Missy Vintage Styles: Diva 32mm Tong Review

Having already reviewed the straighteners from the Diva range, Salons Direct have also asked me to see what I think of the Diva 32mm tongIt's called a tong but it has no clip/lever to hold the hair. A handy little protective glove is provided so you can use your hand to hold the hair after wrapping it around the barrel - something you'll be used to doing if you've previously used a heated wand.

 I think designing this tong without the usual clip is a huge plus, say goodbye to those kinks that you sometimes get in curls and waves. The lack of a clip also makes it very quick to use. 

Salons Direct is a website for those in the hair and beauty trade, but the Diva range of electrical appliances are available online for hair fans too. One thing I get asked a lot is what size tong people should use/buy. Well it really depends what kind of curl you want to achieve. 

The smaller the barrel the tighter the curl. A 32mm is a large barrel tong. It won't give you tight curls, this size tong will give you large loose curls and waves. Perfect for a relaxed look, but the curls may not last as long as a tighter curl might, so prepare to be generous with the hair spray. The kind of curls you can expect from a tong this size are about the same as if you'd used large heated rollers, and this is where for me, this tong comes in to its own..... 

Quite often some kind of curl to create a vintage inspired hair style is really useful, it might not be that it's a full on curly style, but you may want to create some lift at the root or you might require the hair to have a slight curl to manipulate it easily in to pin curls, victory rolls etc.

 This is where this tong becomes useful for me. Not only will it take up less space in my kit bag than a set of heated rollers (so perfect for styling on location) they heat up really quickly, the variable heat setting means it's able to cope with different types of hair and with the help of some hair pins, I can use this tong to create a hot set not unlike one I could achieve with large heated rollers. 

This tong was perfect for to create some 60s inspired hair (think Lana Del Rey) on a recent photoshoot for Wakeup Little Susie.

With the help of some back combing through the crown, I gently brushed through the curls, before using a piece of lace to dress the hair. Lace works perfectly, as unlike ribbon it's stretchy so can be pulled tight to enhance the back combing and will stay securely in place .

I'll definitely be using this as an alternative to heated rollers when I need to travel light. With regular work trips to London planned, I'll now be able to fit an extra pair of shoes in my suitcase! 

The Diva Session Instant Heat tong is available from Salons Direct (trade only) for £49.99 ex vat

Have you tried using this type of clip-less wand/tong? Did you find them easier to use than a more traditional tong?

* post written in collaboration with Salons Direct



  1. Great hair (again!) Love it.

  2. Gorgeous, love the last picture, it's like a proper old fashioned family snapshot. Good tip about the lace, wish I'd thought of that!


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