Happy Fashioneaster!

Here's my last instalment of my Norwich Fashion Week antics, then next week we'll get back to business as usual! Whatever 'usual' actually is......

 I was asked by Vintage Norwich if I'd bring my makeup services to their event with Cinema City as part of Fashion Week. The fashion on film choice this year was High Society (1956) and whilst I didn't watch the film, I was there before it started in the 'boudoir', along with stylists from The Hairdressers.  I offered a flicks, lips and brow service, as you know my love for eyebrows continues to grow, I just love that reaction when people who never really do anything with their brows see the difference just adding some colour and shape with a pencil makes.

I wore a Stop Staring dress bought from UK stockist Stop Traffic Clothing
Photo: Vintage Norwich

Focusing on colours perfect for a fifties shade of lip, I chose to offer a bright red (Besame Red) an orange red (Carmine) and a classic pink (Dusty Rose) all the lipsticks I used were Besame, the lipsticks are so highly pigmented that the colour is not only amazing, it lasts too, so hopefully  it was pretty popcorn proof. 

Besame lipsticks at £22, are not the cheapest, but they don't just look pretty, they look good on, they feel creamy to wear and the Besame red and the Carmine shades just pop, making them great colours whether you love a vintage style or prefer a high fashion look. My absolute favourite eyeliner of choice is from Vivo, and I prefer it to the other brands I've used including Mac and No.7. The Vivo eyeliner is £2, yes £2!! So if you can find a great budget product that works brilliantly, it doesn't feel such an extravagance to spend more on something else like a lipstick.

The next event I attended was actually a non working one (hooray) so I found myself with a glass of fizz in hand watching The Designers Show, and when I say designers, I mean small designers, up and coming talent and work from local fashion students too. How exciting to be the next generation of designers and have a fashion week on your doorstep?
Norwich has a rich history in textiles in times gone by, and it's really exciting to see that perhaps  it's well and truly on the comeback, and we had everything from hats to bridal, high fashion and some more couture/ avant garde work too.

I really liked the atomic feel to this headwear. 
Photo Missy Vintage
Photo Missy Vintage
Photo Missy Vintage

A beautiful vintage feel to this dress

Photo Missy Vintage

These high waisted trousers from student designer Laura Jarvis caught my eye, not only a great colour but a nice wide leg, high waist, so an ideal trouser for vintage lovers and fashionistas. Very seventies looking but could also be dressed to look quite forties, if that's more your thing.

Also good to see some crimping hit the catwalk. Yes, crimping, no I haven't lost my mind! Crimping adds some interesting texture and volume to hair, and I really liked this messy bun / low chignon, obviously it's an amazing hair colour too.

Betsy Hatter also had a collection in the show, which was very exciting for both her and her fans! A self taught milliner, the ever creative Betsy took inspiration from fairies and legends for this collection that was made especially for this show.

Photo by Joe Black (lots of amazing shots from Fashion Week over on his page, well worth a looksie)
The next show I was at, had me running to Hobby Craft ...... I was styling Nina Baker and I made a flower crown, now I consider myself creative but that doesn't mean I'm an especially crafty gal, but this was such a fun thing to do! Quite time consuming but fun. We didn't use the crown in the end as A) I sometimes forget not everyone is ermmm , I never know what word to use.... as eccentric (?) as me and B) we swept all the hair over to the side in the end, so not really the right shape for a crown, anyway....  

The event was called Fashion Mashup and it was an amazing mixture of fashion, dance and theatre, a lot of which was set to live music. Nina looked amazing in a little floral skater style dress, we put some curls in her hair and swept it all to the side, retro style (pics to follow) The look worked really well, as much of the fashion had a real young edgy retro look to it. The nineties is back people! Whilst I might not be planning to show my midriff off All Saints style (phew) the nineties look is really capturing the imagination of, dare I say it.... the younger generation. If it encourages them to shop for pre loved/second hand clothes and be imaginative with their image then it's a very good thing in my opinion.

Retreat Vintage

Vintage Deli

As well as the fabulous Nina Baker, we were also treated to music by Jake Morrell and Lettie, the latter, a two girl band, made myself and Lucy of Glamourologist decide to form a band. (the same Lucy who is also my fellow Historical Sauce and I blame for ALL the other events that happened on this evening too...) 

Sadly we don't sing, or play instruments, but as I had officially clocked off and was no longer working, the vino flowed and we soon had a band name formed from a combination of our names (sort of!) What would we be called? Loose Vintage, works on so many levels don't you think??..... 

But what of the hair crown I hear you ask? Well whilst it didn't make the stage, it did make it to the bar area after the show, and was a huge hit. 

Picture entirely Lucy's fault

Should you wish to make your own flower crown, I highly recommend you visit this excellent tutorial over on Hairdresser on Fire  The wire came from Hobby Craft and the flowers were from a selection at the 99p shop. You could use silk if preferred, and you can go more subtle, less avant garde than I did it. The daffodil in the mouth is also entirely optional....
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More Fashion Week Action

I'm still catching up with myself after a very exciting but busy fashion week, and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know that I sent huge thanks to all those that nominated and voted for me in the Vintage Norwich Awards, unfortunately I didn't win this year, but was thrilled to even make the finals, so I'm still really pleased. Not everyone can win, and all you can do is keep doing what you're doing and enjoy it! 

I'm a very gracious loser/runner up (however you want to think of it!) Norwich has an abundance of talent and everyone who made the finals are all fab and well worth a look, but of course a big well done to the winners too. There were also some people that I nominated that didn't make it through to the finals, but one in particular that I'd like to mention  is Hannah of Bohemian Love Story, who's not only a wonderful makeup artist but also makes beautiful hair accessories that were featured a lot during Norwich Fashion week. 

