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If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that I have a habit of sharing what I'm listening to on You Tube. I love music. I play no instruments, used to do a bit of karaoke, when it was the trend and every pub had a karaoke night, but my performing days are over, and yes they are ....  I do love a tune.

I'm one of these people that needs noise, if I'm working from home, I Iike to have the tv on or some music, if I'm out and about I love to listen to music. If I can, I walk everywhere to get to meetings and appointments, even if that means I look like a bag lady with a suitcase full of stylist goodies. I absolutely love walking, it good for the heart and the soul and to assist me on my travels I love to listen to music, it's good for the spirit and whilst one tune can provide energy, another can calm. It's like magic.

 I  remember fondly owning a walkman, yes tapes -  discman players never really worked did they? Always jumping in my experience. Whereas with tape you only had two possible dangers, running out of batteries or having the tape chewed. Music on the go these days has never been  so easy, so whilst I may love vintage, make no mistake that I'm a modern girl and my tunage comes in the form of an iphone. 

If you've ever met me in real life or follow me on instagram you may have noticed that I have a mild obsession passion for animal print, so when I was asked if I'd like to combine my iphone with some animal print Diane Von Furstenburg earphones I thought they would be a great way pimp up my ears, so move over boring white earphones!

But what's on my playlist? Well I love all sorts, and I mean all sorts! So here's just a selection of what I'm loving, perhaps not as vintage as you might think. I was once asked if I was listening to The Andrews Sisters by a lady on the train. I wasn't I was listening to Fall Out Boy. Which leads me on to song number one.....

Tricky to chose just one song from FOB's album Infinity on High, because it's one of those rare albums where they are all a tune! This album would be in my all time top ten. I just love it. But for the clever and cheeky title I'll link to this.  Here's an acoustic version, seriously recommend you listen to the album version too though.  I'm Like A Lawyer with The Way I'm Always Trying To Get you Off  

 Another song I just can't stop listening to is Jessie J, Domino. Not a new track but certainly my track of the summer so far I think. It's got that feel good factor to it and makes me feel energised. Big shout out to Jessie J too. I haven't always been a fan, but the way her personality and her talent came through on The Voice, I now have a total girl crush. 

No play list of mine would be complete without the wonderful and adorable Paloma Faith. Love all her music, but Just Be is just one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. She sings poetry not lyrics. I should probably warn you that the video has some nudity in it. (I wonder if you'll even read the next two songs now....) 

Who remembers the Undertones? Well I don't from their day, but I love love love Teenage Kicks, which has only recently made it onto my playlist, but is just amazing music to listen to whilst walking in the sun. If you've only heard One Directions version, I would encourage you to listen to this.... 

I knew this last one would be difficult but I wanted to limit myself to five or this post would last forever! So..... no play list of mine is ever going to be complete without Mr Brightside by The Killers. This is THE song that I have to go and jump around on the dance floor too whilst singing at the top of my voice very badly. I bet that makes you wish you went out on nights with me now hey?.....

What's on your playlist?

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  1. blimey, teenage kicks is a blast from the bast.Just enjoyed reliving that, thanks for the link!

  2. Oooo love these earphones! I'm animal print crazy at the moment. Life would be much duller without music that's for sure, I listen to it all the time. It saves my sanity on my daily bus journeys I tell you! Jess


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