Bringing the Auction Room to Your Armchair

I’ve never been to an auction before, not in real life. I hold my hands up to being one of these people that can happily search away on the big online auction site (you know the one) and just browse all manner of things, but what that site isn’t so useful for, is actually researching items. We’ve all seen clothes and bits for the home marked as vintage but you know they are less than 5 years old!

When I was asked if I’d like to check out an auction site I’d never heard of before called Barnebys, I was quite curious, but part of me did think, another auction site? Fortunately, my curiosity won the day, and for several hours, I actually found myself popping back to the website to follow certain items and was happily jumping from description to description on all sorts of things from china and jewellery to furniture, art and dresses. Even motorbikes – which I actually have no interest in really, but the stories and the history of them really caught my attention.

This site helps you find items that are listed with auction houses and salesrooms from all over the world (including Sotheby’s). Whether you want to spend some serious cash, or are just looking for something interesting, there are thousands of items to look through.
Sadly, with a guide price of £4,000-£6000 this William Klein print is out of my price range, but as a lover of Klein, it was still a bit of a thrill to see it!

You can also sort the results by price too – which starts to make using this site to find items that bit more affordable, really rather tempting…….

1950scompacts with a guide price of £20-30, what amazing gifts these would make! 

I’ve mentioned this site to a few people now, including some who really are experts at buying at auction, and they thought it was a great idea, which is high praise indeed. For me it’s made buying at a ‘real’ auction, seem more of a realistic option. If you’d like to browse through the site, I recommend making a big pot of tea and sitting in a comfy chair….because you may be there a while!  www.barnebys.co.uk

*Written in collaboration with Barnebys
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Sunshine and Dresses

In the hope that this sunny weather is going to stay for a while, I'm digging out my dresses. Winter feels like it's been here for so long! In the cooler months, I've become very much a jeans and converse kind of gal, but with the hint of warmer days teasingly on the horizon, I'm looking forward to getting out and about in dresses again. 

Whilst I probably can't justify buying anything new at the moment, mainly because I've decided to start saving for a new camera, but also because I really need to show some love to the dresses I already own, it doesn't stop me looking lustfully at new ones. 

However if you have the budget or the urge to spruce up your spring/summer clothing choice, there's a lot out there at the moment that will make great additions to your wardrobe, whether you dress full on vintage, like a little nod to vintage style or just long for more pretty dresses. 

I thought I'd point you in the direction of some cute little numbers that in my opinion,  give a cheeky wink to the forties. A pretty floral tea dress, can take you through ALL seasons, wear with stockings or bare legs in the sunshine, and then team it with opaque tights when it cools down again. 

Peacocks £18

Buy Somerset by Alice Temperley Contrast Trim Silk Dress, Lemon Online at johnlewis.com
Alice Temperley at John Lewis £160 - not cheap, but it is just beautiful!

So much of creating a vintage look is about how you style it, victory rolls may be seen as overused and to 'everywhere' by some vintage folk, but the fact is, they are an ICONIC look, steeped in history, and quite frankly, they are just very pretty! 

Topshop £46 (Maternity version also available)
Uttam (House of Fraser) was £45 now £33.75

Topshop £42

I can remember dresses like this being fashionable in the nineties, indeed I used to own a few myself, now as far as fashion in 2013 goes, the nineties are back - good news if you like cute dresses, bad news if that just makes you feel old! Interesting though isn't it? Mix one dress with a sprinkle of inspiration from the past, style it in different ways, and it transforms. Ooooo, there's a whole styling blog post with that idea in mind I think! One dress, two vintage eras....

So how will you wear yours? Will you rock one up with a biker jacket (although I'm still trying to find the perfect one) go cute with a fitted cardigan, or indie it up with a longer cardigan and some DM's. You think you can't possibly do a cute dress, DMs and victory rolls? Why not? Who says no? It's a big yes, yes, yes. I've seen the done and it totally rocked!
Dr Martens 1460 Boot
Dr Martins £110

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1940s inspired hair

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Guest Post: Hair Advice - Spring Trends

Blogger Zoe (on behalf of Salons Direct) has come up with some great tips for long hair, and some ideas for braiding to keep you looking and feeling cool over the warmer months that are coming our way....... *fingers crossed*

I've recently had a bit of a hair change myself, over the last month or so I've gone from dark red, to bright ginger and now I'm on my way to........blonde! What this means, is that after quite a lot of bleach, I'm trying to go easy on my hair for the next few weeks when it comes to curling and backcombing. I'm limiting my use of heated and chemical products for now, just to give my hair a bit of time off.

