Book Review: 1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook

It's absolutely impossible for to say anything about this book that could make it better, because quite frankly it's just an utter dream of a read. Carlton Books kindly sent me a copy to look at, so brace yourselves for quite a gushy review. It's just that good........

1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook by Emmanuelle Dirix, really is the most comprehensive book on 1940s fashion that I now have on my shelf, and I have quite a few.... This book at just over a whopping 500 pages is bursting with over 600 photographs and illustrations. The book covers the many elements of forties fashion, including daywear, eveningwear, outerwear, accessories and uniforms.

The intro of the book explains how the forties can pretty much be split into two halves, and interestingly the book looks at how the war effected fashions in various countries, pointing out that a thirties Germany, would of course have had it's fashions heavily influenced by the French fashion houses.

 This book will have a broad appeal, whether it's the history of fashion that you're interested in or because you're looking for the ultimate guide to add some forties style into your wardrobe. 

Looking at the pictures, it's quite hard to believes that some of them weren't taken just yesterday. With so many people seeming to have lovingly adopted touches of vintage into their wardrobe and style, it's does make me wonder what the generation who lived through the forties think of us all as we stroll around with our hair flowers and snoods etc.

My top tip: skirts shaped like these are VERY easy to pick up in charity shops, an easy inexpensive way to get a 1940s inspired  look.

This absolutely is a definitive guide to forties style, from how to dress, to how to style your hair. Lovers of hats, prepare yourself - there are some amazing examples in here! It really is an amazing journey through the fashions of the decade. 

1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook by Emmanuelle Dirix, published by Goodman Fiell, has an RRP of £30 and is available from www.carltonbooks.co.uk as well as Amazon and all good book stores.

*if the thirties is more your thing, I can also recommend the 1930s Definitive Sourcebook too! 

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  1. Think this might have to go on my birthday wishlist!


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