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So this month has been really quite full on! Apologies the blog has been a wee bit quiet, but a holiday followed by a family bereavement has made me have to stop and channel my energies in to the other parts of my life. Parts I haven't visited for quite some time, so when the #eabloggersparty arrived I was mid way through some tricky goings on, but not wanting to let down the organisers of the first ever (that I'm aware of...) bloggers party for us East Anglian writers, I pulled on my favourite little black dress and popped along for a drink.

Being the terrible fashion blogger that I am, I managed to not take a picture of the whole outfit, but I did manage to do the required instagram selfie to show off my beloved baby beret made by the talented Betsy Hatter.

As you can see my hair is now as blonde as can be, more to come on this in a later post! I wasn't able to stay long but managed a few drinks (of course!) and managed to mingle a bit, but not nearly as much as I'd have liked, but I was clock watching as I needed to get home, I also had an early morning start for a photoshoot. I love my job, but I do seem to have a lot less time to socialise lately, which is why there have been less pictures of me in pretty dresses being blogged about recently! 

Goody bags aren't an essential of a party but they are a nice perk, let's be honest! So a big thanks to FabEast for the chocolate coins,  more chocolate from Drop Dead Chocolates,  dried pineapple from Urban Fruit (which is a total taste sensation - my mouth is watering just at the recollection of it. Just delicious, try it!) Also huge fluttery thanks to Paperself Lashes - I've been meaning to try some of these for ages. Have you used these before? What did you think?

Also free on the night was a pair of tights from Tights Please which I'm yet to write a blog post about. The outfit I had planned for them has slightly come a cropper, as I realised the wedges I spent ages looking for were in fact sold on Ebay some years ago when I was broke! Lesson here ladies - do not sell your shoes! 

Sorry I couldn't stay the whole night and mingle some more, but thanks to the evenings organisers Bunn The Baker, Feeling Stylish and Retro Chick


  1. I've been meaning to try these lashes too, they look great!

  2. dried pineapple? That sounds like something I have to try :)

  3. Your hair looks fabulous - you really suit blonde locks!


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