Vintage Adverts - Dickies Retro Fashion

Now I have to confess that not having a need for safety style workwear and not really being a streetwear kind of gal, Dickies, isn't a brand I was overly familiar with until I received a press release recently that I thought I'd share. 

Now I get a lot of press releases for all kinds of things and whilst they are sometimes interesting, others can leave me a little bemused and at times amused just because they simply don't fit with a vintage blog, but then you get the real gems, and this I feel is one.

The Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company was founded IN 1918 and is still around today. An archive of Dickies advertising campaigns has been unearthed and they provide a really interesting look through the decades. I just love looking at old adverts and so here's a selection.....

The 1930s





Thanks to Dickies for sharing these amazing images. 

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