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Another product review of a Diva range supplied by Salons Direct, so far we've looked at the Straighteners and the 32mm tong, and now it's a look at the waver. To create waves I'd usually use a tong, although since reviewing the straighteners I'm finding myself reaching for those more and more.  

I do carry a waver in my kit, the wave it gives is like a large crimp, so very different from the wave you can achieve using a tong. The Diva waver is a different design to my other waver, so I was interested to see how it would compare. No model for this review, so you have me in front of the camera instead! 

I wanted to use this along with some relaxed finger waves through the front, so I started by using the Diva straightener to create some curls just through the front section, which I then brushed out in to waves and clipped with my vintage hair clips. You can find these quite easily on Ebay, or Patrick Cameron does a version in his hair accessory range if you'd rather use shiny new ones. I use mine a lot, they may be 30s/40s but they are still going strong!

A quick phone snap of the Little Bo Peep look.....

I've been seriously impressed with all the Diva products so far, they're really easy to handle and it feels as though this was a consideration in their design. The waver heats up super quick and is very very simple to use. You can take large sections of hair, so you're actually exposing your hair to less heat too, which is music to my bleached up barnet's ears.

For the first look I tried to keep the hair in quite neat waves using a smoothing cream, and although it looks ok, I don't think this tool would be my first choice for a sleek finger wave type look, but it does produce a nice wave.

For the second look I wanted to see how the waves would react to being brushed into a more relaxed frizzy/beach wave style, and this I loved. I realise that if frizzy, big, slightly out of control hair is your idea of hell, this may be causing you stress, but personally I love hair I can touch and fluff during the evening. Debbie Harry is one of my idols. I love her 'messy hair, don't care' look of her Blondie days.

I think this is a really good buy if you want to have fun with your hair. If you're hoping this will give you those Downton Abbey style finger waves, then you're out of luck BUT unless you are requiring an era authentic look because you're on a film set, then use the styles of the past to inspire you to create your own look for the here and now. 

This look could easily be dressed with a hair band to look give it a nod to the 20s or throw on a 70s style dress and it could look very disco. Pop a hair flower behind your ear and the look will change again. That's the fun of loving vintage styles in 2013!

The Diva range is also available online for those of you  not in the hair and beauty industry

*written in collaboration with Salons Direct. A site well worth checking out if you are already in or training to be in the hair & beauty industry

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