ease back in to the new year with a few days off but apart from that it's been very full on so far this year. The plus side of spraining my foot and ankle (same leg, still unsure if that's lucky or not) was that for two days I was forced to stop, but did I lay for hours with my foot on ice watching old films? No I was checking emails, researching for shoots and sorting out my portfolios. Who else is really really bad at not being able to switch off?..... 

So this month I've promised myself that I'm going to work try to a schedule, which I started doing at the start of the year for about a week, I'd turn off the laptop by 7:30pm and not come back to work related matters as much as I could until the next day. That lasted a week! I am officially rubbish at switching my brain off. As the stranger in Tesco's will confirm when I suddenly had an idea for something and before I knew it jazz hands were happening. Public bursts of excitement are a bit like falling over. When they happen and you're with friends it's a lot less embarrassing....

The stranger was no less startled when I smiled, rolled my eyes and said "photoshoot idea!" I was wearing head phones so technically I shouted at him...... 

So a sneaky peek at one of the things I've been up to this year (and I still haven't done a highlights of 2013, thank goodness for throwback Thursdays....) The main three words coming our of my mouth are Norwich Fashion Week, more details to come on that very soon (although if you can't wait for that, there's a new tab on the top of the blog) but because I know (like me) you all like a sly looksy behind the scenes, here is a look behind the first of January's photoshoots...

We have an amazing shop in Norwich called Aladdin's Cave on Magdalen Street. It's well worth a browse if you live in or visit the city. It's a whole two floors of curiosities. Last year we used the shop to create images to promote the shop on the back page of the Norwich Fashion Week magazine and this year, we got to do the same. Yey!

 Essentially it's like being in a museum after hours, we created a scene from furniture and the various wondrous knick knacks. It's like the kind of shopping trip you dream about as we walk around saying "let's take this, yep we'll have that, and that, ooo what about this?" sadly it all goes back a t the end, but for a while at least you feel like the queen of shopping!  The least glam side is that it is actually us that has to lug it from one side of the shop to the other.


Official images by Joe Black  coming soon and oodles of Norwich Fashion Week updates to fill you in on. The count down has begun! 

Meet The Shoot Team
Photographer- Joe Black assisted by Milda Black
Stylist - Fabulous Miss K
Hair & makeup - me

Models -
Leading lady and gent bring their James Bond like uber coolness to the set were Nakita and Jake.

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