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Source - Mathmos
I'm sure it's the same whichever country you're from, but as a Brit, for me there's nothing quite like knowing something is made in the UK. In 2013 it's not often that a product has managed to stay true to it's 'Made in Britain' heritage, but remarkably since their invention in the early 1960s Mathmos Lava Lamps are STILL made in Dorset.

If you ever needed proof that good ideas come from trips to the pub then -
 A) Clearly you have never been to the pub with me  B) You've never  known about the invention of the Lava Lamp..........

Source - Mathmos
The inventor of the Lava Lamp Edward Craven Walker, sounds like quite a man........ he was an accountant, flew helicopters, was a World War Two pilot and owned a naturist camp in Dorset!

It was an egg timer Edward saw whilst sitting in a Dorset pub that sparked the idea for this design classic. After experimenting with many different formula's, the first Lava Lamp to hit the market was the Astro in 1963.

The name of the business was changed to Mathmos in 1992, which is taken from the cult film Barbarella and isn't it just amazing how many names and references that film has given popular culture? I really must watch it again soon. Matmos is the lake of lava beneath the city of Sogo by the way.

I remember Lava Lamps being popular in the nineties and indeed I had one. Isn't it remarkable that an egg timer in a pub sparked a design at all, never mind the fact that it's gone on to be a total design classic that you can enjoy regardless of whether you are in to the minimalistic look or a vintage die-hard, plus everything in between?

Mathmos kindly sent me a lamp, and originally we thought this could go on my G Plan dressing table (which I picked up for a fiver, doesn't really fit that well in the new house as it takes up a lot of room, but I love it!) but instead it's taken pride of place in the lounge, we've got quite a sixties feel going on in this room, it's not as kitsch as I want it. Yet....

I know they say that fish are relaxing and I'm sure they are very nice, but a Lava Lamp is less maintenance and watching one warm up and then bubble away is quite captivating, I'm already thinking I'm going to get a another one for a different part of the room.

To celebrate fifty years of the Lava Lamp a new Heritage range has been launched which is well worth a look, and if like me you just love seeing how things are made, then take a look at this video (which by the way has excellent music!)

*written in collaboration with Mathmos


  1. I loved my Mathmos Lava lamp, I had it as a 30th birthday pressie but the goo solidified and I couldn't afford to get it repaired so the poor thing bit the dust! I'd love to find a replacement! x

  2. Love them! haven't had one since my son broke one a few years ago - really hard to clean up. Now the kids are older must get another. Somehow appropriate that a robot now helps to make them (you're right the music was great).

  3. Thanks for your great comments in support of Mathmos lava lamps. If you'd like to be in with a chance to win an original Astro lava lamp in our Christmas advent competition thenyou can like and share the Mathmos Originals page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mathmos-Originals/14596231055


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