The Vintage a la Mode Photoshoot - Norwich Fashion Week 2013

Now we're almost in June, and Norwich Fashion Week was back in March, but plans are already under way with thoughts of 2014, this year was certainly a busy one for me, and with more behind the scenes action planned to help make next year even bigger and better, I've spent some time reflecting back on events and my part in fashion week 2013.

What this made me realise is that although I gave you a behind the scenes picture of a photoshoot I did as part of Norwich Fashion Week, I never actually then blogged about the shoot in full with some of the official pictures from ace photographer Stephen Plumb.

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen my behind the scenes shots and links to the official shots, but as we all worked incredibly hard and we all feel very proud of the results, it's only fitting that the shoot gets blogged too, it's definitely a case of better late than never.

As these things often do, a few of us met up to 'chat' general dreams and ideas and we came up with a few projects, this being one that made it to the top of the list as Fashion Week was fast approaching. Stephen Plumb was on photography duty, Karen of Fabulous Miss K was on Styling/wardrobe and I was on hair and makeup. 

I also had the responsibility of writing the artists statement that would introduce or exhibition and explain it's purpose - (which I haven't had to do for a long time!) and I'd like to just say a quick thanks to another photographer I love, Mr Mat Keller, as he sparked my brain in to gear when I was pondering what direction to take it in.

So the artist statement.........

This exhibition was a collaboration of three local artists, to creatively explore art as fashion and fashion as art. Working together we aimed to bring a high fashion editorial look to locally sourced vintage styles. 

We’re all lovers of a vintage inspired way of life and between us we’re stylists, writers, photographers and bloggers who document this curiosity through pictures, words and style. Using the styles of yesterday to influence today and tomorrow, Vintage à la Mode is a celebration of Norwich, fashion and art. 

Special thanks to Farmer Browns, Goldfinches, Prim, Retreat Vintage and models Alexandra Pointer, Amanda Santos, Heather Spanton and Marie Leonard. Photography by Stephen Plumb www.facebook.com/StephenPlumbPhotography Styling by Karen James-Welton assisted by Abi Gray www.fabulousmissk.co.uk Hair and Makeup by Kerry Curl www.missyvintage.co.uk

So without further ado, the final images plus a few extras that didn't make the final selection, not because we didn't love them but because we had to limit it some how.....

The final one we wanted to be a bit tongue in cheek

And a few of the extra ones I mentioned that didn't make the final line up, Stephen got some amazing shots on the day. 

You can see my behind the scenes shots over on my facebook page and Stephen also has an album for your perusal of his FB page too. Amazing dresses aren't they?!
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Vintage Adverts - Dickies Retro Fashion

Now I have to confess that not having a need for safety style workwear and not really being a streetwear kind of gal, Dickies, isn't a brand I was overly familiar with until I received a press release recently that I thought I'd share. 

Now I get a lot of press releases for all kinds of things and whilst they are sometimes interesting, others can leave me a little bemused and at times amused just because they simply don't fit with a vintage blog, but then you get the real gems, and this I feel is one.

The Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company was founded IN 1918 and is still around today. An archive of Dickies advertising campaigns has been unearthed and they provide a really interesting look through the decades. I just love looking at old adverts and so here's a selection.....

The 1930s





Thanks to Dickies for sharing these amazing images. 
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Places I Dream of Being

I spend a lot of time browsing researching books, magazines and the internet looking at fashions, styles and taking inspirations from all sorts of things. Sometimes they are places that are do-able but other times it's a case of just allowing what I call the 'day dream dolly' side of my brain to take over. So allow me to share my recent day dreams with you and here are some of the places I dream of being........


I told you some were do-able. I'm passionate about my home city of Norwich, but I'm fortunate that I also get to spend regular periods in London and I love it. If it's possible to be desperately in love with a building, then I'm head over heels for the National Gallery. The first time I went there I cried! I still get very overwhelmed by it even now. I can (and do) walk around London for hours, sometimes it's so nice to just wander around with no plan or agenda. Southbank has a great vibe, and I love Covent Garden. London definitely has a huge place in my heart and I think of it as my second home - yet in terms of vintage shopping, I truly feel Norwich beats the big smoke.

The Great Gastby Party

I'm yet to see the film, but from all the clips and the general decadence of it I know I want to be there. 

the great gatsby party scene

What would I wear? How about this dress from Debenhams which is now reduced to £128 
And I love this headdress from Etsy Seller The Prancing Fox £86.89

1920s Crystal Rhinestone Refashioned Headband with Silk Chiffon & Chain- Bohemian Princess Wedding Halo Headband Nicole Richie Fashion Star

Don Draper's lounge - Mad Men

I generally get decor envy when watching Mad Men but in season 5 my decor swoonfest got a whole lot worse. So when I say I dream of being in the Draper lounge, I do of course mean I dream of living there. I need a sunken lounge in my life. Fact. I'm not very good with steps at the best of times, but this room I want very very much.


Joan Harris's Wardrobe

Another Mad Men connection, I am I must confess, more than a little obsessed with this show. I adore Christina Hendricks who plays Joan Harris. I was a little late getting to grips with Mad Men, I'm terrible at making time to watch things on TV, but we bought the dvd boxed set and I'm totally hooked. I would *love* to get access to the wardrobe for this character. 

Where do you daydream about being?
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Giveaway - 1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turudich

I bought a copy of this book a while a go and it's been both interesting and useful. However I took it to an event along with some other books and thought I'd lost it there. Annoying to say the least, but because it had been a good resource I decided to buy a replacement copy. Then last week in the middle of quite a long and taxing day, I decided to take a break from the computer and found myself pondering the bookshelves. 

What started off as a ten minute reading break, turned into a little bit of shelf rearrangement. I moved some cameras from the top of the piano and arranged them on a shelf, you know how it goes, you have these little move arounds and think it won't take long....

Well it did take much longer than planned, but that's mainly because the books I'd moved to another shelf to make way for my beloved vintage cameras took on a life of their own and within minutes were flying off the shelf, taking the fairy lights with them, which in turn snaked around more books and took those down too! Fear not the cameras were fine, but my lounge was a mess! 

During operation 'I wish I'd never touched those books' I found what was my lost copy of 1940s hairstyles. So I now have a spare copy, which I thought would be of more use to you vintage lovers. 

It's a great little book, and it is little, I was expecting something more substantial in size when I first bought it, but whilst it may be petite, it is FULL of details and facts, from hair cuts of the decade, to  styles and setting patterns. It's full of amazing photographs and illustrations. It's a great look at the history of hair with step by steps to help you get your own forties inspired looks.

For your chance to win you just need to follow Missy Vintage in at least one of the following ways. You can sign to follow via Google Friend Connect, 'like' the Missy Vintage Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter (@Missy_Vintage) 

Each method counts as one entry, so that's a potential 3 chances to be the winner. I'm using
 rafflecopter to run this giveaway it's really easy to use but of you have any problems just pop me a comment on this blog page. 

I'll post this worldwide so feel free to enter where ever you are! The give away closes at midnight 25/05/2013 (UK time) entrants must be 18 years of over. The winner will be selected at random using rafflecopter. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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