What this also means is that I'm embracing my very naturally straight hair for the first time in a few years and I'm actually finding that I really like it! I'll often wear my hair straight but with a half beehive or victory rolls, but for the few weeks, I've been wearing it pretty much as it falls!

Braids are going to be a big feature for summer this year, and I'm looking forward to wearing some braiding with all sorts of styles, from beehives to buns and more relaxed 70s type boho hairdos, but for now I'll hand over to Zoe.

Long-Locked Ladies, Listen Up! The Newest Trends To Try On Your 'Do This Spring

Are you praying to the style goddess for longer locks (please, please grow faster!)? For many women, flowing hair really is a labour of love that can take years to achieve, if you start with a short style. Yet long hair is nothing if not high maintenance, and it can feel like the whole world is against your tresses: heavy winds, wets sets that take forever to dry, boyfriends accidentally lying on runaway locks, curls that won't hold, exceptionally lengthy blow-dry’s…the list is never-ending.

But instead of feeling blue about your beautiful hair, put down the hairdressing scissors and try out some of our favourite hairstyles for this spring. You’ll be happy to hear that long tresses are having a moment this season, and this is how to wear them :

Sleek And Chic

Remember the 90s? Well they are back! If you’ve got naturally straight hair like Missy Vintage has, you’re in for a treat. Embrace those straight locks and for you curlies, it’s time to get out those flat irons! Give yourself a blowout and straighten your hair to make it extra smooth. 

Pull your tresses back to the nape of your neck and secure with a skinny barrette for a Parisian look that takes all of five minutes to complete. We love fashion on the go.

Ballerina Headbands

Headbands aren’t just for ballerina babies anymore; we’re claiming this accessory back! This spring, bands are going to be all over the runways; and again, the style couldn’t be simpler. For a pretty finish, take the front section of your hair, twist it back and secure it under your accessory. Then give yourself a twirl. Headbands can be a great way to decorate a beehive, if you feel like adding a pretty touch to your vintage inspired hair.

If you haven’t got a headband to hand, never fear! You can use your own hair as an accessory; all you need is a set of bobby pins and elastic bands.

Begin by sectioning off your hair into three segments: front left, front right, and back. Just below the ear, plait your first section and secure with an elastic band. Do the same to the other side, then bring both plaits over your head and secure them in a headband with your bobby pins – try to hide all pins and elastic as well as you can. Immediately, you have a cute, Heidi-like hairstyle that would make any country girl jealous.  

Braid and Ponytail Hybrids

Braids can be seen in hairstyles from many favourite vintage decades, they feature in many of the styles featured on madmen, but are also popular with more relaxed boho styles. 

Braids, Twists and Plaits

Jazz up your bog-standard ponytail with four, small braids on either side of your parting. Pull them back in an interesting design and clip them around your hairband, to mask its appearance. This Grecian style is fit for any style queen and looks harder than it actually is.

Mermaid Hair

Missy Vintage has been predicting the return of crimping for ages, But even so, who would’ve thought that crimping would be back in style? Creating a mermaid effect with crimping irons has become so de rigour now that no-one is even batting an eyelid. Get the look by going to bed with your hair in small plaits. When you pull them out in the morning, you’ll have a style that didn’t cause any heat-damage to your tresses and saved you the price of a new set of crimping irons.

Are you experimenting with your hairdo this season? For all your hair essentials plus some more adventurous options such as hair dye and extensions, try Salons Direct. Visit here to get your haircare kit prepped for Spring!

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April Giveaway - 1950s Britain

A couple of months ago I mentioned on facebook about doing a giveaway, well the year has flown by and it was supposed to be a giveaway to celebrate surviving January, but before I knew it the months whizzed by and now we're now in April! At the time I mentioned some thoughts on doing a giveaway, I ran a poll to see what era would be most popular, with plans that I'd take this information and it would influence the prize..............

Well the most popular era was the 1950s, so the giveaway combines three of my great loves, books, photography and the 50s all in one neat little package.

Packed with pictures from the Press Association archive this book is a fascinating look at 1950s Britain, which was a transitional decade for us here. The war was over but rationing continued into the 50s, the scars of war were still raw, people were still grieving and putting their lives back together and a new ways of life were emerging.

For your chance to win you just need to follow Missy Vintage in at least one of the following ways. You can sign to follow via Google Friend Connect, 'like' the Missy Vintage Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter (@Missy_Vintage)

Each method counts as one entry, so that's a potential 3 chances to be the winner. I'm using
 rafflecopter to run this giveaway it's really easy to use but of you have any problems just pop me a comment on this blog page. 

I'll post this worldwide so feel free to enter where ever you are!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sunday Reading

A round up of what's been interesting/amusing me lately......

