Songbird Watch: Nina Baker

Something a little different from vintage and fashion for this post, in case you're not already familiar I'd like to introduce you to singer/songwriter Nina Baker. Now I hold my hands up - I'm not musical, picture the scene from Bridget Jones where she is singing passionately but badly at the works Christmas party, that's probably more my standard. 

When given a percussion instrument at school, I would manage to ding that triangle out of time, despite counting myself in.... and I'm about to confess something which if the above didn't convince you I'm not musical, this might. When I wrote the word 'percussion' I actually wrote 'precussion' which is what I thought was actually the right word! Oh dear. Well I've learnt something today.... 

Nina getting voluminous hair by me.... 
So, you've guessed this isn't a review that you might expect from an edgy music blog, but here's why I like Nina Baker's debut album 'Quite Frankly'.

 I was first introduced to Nina's music via Twitter by her boyfriend. I didn't know him either but he tweeted me about a nearby gig, which I couldn't actually attend but I thought I'd use my good pal google to find out who this Nina Baker he spoke of was, and I liked what I heard so I started to follow Nina on Twitter, and several months on and a couple of styling sessions later, I've followed Nina's adventures as she works her cheeks off to get her music 'out there' and finally complete her first album, dedicated to her granddad - the late Frank.

To me there's a hint of Tori Amos to her voice, she sounds very current but at the same time like an old soul. The album has turned out to be a real mix that evokes different emotions. Game You Play is becoming one of those songs I keep hitting repeat on (does anyone else do this? I once worked an eight hour shift and only listened to one song, which was Rhianna, Only girl in the World. Eight hours, back to back, I don't know if that's a skill or a disorder??) 

I can see a fun music video is just waiting to happen for this track (Nina's not Rhianna's) Picture show girl Nina on stage mocking the fool as he sits in the audience... well that's the imagery it conjures up to me and my vivid imagination anyway. Speaking of imagery the track Clown made me think of  Ophelia by Millais, I'm blatantly obsessed with seeing Nina in some sort of flower crown .........(*see disclaimer)

Little Fibs has really clever lyrics, the music makes you smile but the words make you laugh - this has got to be a single surely?! 

 I think it takes real balls to write your emotions down and then share them with the world, but that's what she does. She's not just singing this stuff, she's writing and producing it too. Impressive yes? 

Go check her out

*Disclaimer, Nina sent me a free copy of the album which I've reviewed for this post. However, considering I once freaked her out a little with a giant hair crown, I think that's pretty generous ;) 


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