Happy International Picnic Day!

Apparently June 18th is National Picnic Day. Who decides these things? Can anyone tell me when it's National Stay in Bed Day and National Let's Drink Gin Day? Anyway, I love a picnic, so I'm not knocking a day that celebrates the chance to eat, drink and be merry alfresco.

  I recently picked up a copy of a 1960s book, The Good House Keeping guide to 'Successful Entertaining'  in a charity shop. A wonderful look back at the art of entertainment with a section dedicated to picnics. This image I especially loved. A typical picnic scene for embracing outside dining and the British weather.... blanket, basket, flask of tea, jumpers cardigans.....sheepskin coat! 

The weather so far this year means that I'm yet to experience a sunny day picnic in 2013, not the type of picnic in the sense of flopping around on a blanket with a glass of something boozy, a flask of coffee and a selection of delicious nibbles anyway, but if we start to think of packed lunches as a mini picnic (even if it's for one!) then the opportunity to have a picnic several times a week becomes an option....

Dotcom Gift Shop, kindly asked if I'd like to start using one of their lunch boxes, and as I'm trying to save for a new camera at the moment, I thought this would be a great way to not only eat better with a mini picnic on the go, but would save me money too when I'm out and about. It's so disappointing when you shell out on a pre-packed sandwich and not only is it tasteless, it also has a days worth of calories in it! Not only is your purse robbed, but it feels like your tummy has been too!

I picked this cute little space boy lunch box, I'm ridiculously addicted to Mad Men at the moment, and this 50s/60s style little space boy just made me think of those times so, whilst I may aspire to be like the Christina Hendricks character, I'm probably a bit  ermm a lot more geekier than that, so this mini spaceman appealed to me. A lot. My space food of choice on the day of this picture.... pesto pasta. Yum.

So I've begun taking provisions with me on shoots, journeys, on days when I know that I'll be in between appointments around lunchtime, and even on days off, as rare as those are at the moment. I'm determined to a) save money so I can get that new camera and b) have more picnics this year. Even if a picnic is defined as eating alfresco on a park bench, or sitting in the car looking at the sea as a gale blows outside! 

If you feel more girly than space boy then there's lots of cute designs for just £4.95, to brighten up your alfresco eating. They are certainly more appealing to look at than boring plain/clear plastic tubs!


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