Queens of Vintage - If you haven't added this website to your reading list, then now is the time. An online magazine just crammed with interesting people, vintage tips and it really is an all round good read. The recent feature on Veronica Lake made exceptionally good reading.

The warmth of spring may be almost upon us.... (let's hope!) but a feature written by blogger Land Girl 1980 for Queens of vintage last November, about how to stay cosy in bed the vintage way might interest you. Not a birds and the bees chat, just a 'how to' advice on blankets and layers.

Another 'not recent, but well worth a look' post is Rosalilium's look at the Paris flea markets.  As always this blog has lovely photography, and even if you don't have plans for a city break, grab some coffee and croissants and head over to see it through this bloggers eyes.

Over on Norton of Morton, plans for a handle bar moustache are under way, catch up with his story so far 

A blog I've only just discovered is Film Noir Photos but one that I will be spending a lot of time browsing. Crammed with amazing images and films stills, it's going to be a fabulous resource as well as a great read.

Picture from Film Noir Photos
The crafty amongst you might like to bookmark a page listing lots of free sewing/knitting/crocheting patterns over on Va-Voom Vintage

Another truly excellent post from Mr Partington over on Eclectic Ephemera that celebrates the greatness of the bow tie. This really is a must read!

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? I'm starting to get the hang of it. It's a shame it doesn't make it easier to credit the source but hopefully that will be something they will keep trying to improve. But I'm developing lots of boards covering things like hair and makeup of course, but also home ideas and more couture/avant garde looks. Feel free to make a cup of tea and have a browse for some inspiration.

Hopefully these will keep you going for a little while today. No rest for me, I'm running a class with my fellow Historical Sauces later today and this time we're looking at using traditional products to cleanse and prepare the skin before teaching how to get a vintage inspired look, so I'm expecting a room of red lipsticked up pouts by the end of the class.

Next week is a full week of client consultations, meetings, and planning several photoshoots and various projects that are all bubbling away. Just one more cup of tea and then my working week begins! I fell out of love with instagram a bit at the start of the year, but it's wooing me back again, so if you fancy following my adventures over in instaland swing by and say hello!

Happy Sunday!
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Dotcom Gift Shop: Bunting for Every Vintage Party

The lovely folk from online store Dotcomgiftshop have written a guest post on the wonders of bunting. Now I know bunting seems to be one of those strange things that divides people, some love it, others not so much, but I think it's a wonderful way to add a splash of colour and vintage atmosphere to an event or room. Dare I even hope for warmer days of sitting out in the garden, bunting hung on fences, trellises and trees can add a lovely personalised touch to your outside space. 

Bunting for every vintage party

Bunting has been around for hundreds of years and in that time it has become a staple party decoration. So whatever the occasion, if you’re planning a vintage party we’ve got the bunting to match any decade!

 1920s white wedding
On your wedding day, you can capture the spirit of a classic white wedding with the white lace paper bunting.

 Its simple elegance draws on a combination of chintz designs, so why not go all out and add some floral crockery to your reception, like the pink tea plate or three tier cakestand?

Just make your first dance a Charleston and you really will be back in the 20s!

1930s country fête
What better way to spend a summer day than lazing around outside, under some pretty English rose party bunting?

 There are so many gorgeous patterns on these little flags you’ll feel like you’re at a traditional country fête, and the Paisley rose snack pots and vintage picnic cutlery are ideal for a retro picnic.

So after all the food has gone, would anyone like a game of skittles?

                                                         1940s garden party
This spotty cotton bunting would look just lovely at a themed garden party, or simply livening up the corner of a room.

If you love to fire up the barbecue at the first ray of sunshine, then you’re in luck. You can serve your guests the retro way, with these red spotty plates and cups.

Don’t forget to include some vintage snacks too, from trifle to sponge cake!

1950s street party
For a birthday or anniversary, relive the vintage glory of the 1953 coronation with this wooden Union Jack bunting.

Whether you get the whole street involved, or just a few friends, it’s not only the bunting that will get you feeling all patriotic. Carry on the theme indoors with the empire paper chain kit, or hand out your favourite treats from the King’s Choice biscuit tin.

Be sure to have a good old-fashioned sing along. The national anthem, perhaps?

                                                   1960s Summer of Love celebration
Spread the love, man. Hang up this Paisley Park fabric bunting and your home will be groovy in no time!

Stick some tunes on the record player and even hang your favourite record on the wall in the cool vinyl frame. Then kick back and relax with some classic movies, and some popcorn from funky striped popcorn holders.

Of course for the dress code, long flowing dresses and sandals are a must.

 Remember, DotComGiftShop has everything you need for a truly fantastic retro party!

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