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I've been putting a pair of heels from the Mary Portas for Clarks range through their paces recently. We've all had shoes we've excitedly bought, only for the joy to end within hours. Burning feet and blisters will never result in a long term love affair, no matter how pretty the shoe. So when I say I've put these through their paces, I mean it. Clarks kindly gave me  a choice of styles, I opted for a black pair because a good pair of black courts to me, is more important than an LBD

The first time I wore these shoes was for drinks and dinner, and I can tell you that I'm used to bombing around London in converse or ballet pumps, but instead I wore these shoes, so it was a real test for comfort, but I have to say they really were super to wear. No blisters or redness at all by the end of the night and I've worn them repeatedly to ensure that it wasn't first time lucky! To be honest these were so comfortable I feel like I've been trying to catch them out!

The Mary Portas range aren't cheap, these ones came with a price tag of £89.99.......It's really tricky to get comfort and style but it seems like the Mary Portas collection are definitely a style investment for your feet. Two of my favourite pairs of shoes are from Clarks but I have to admit that I hadn't realised Portas had been creating collections for this brand, and I wondered how the collaboration would continue to grow, so I've kept my eye on the pairing to give me a better feel for what Portas would bring to the world of shoes. 

I've been waiting for their autum/winter range to emerge with interest. After all if you're making an investment in pieces like this, it makes sense to explore more of the range if possible.

Because collaborations seem to come and go all the time, I wanted to write this from the angle of taking some time to see the range develop, so I've been into the shop to try on and handle the other shoes in the Mary Portas collection, and it really does seem that a lot of thought and effort goes into these designs, ensuring that chic looking shoes can also be relatively painless to wear too. One of the stand out features about these shoes is how soft they feel on the feet, there is something very noticeable about the good quality of these shoes in my opinion.

The autumn winter range is the fifth range of the Portas shoes and looking through the designs I'm impressed. From Cheslea boots to evening shoes (and not all of them are really high either) there's some amazing footwear in the new collection. 

If flats are more your thing, then I'm also loving these brogues that are currently available from the Mary Portas range. A great classic that may set you back £79.99 but potentially a shoe you could easily wear on a daily basis. That day shoe that gets you from A-B plus that sassy smart shoe for the evening. Brogues are are shoe which lend themselves as perfectly to dresses and tights as they do to more tailored looks like trousers and suits.

If you haven't been to a Clarks store lately, these designs may surprise you. I certainly remember being taken in to Clarks as a child to have my feet measured and fitted with some sandals I distinctly remember not liking very much at all. In fact I may have cried when I had to wear them..... 

Clarks have been around for practically forever (well since 1825) and there's an interesting page on the history and the heritage of this company on the Clarks website which is well worth a look. There's also a fab picture of Honour Blackman being fitted with her Clarks boots for the Avengers. Who knew this? 

I just adore looking at old adverts and Clarks have some fantastic ones, which if you love vintage style shoes will make your heart sing!

Visit the Mary Portas range the autumn/winter range is yet to be released for sale, but you can browse the range and start your wishlist!

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