Catching up on July

It's been a busy busy month so far, which hasn't always left me with enough hours to fit everything in, but whilst exhausting it certainly hasn't been boring! I've been working a lot on my photography portfolios and workbooks, as Iast week I completed another year long photography course, so those are now all in to be marked, let's hope they like them and think I'm some kind of good! 

Also keeping me very busy is the styling work I do, I've had weddings and photoshoots happening and new ones being planned, which is all really exciting. Most of the brides I've worked with this year have been on a tight budget, but their weddings have been amazing and some of the flower arrangements I've seen that have been made by the brides, bridesmaids etc have been nothing short of fabulous. One bride Debbie made her veil for £3.50 and then decorated it with fresh roses, it looked amazing. Astonishing how chic thrifty can be! 

My latest bride was Rhian got married in a wonderful venue just outside of Norwich called The Old Rectory (this link is well worth clicking if you're looking for Norfolk wedding venues) The room the girls had to get ready in was just gorgeous. I've styled in all kinds of venues from museums to pub toilets, walking in to find I'd be working from this room was really exciting. 
There was an amazing four poster bed, and I tell you that had I not have been there in a working capacity, I'd have excitedly jumped on it an pretended to be a film star or a queen for the day!

It was such a hot day I packed a fan in my makeup kit!

 Rhian and her wedding party ladies all looked amazing. Such a lot of creativity had gone in to the wedding and I can't wait to see what photographer Joanna Millington captured. As always, timings were a huge consideration with a large wedding party, so the brides styling was divided and I did the makeup and The Hairdresser  (a Norwich Salon) did Rhian's hair, and doesn't she look fab?! I styled hair and makeup for two of the lovely bridesmaids and the brides mum too, who was rocking an outfit in my most favourite shade of blue ever, but I didn't get a picture! So we'll have to wait for Joanna's.

I've also just styled hair and makeup for another edition of The Norwich Resident, which is a new free glossy magazine we have in Norwich - but the good news is you can now sign up for a digital version (also free) and have a look at what's happening creatively in Norwich from which ever city you live in. Many of the business featured have websites, so it's a good way to discover new people you may never have otherwise known about. I styled hair and makeup for July's fashion feature too.

July's Norwich Resident
The August shoot was completely different!!

Here's a hint....

Thanks to The Norwich Resident Editor, Emma Harrowing for capturing me at work
I've got some more exciting shoots in the pipeline, I'm always interested in ideas for shoots so if you're a photographer in need of a hairstylist or indeed an mua feel free to get in touch

If it's a special occasion you have planned or you have an event you'd like to be styled for, please feel free to get in touch. You can visit my stylist website here



  1. How on earth you manage to study, get out there with your camera, write a blog and do the stylist work I don't know! I struggled to do a 6 week evening class and a part time job. You're some kind of superwoman! Ang

  2. haha! It's not easy, but if wearing my knickers outside of my clothes would give me super hero powers then I'f give it a go!


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