Dr Marten and Me

I was recently invited to the opening of the new Dr Martens shop in Norwich, a landmark in the stores history, as the invite boasted that this would in fact be the largest DM store in the UK. 

Now I was a nineties teenager. We wore chunky shoes, some wore jackets falling off one shoulder, I tended to steer towards blazers and a rather fabulous American style college jacket with white sleeves, that I loved but many didn't. In fact one school chum has mentioned/mocked this several times in adult hood - you know who you are ;)

What I could only aspire to having though, was a pair of Dr Martens, the expense made them a total no-go area for me. I did buy some cheap rip offs in desperation, but they weren't the same. Now I obviously survived without them, I'm here now, but when the invitation to the store opening came in with a promise of a 50% discount I knew that maybe, just maybe my time had come. 

 We were treated to some very good, but very loud live music, however this musing is from someone who walks in to Topshop wishing they loaned out adult versions of those baby ear defenders, the ones the cool tots wear at festivals. There was also real ale which I don't really have much of a taste for normally, but these were actually pretty delicious. Also on the menu were mini portions of sausage and mash - now this is what I call a launch party!

I take my hat off to the staff, they worked so so hard! I'd love to know how many pairs of shoes the store sold that night. The place was packed and the till never seemed to clear of people and boxes. I myself bought *cough* two pairs......... and I've been feeling pretty guilty ever since. The first pair were a super cute pair of black patent shoes, which I thought would make a great alternative to a brogue this winter, and I was in need of some new autumn/winter shoes, as last years brogues got killed by snow...... 

I thought I could also change the laces to more colourful ones too.....
But what were the second pair I here you ask? Well I did it, I bought the 36 year old me the pair of boots the 14 year old me never got. I feel so guilty as it's likely that I'll wear them much less than the shoes, but I'm thinking skinny jeans, DM's and and my beloved 80s cricket jumper is an outfit for starters..... 

Pictures of the boots to follow, but here's my 'I was here picture' just after managing to defy the laws of gravity and pour beer UP my arm. Such a me thing to do. In attempts to try and get this picture in a crowded room, the very kind chap behind the bar suggested I might be safer having it taken whilst standing behind the bar, away from the crowd. Dear fellow, dear sweet fellow, obviously he has never met me before! There must have been something about the way I laughed at the the suggestion, as he didn't mention it again....

A massive thank you for the invite. Good to have you on board the good ship Norwich Dr Martens!

There's a great video on You Tube about the social history of DM's which is well worth watching.



  1. I've gotta say Dr Martins sure knows how to throw a party! LOVE those shoes - stylish, practical and super shiny- can't wait to see the others too! :)

  2. You can't beat DM's I have lots of pairs of shoes/boots but haven't worn THE boots since I was in my teens. 50% discount is fab!! :)

  3. What an awesome party. I saved for two years to buy a pair of Dr Martens when I was a teen. I finally got them when I was 15 and I wore them everywhere: to work, to school, to parties. Now, 12 years later I still have them and I still wear them all the time. They're an awesome investment piece. I really hope that you enjoy wearing yours!

  4. There's a DM outlet shop coming to our town soon, I'm more excited about that than Christmas! Love those pink print boots, so quirky!

  5. I got a pair of DMs for my 13th birthday and they were my pride and joy! I love your patent shoes, perfect for this time of year and I can just imagine them with a pretty dress and thick tights.


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