Christmas Gifts under £10

Perhaps you're on a tight budget or maybe you've decided to just cut down on what you'd normally spend, but there's still some really amazing gifts you can buy for under £10. Here's some ideas to get you started.........
Dot Com Gift Shop Tiddlywinks. £5.95 + postage 
(I'm not a fan of board games, tiddlywinks and gin is the way forward, trust me!)

Curious Cat hair flower £6 

Rosie Alia Designs bow £4 

Sugar and Vice earrings £6
Betsy Hatter hat pin £4 

Pocket Mirror from the Imperial War Museum £4 
Make Do And Mend book Imperial War Museum £4.99 
New Look Deco inspired earrings £3.99
Tights Tights Tights £5.50
Are you setting pre-arranged limits for gifts this year?


  1. I always set a strict budget for Christmas shopping, and I usually stick to it. However I have a habit of buying little bits and pieces for different people to accompany their main present, which tends to blow out my budget!

  2. We always set a budget for Christmas - we kind of make it a challenge between us to see what we can each get for the money. To me having a tight budget certainly makes me remember why i'm buying presents and making the much from the money.

  3. we never set limits, but we never go mad either its not about how much it cost but how much the receiver will love it. So I bought my sister a necklace which I know she is going to love but it only cost 5.00 and that was including postage!!


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