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As a huge fan of playing with hair, I consider myself incredibly lucky that people have enough trust in me to style their locks too. When Salons Direct contacted me to ask if I'd like to write for them, I was pleased to say the least. I know I have several hair and makeup artists following me, so if you are in the beauty trade Salons Direct is site well worth checking out. 

I've been shopping for supplies at Salons Direct for quite some time, so it's great to be able to try out some electrical equipment from the Diva range. Now, I hold my hands up, as a stylist who does a lot of vintage inspired looks, a piece of equipment I don't tend to use much are my straighteners. Essential for getting that poker straight Louise Brooks style bob, and in fact when I go to the hairdressers myself, they use straighteners to give me great curls, but when I'm making curls on clients? I have to be honest I usually use a tong or a wand.

Salons Direct are a trade website, but if you're not a hair or beauty professional, straighteners from Diva are available online too, but what did I think? Well................... to test the Diva straighteners out, I asked model Marie to be my muse, and my assistant for the day was Gemma of Belle  Beaufighter's Beauty, these ladies were so patient and generally fabulous in helping to get these looks together. Big thank you ladies!

Source: Salons Direct
Whilst these straighteners will erm.... straighten, I really need a bit more from them than that. As a stylist, a lot of my work involves creating curls, waves, movement and more extreme/alternative looks, so I wanted to put these straighteners through their paces. Could I create a classic/vintage look using these straighteners? A look I would normally create using a curling wand?

The straighteners are very slim, really light and just as important, they heat up really fast. How did they curl? Frankly, like a dream. They glided through the hair easier than my other big brand straighteners, I'll be honest I was surprised at just how easy they created a curl, and as someone who curls hair a lot, this has pleased me!

For Marie's first look, I wanted something glam and red carpet like. Call it vintage or call it good classic hair, either way I think you'll agree Marie looks Oscar worthy.

For this look the hair was prepped with what I call a dry blow dry. On dry hair a golf ball sized amount of mousse was worked though clean hair and dried again using my ghd dryer. Marie's hair was then curled using the Diva Straighteners, and once all the hair was cooled I used a paddle brush on the hair to brush the curls in to waves. Yes, this can be a scary moment, some hair will hold the curl better than others, but if you have prepped your hair before curling, and brush gently, you'll have every fighting chance of creating that nice relaxed but very glamorous wave.

For our next look we dropped the glam and went more alternative. Big hair is something I love creating, in fact I'm dying for a bride who wants, wait for it...... candy floss hair. It takes a long time to create so it was lovely to have Gemma as my assistant (she also created some fab nail art too) but the final effect is amazing. Huge hair with no back combing.

The reason it takes so long to create is because it involves wrapping the hair around a hair pin and then using straighteners to set the the hair. Teaching Gemma the process so she could assist, we were able to do a direct side by side comparison of the Diva straighteners V's my big name ones and the Diva ones had no problem at all keeping up. 

Once all the hair was wrapped around the pins, we left it for a few minutes and then it was time to take the pins out, which leaves you with tight zigzag curls which you simply brush through. I love creating this hair, it never stops feeling like some kind of magic as you watch the hair grow bigger and bigger!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this flower crown creation I made before, but it seemed perfect to go with Marie's second look.

I think these straighteners are amazing, the tip stayed cool, making the first look much easier to achieve, as it made the straighteners so easy to handle, the way it glides through the hair is massively impressive and they perform well enough for me to be able to create more alternative looks. Exactly what I need from a hair tool.

One model, two looks. In fact there was also a third, but you'll have to wait for the pictures of that one.......

The Diva Session instant heat straightener is available from Salons Direct  (trade only) for £71.50 ex VAT

Do you use straighteners to create curls and waves?

The team:
Hair/makeup/photography - Missy Vintage
Model - Marie Leonard


  1. Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!! Love both looks. I'm utterly hopeless at curling my hair with straighteners, I went to a new salon recently and the hairdresser wasn't great either - which actually made me feel a bit better! They certainly weren't gliding through my hair as you described here. Gorgeous looks, enjoyed reading this.

  2. Can you please do some videos? I love the first look. Love the second one two but I'm more likely to wear the first one!

  3. Ruth - it can take a bit of practice. I always think that doing things with your hair is all about practice and repetition!

    Casey- I do keep threatening to do videos, and have a huge list of topics people have asked for. I promise I will make a big effort to take the time to do some, and will add this to the list of requests :)

  4. I don't think I would have guess this was the same model. She looks beautiful with both styles but so very different, Hollywood in one but almost painterly in another.

  5. Wow so very Ophelia in the second look. Beautiful - Katie xx

  6. I never knew how the hair in the second look was created, thank you so much. Would never have guessed straighteners were involved.


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