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It's no secret that I love a seamed calf and if there's one person in the whole world who you want to have something in common with, it's the ever beautifully delicious who said -

"I have been obsessed with seamed stockings my whole life, and I would collect vintage ones that were made in the '40s and '50s with the authentic styling of the keyhole, the welt, the reinforced toe and heels, French or Cuban heels, and hand-stitched seams."
Dita Von Teese

But stockings or tights? Which do you prefer? The only tights I tend to wear are opaque ones, occasionally fishnets and sometimes ones with seams. However, when it comes to seamed tights, the variety that are a fine denier and need to be handled with care are something I've never had much luck with.

 Getting them to last more than one night feels like a lottery win, sometimes they're laddered within just a few hours. Stockings on the other hand last me for ages, the plus side of stockings of course is that you ladder one, you just throw it away and keep the other to match up with the rest of your stockings.

So when Tights Tights Tights asked me if I'd like to try some of their hosiery, my first instinct was to browse the hosiery I tend to love - stockings, BUT when I looked at the tights range, I was so taken by their prettiness that I thought I'd try my luck and see how the Trasparenze brand
compared with the other brands of seamed tights I've tried before, and I've been more than impressed to say the least.

Now, I have to say,the models used on the Tights Tights Tights website and on the packaging, is probably not what most of us look like. In fact I'm fairly sure that was I standing next to some of these models, the top of their legs would probably be up to my chest! So lets hope that as lovely as I'm sure they are, that we never meet, as conversation is going to be just impossible! 

The first pair I tried were the Angie Backseam tights, the picture on the website shows them in black, but I was sent a natural shade and my first reaction to these tights was how nice the actual colour was , they describe the colour as 'Cosmetic A' which is essentially a nude shade.

 Now nude doesn't always mean nude when it comes to hosiery, and sometimes it's more American tan or creamy ivory, but these really are a nice natural shade that don't impose too much of a colour on your legs, perfect if you want a natural look, or just want to smooth out an uneven skin tone.

The pictures on the website are also a little ermmm, cheeky, but if we look at this models bottom for research purposes, (but if you're reading this at work, I can't guarantee this excuse will get you out of trouble if you get caught by the boss.....) you'll notice that these tights don't have those horrid lines around the tops of the legs, which makes them look much more attractive on, this also makes them great for you ladies that like to wear tights for burlesque and dancing.

£11.95 from Tights Tights Tights
I think the nude shade would be perfect bridal tights, I know not everyone enjoys wearing stockings and sometimes dresses like silky wedding ones, need much smother lines underneath than you might achieve with some suspender belts. You'll be relived to know that I decided to wear a dress with my tights rather than dance through the woods in just my hosiery (although the pictures on the website did give me a good idea for a future photoshoot!) 

I decided to wear these with my new favourite party dress, which is this amazing 1970s cerise pink number I picked up in a charity shop for £4 recently. 

I thought the tights would add some disco glam to the outfit, and what I really love is that they have a sheer toe, so perfect for wearing with peep toes and sandals.

The second pair I tried are were the Trasparenze Leaves Backseam Fashion Tights and are
what I would typically go for style wise with stockings. A lovely black back seam, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous detail near the ankle, but these are also detailed all the way up, and if you really do want the look of stockings but the easiness of tights, then these are a very glam option. The detail over the bottom that looks like a pair of pretty knickers? Those are actually the tights! Could they be any prettier?!

£12.95 Tights Tights Tights
Loves these, they are so very very very me. Again they are a fabulous nude shade, keeping your look very simple from the front and giving a real wow factor from behind (who doesn't want that?) 

I am so taken with these ones, and so far I've managed to get nine, yes NINE wears out of them and still no ladders, amazing that they are still going strong! I love that they are so barley there from the from the front. I'm not a fan of my legs and unless I've tanned them up, I would never wear a dress this short with bare legs, but it's too short to wear with stockings (no really it is!) and I don't want to wear it with boring nude tights, so up until now, I've been wearing it with opaques or leggings, so it's great to have a new addition to dress it up with. 

So whilst they might not be the cheapest of tights, the details add such a great finishing touch to an outfit that they are well worth the money, and the Tights Tights Tights website has what must be a style for everyone (they also offer free 1st class UK delivery when you spend over £20) and if it something with a cheeky wow factor you're after then head on over to the Trasparenze range.

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  1. OMG! Ilove seams too, but I find stockings to fiddly and always feel the need to yank them up, these look like my solution!

  2. This is good news, I personally love tights but have bought some pairs more expensive than this and they have ;laddered within minutes - and I'm sure it's not me but an actual lack in quality, so great to get a recommendation like this. Thanks Missy xx

  3. really love the retro feel to the pics in this post, I assume it's an effect and not a polaroid? Very cool indeed, nice way to combine fashion and interesting photography :) Maz


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