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I like to show love for fellow artists, so I'd like to introduce you to Norwich artist Simon Pritchard, a jolly nice fellow indeed. He's incredibly talented and has a unique painting style which he uses to capture the famous of times gone by, from film legends and music gods to hammer horror characters.

He's shown his work all over the world, but on investigating putting on an exhibition in Norwich, the venue of choice, doesn't come cheap, so he is using Kickstarter to try and attempt to raise the money to put together an exclusive exhibition of his work, painted especially for this project.

Simon's vision - 

Photo by Antony Kelly
''I will be creating and painting 20 canvas paintings of movie poster art inspired by the artwork that adorned cinema posters of the 1950s, '60s and '70s. I have always had a passion for horror, action and exploitation movies from this period and the painted posters that advertised these films. Everything from Hammer Horror, Italian Giallo murder thrillers, Spaghetti Westerns, action cop thrillers and sci-fi fantasy. 
I want to create poster art for several different ideas, films that never got made with the stars that were originally cast, film projects that never got made at all, a selection of posters for films I made back in my youth for TV film contests and some for film scripts that I wrote but never got to make.
These posters will be my own vision of classic films with the stars that were originally supposed to play the lead role, and versions of posters for films starring actors who wanted the roles but didn't succeed in getting cast.
The final section is for films with titles I have invented myself and how I envision the painted poster art looking for these imaginary films. This idea is inspired by Hammer films who frequently created posters for film ideas with no scripts that were presented to American backers to pre-sell the films before scripts were written and actors cast! '' 

What's kickstarter?

It's a crowd funding site that allows you to set up projects that people can make pledges to, thus enabling that project to come to life. You can pledge as little as £1 and no money gets taken unless the total needed is reached. So if the target isn't reached by the set deadline, no money is taken and the project gets zero funding, It's an all or nothing kind of thing!

With 35 hour to go (at the time of writing!) Simon is £190 away from his target, so so close! If you think you'd like to support the arts for a pledge as small as £1 then pop on over to Simon's Kickstarter page. 

Maybe you have a project you need help to get off the ground? Why not take a look and see if Kickstarter could help you too.


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