The Vintage a la Mode Photoshoot - Norwich Fashion Week 2013

Now we're almost in June, and Norwich Fashion Week was back in March, but plans are already under way with thoughts of 2014, this year was certainly a busy one for me, and with more behind the scenes action planned to help make next year even bigger and better, I've spent some time reflecting back on events and my part in fashion week 2013.

What this made me realise is that although I gave you a behind the scenes picture of a photoshoot I did as part of Norwich Fashion Week, I never actually then blogged about the shoot in full with some of the official pictures from ace photographer Stephen Plumb.

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen my behind the scenes shots and links to the official shots, but as we all worked incredibly hard and we all feel very proud of the results, it's only fitting that the shoot gets blogged too, it's definitely a case of better late than never.

As these things often do, a few of us met up to 'chat' general dreams and ideas and we came up with a few projects, this being one that made it to the top of the list as Fashion Week was fast approaching. Stephen Plumb was on photography duty, Karen of Fabulous Miss K was on Styling/wardrobe and I was on hair and makeup. 

I also had the responsibility of writing the artists statement that would introduce or exhibition and explain it's purpose - (which I haven't had to do for a long time!) and I'd like to just say a quick thanks to another photographer I love, Mr Mat Keller, as he sparked my brain in to gear when I was pondering what direction to take it in.

So the artist statement.........

This exhibition was a collaboration of three local artists, to creatively explore art as fashion and fashion as art. Working together we aimed to bring a high fashion editorial look to locally sourced vintage styles. 

We’re all lovers of a vintage inspired way of life and between us we’re stylists, writers, photographers and bloggers who document this curiosity through pictures, words and style. Using the styles of yesterday to influence today and tomorrow, Vintage à la Mode is a celebration of Norwich, fashion and art. 

Special thanks to Farmer Browns, Goldfinches, Prim, Retreat Vintage and models Alexandra Pointer, Amanda Santos, Heather Spanton and Marie Leonard. Photography by Stephen Plumb www.facebook.com/StephenPlumbPhotography Styling by Karen James-Welton assisted by Abi Gray www.fabulousmissk.co.uk Hair and Makeup by Kerry Curl www.missyvintage.co.uk

So without further ado, the final images plus a few extras that didn't make the final selection, not because we didn't love them but because we had to limit it some how.....

The final one we wanted to be a bit tongue in cheek

And a few of the extra ones I mentioned that didn't make the final line up, Stephen got some amazing shots on the day. 

You can see my behind the scenes shots over on my facebook page and Stephen also has an album for your perusal of his FB page too. Amazing dresses aren't they?!

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