The awards night was a rather hectic one for me. Not thinking for a moment that I would be a finalist, I agreed many months ago to be the photographer for the evening, so I actually had my work head on, but did finally manage to have a few cocktails right at the end of the evening, but until that point only a sip of fizz, from someone else glass passed my lips.

Everyone had got really glammed up, which was both wonderful and brave as the awards were held in a heat free medieval building, and it was snowing that day!

A special shout out to Betsy Hatter who we can now say is an award winning designer! I styled Betsy's hair for this ceremony and had to wipe a little tear away when she won as it was such an exciting moment for her and she was beaming with joy. There were lots of squeals and whoops as she walked down to accept her award, and Betsy's category like mine was packed full of talent, so a big well done to her.

Thanks once again for your continued support and encouragement. I'm hugely grateful and shall  carry on just being me, doing what I'm doing, and of course I'll keep you all informed 
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Hair, Dresses and Hats

 I was delighted and honoured to be asked to style hair and makeup for the launch of a very special collection that was revealed during this years Norwich Fashion Week. The collection designed by Karen James-Welton AKA Fabulous Miss K , are all based on 40s and 50s styles that Karen has or still owns (and I've seen inside her wardrobe, it's utterly amazing!) 

As a child I would spend hours designing all kinds of fashions in a sketchpad that was dedicated purely for my designs and all the accessories I thought should go with it. On Sundays I would lose myself in The Clothes Show programme (who remembers that?) so I can only imagine how amazing it must feel to actually make a life long dream a reality and see it all come to life.

Karen aka Fabulous Miss K  Photo by Mat Keller for  Southern Retro
Much planning went into the hair and makeup, and four of the six dresses were to be topped off with bespoke creations made by designer Betsy Hatter, one of the other dresses was to be accessorised with hair flowers made by one of my other favourite designers No Dice Sugar (who's bird clip was featured in a previous shoot the day before) 

It was a huge night for all of us, it was really important that we got these girls looking not only vintage glam, but each looking different too, so they'd reflect that this was a collection of dresses, but that each design has it's own personality. The hats were made especially and therefore as a stylist I wanted the hair not only to be beautiful, but elegant and stylish, which are two words I'd used to describe both the Fabulous Miss K collection and Betsy Hatter's head pieces.

I spent many hours researching and planning ideas, that would not only compliment the dresses and the hats, but would also pull the looks together in a suitably sophisticated manner . For model Marie I styled some classic, authentic victory rolls and at the back created an asymmetric roll. I kept the makeup very simple, all the girls wore Besame lipstick. It's become one of my makeup kit staples as well as a brand of lipstick I use on myself.

Photo Joe Black
Photo by Stephen Plumb
Photo by Stephen Plumb

Kate has a cute pixie crop, and was wearing just the most divine birdcage hat, so I only needed to do makeup for her, I do love a birdcage veil and this 50s inspired dress is just so stunning.

Photo Joe Black

Grace was wearing a sweet little nautical style dress, topped of with a gorgeous straw hat,  such a sweet and summery classic look. I created a low chignon, this is such a pretty but unfussy look. Great for special occasions and brides, as flowers or sparkle can be added in all kinds of ways. 

Photo Joe Black
Danielle had my favourite look of the evening. Knowing that Dani, was our lady in the the LBD I wanted her to ooze class and sophistication, so I swept her very long hair over to one side to create a smooth shell like shape.

The final model I styled was Demi, who's also a blogger. Demi's signature look is full on vintage chic, so I only had to style her hair, which she'd set beautifully herself before the show, making it a dream for me to create some victory rolls at the front. The length was then tucked into a snood and decorated with hair flowers. This is a really simple but pretty style. Snoods are an excellent and speedy way to get a 40s look.

Photo Joe Black

How amazing are Demi's eyebrows? Her style pictures are really taking the world of instagram by storm, if you'd like to shimmy on over to her blog you can find it here

It was an amazing show, I was dashing to and fro between backstage and the front row, so I wouldn't say it was a relaxing evening but it was exciting! Other gems that stood out for me were........

Kimono from Wake Up Little Susie  
Photo Stephen Plumb
Dress from Vintage Deli (but what I really really loved were the green gloves) Hair feather by Bohemian Love Story
Photo Stephen Plumb

Also on display on the day was the exhibition I'd worked on with Karen and Stephen Plumb, but as this is a picture heavy post already I'll save that for next time, but here's a peek at it.

Photo Stephen Plumb

Well done to everyone involved in making the show a huge success. 

Keep an eye on the Fabulous Miss K facebook page for collection updates.

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The Birds Part 2

Well Norwich Fashion Week is over (booo) but before I give you a run down on how the week was for me, I just thought I'd share some more official images from the shoot I previously mentioned that took place in Norwich Castle.

I just love the high editorial feel these images have. The models look utterly amazing in their dresses which each cost £6 or under! Just goes to show that serious style doesn't have to come with a serious price tag.

Photo by Jordan Harris
Photo by Jordan Harris
Photo by Brendan Stewart-Jacks
 I just love cobalt blue, I saw a programme this morning that said it's going to be a big colour this year. For me it's never gone out of fashion and this 80s Ronald Joyce dress still looks amazing despite it being over 20 years old.
Photo by Brendan Stewart-Jacks
Photo by Liv Girling

Photo by Liv Girling
Have you bought a super stylish dress for a purse friendly price? 
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