A Gin Session with The King of Soho

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of a new gin. I adore gin. If follow me on Twitter this is probably not news to you........ unfortunately I couldn't attend, but the lovely folks behind the launch sent me a bottle instead, because it was obviously very important that I tasted it. A task I took incredibly seriously I can assure you.....

Now I've tasted many different gins over the years, this in no way makes me an expert but it does mean that I know what I like and I loved this. Sometimes nothing hits the spot in the way that a good G&T does. I like mine served as a double (surprise!) a good serving of tonic,with just a small amount of ice. I like to drink from the glass rather than a straw, and no-one looks good trying to drink whilst deflecting mini icebergs with one's tongue, so I prefer the ice to be at a minimum.  Lemon or lime madam? Always lime if there's a choice, in the summer a slice of cucumber is a delicious alternative.

Apart from the fact that it tastes good, it's packaged amazingly too, and if you want your cocktail shelf to look pretty, or you just fancy being served from an uber stylish bottle then this is your gin! 

The bottle design brief:

'.....to design a bottle which embodied the characteristics that make Soho special, a design that would capture the spirit of Soho; the brand essence being creativity, hedonism and non-conformity.

Hedonism, non-conformity? But this is just a gin right? Ah, but it's a gin with an interesting and somewhat colourful back story.......... The gin was created by Howard Raymond as a tribute to his father Paul. Paul? Paul Raymond. THE Paul Raymond, the man responsible for opening the first strip club in the UK. He owned several theatres that were playgrounds for the rich and famous and went on to buy up a fair bit of Soho property. He was a big character in the 60s and 70s and was responsible for changing the porn industry at a time when it was all still under the counter and behind closed doors.

Steve Coogan played Paul Raymond in the film 'The Look of Love' - which is worth a watch. Some great fashions and home decor. I cried my eyes out though. So if you are going to watch it, perhaps go easy on the gin.........

It's not the cheapest gin on the market but the bottle is pretty enough to keep, and it comes with a cork! So you get a happy little 'pop' when ever you open it. Pop over to The King of Soho website for a browse around, you can buy online and there's a handy list of gin cocktails. I'm drawn to the Gin Genie, however having once managed to set fire to my dress, it's probably a choice that will have my husband reaching for the ice bucket....... 

Source: King of Soho
*written in collaboration with The King of Soho

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  1. Oh I love gin so much! Might have to ask for a bottle of this for Christmas. Out of interest...what is your tonic of choice?


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