Christmas Films on You Tube

You Tube, a thief of time but what a charming thief indeed! I'm constantly in awe of how you can just search for something random and you;ll be able to find it. That song you only know one line from, that clip someone mentioned to you but you can't quite remember what it was called etc etc. Well there's also an awful lot of films on there too, full length films, and there's a lot of Christmas ones too. 

A perfect excuse to sit back and have some me time or gather friends and family together for a vintage Christmas filmfest. Pop some brandy in that hot chocolate and warm that popcorn because You Tube has all you need for several hours of festive fun and drama and it won't cost you a penny.




  1. Thank you for this post, I would never have thought about going to youtube for Christmas movies!

  2. oh, you tube, I end up watching things I never thought I'd watch!! And now I have Netflix...

  3. I can lose days on Youtube! Thanks for sharing these with us!


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