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Whilst I dream of an old fashion kitchen that nods to the fifties, the truth is, that like most of us, I have a modern kitchen. It was brand new when we moved in, and really the only way I can add some vintage interest to it is with the accessories, Despite living in the house for two years, our general lack of time means that it's STILL an ongoing project to make it feel like 'us'.

So I've started a board over on Pinterest  to gather some ideas, it's a small space so whilst I'd love to rip it out and start again, the fact is that that would a) be too much expense and b) totally wasteful, it's a perfectly nice functional kitchen. Petite yes, but I'm sure little additions and accessories would sprinkle some interest to a rather mundane space. 

We've started by painting it blue, and I've picked up some nice little storage jars, one of which may say sugar but in fact holds garlic. The plan is to put up some shelves and fill them with interesting old canisters and storage jars. If you  can't wait to find old ones though then the bonus of the boom in vintage means there are lots of  'inspired' home-wares available to buy from the high street and from online retailers too.


Dotcom Gift Shop
Dotcom Gift Shop £19.95

Debenhams was £16 now £12.80
Debenhams was £28 now £22.40

Red Candy £17
Red Candy £48

Sweet and Nostalgic £11


Cafe Press £30.50

Dotcom Gift shop £19.99 (also available in Red, blue and Ivory)

Debenhams was £18 now £14.40 

Small Appliances/electricals

Debenhams £165
Debenhams was £130 now £117 (this is sooo on my wish list!)
Debenhams £429

Red Candy was £43 now £39
Have you created an interesting kitchen using accessories to add that vintage/retro interest?

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  1. Love that pink clock, would be perfect - might add that to my wedding list!


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