#SavvierWay with BrandAlley Win £100 of Vouchers!

**Editors note** PLEASE READ! 

13th Dec 2013 - Just to advise that BrandAlley have just notified me that they have decided that they need to end this promotion now and not as mentioned in the press release, but they hope to run something else in the new year. So please don't try and enter guys! 

Let's face it, it's fun to buy new frocks and it doesn't matter if it's £30 or £1000, if you love it, then you love it. It's only really when you blow your budget that there's a problem BUT maybe you're super savvy and have ways to save more on the mundane everyday expenses, so you have more of a dress budget to play with? 

Perhaps you have ways to be savvy post dressgate and can make your money stretch further when you have less to spend because you've over spent and it's still two weeks until payday (but you do have a pretty dress - so two weeks of eating mainly toast is livable, yes?) 

Are you finding new ways to still afford new things? Maybe you're cutting down on those visits to the coffee shops, giving up mid week vino, taking on a second job or perhaps like me your prepared to sell  those 15 pairs of shoes you never wear to buy just one pair that take pride of place in what's left of your collection? 

Or have you ever lusted after an item so much that you've gone to extremes to get it? Have you travelled to another city for that pair of shoes you just need to finish off your outfit? What would you do for that one item you're lusting after? 

Well this is exactly what the guys at BrandAlley want to know, and they are giving away £100 of vouchers to 5 people who share what they feel are the best pictures that illustrate just how far people are willing to go for that coveted item.

They asked me to encourage you to get involved, and I'm not going to lie, I'd LOVE the winners to come from the Missy Vintage camp, so here's what you have to do:

To enter the competition, your MUST complete the following:
  • Tweet ME your photo entry using the hashtags: #SavvierWay #BrandAlley
  • Pin your photo on to the #SavvierWay #Competition Pinterest board which can be found here 
Take a look at the new BrandAlley advert and their pinterest board for some inspiration. If you are super sensible and don't go to any extremes, let your imagination go - if you could abandon your sensible gene what would you do? Wrestle a tiger, kiss a baboon, eat lentil soup for a month, swim with sharks, walk over broken glass? Give up nights out for a while for nights in with a book? 

The only thing you must do is illustrate it with a picture, so look through your photos, get taking selfies and share them with BrandAlley, good luck with your entries, £100 will get you some serious goodies on the BrandAlley website. If you're not familiar they sell some great designer names at discounted prices. 

The competition closes on 22nd of December and the five winners will be announced by BrandAlley on 23rd December.

Good luck everyone, tweet me your pictures! 

*written in collaboration with BrandAlley - this is a BrandAlley giveaway and not exclusive to Missy Vintage

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