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Apologies May has been a slightly quieter month than planned on the blog. It's been all go with styling work and photography projects so time has been flying past, but it's all exciting stuff so I'm not complaining.

The Missy Vintage Stylist website is coming along nicely, thanks to Ms. Chick Media for taking my ideas and creating something I can continue to build on. One thing I need to get better at is taking more photos of my styling work (yes I do get the irony giving that I do photography too!) I tend to style and then let my clients go jump around to get ready to go out or go hang out with their friends, so my new thing to work on is taking a quick pic before they leave the chair! 

The other thing of course is that some people simply don't want their heads and faces, or weddings on the internet, which is absolutely fine, so if you are styled by Missy Vintage, rest assured that it doesn't mean you have to have the final result on the internet! Anyway if you fancy popping over to my stylist website, please feel free to click here and take a perusal. 

Photo by Antony Kelly

One of the photoshoots I worked on recently was with Joe Black Photography. The idea was sparked by my thoughts on Facebook that I'd like to style and shoot a picture inspired by Mario Testino. I was planning on photographing it myself, but Joe offered and as I like his work, I thought it would be nice to collaborate and make it a team effort, and what a day we had! 

Here's the Mario Testino shot that sparked the idea. Goegeous non?  If you love fashion photography, Testino's work is both amazing and inspiring. Here's a link to his official website

Picture: Mario Testino
Aren't those 'big' knickers just so sexy? It could be the fact that I'm now getting older, but I think that these 'Bridget Jones knickers' are pretty damn hot!

For our shoot I used heated rollers and some back combing to create a bit of a sixties sex kitten vibe. The makeup was smoky eyes using colours from the Urban Decay Naked and Crown Brush palettes  and a slightly darker than nude pink lip, very lightly applied for just a hint of colour  (I used the Besame Dusty Rose

Note the essential cup of coffee nestled amongst the kit!

Photo by Joe Black

Photo by Joe Black

Not content with just shooting in the kitchen we decided to dodge the showers and headed out into some local woods....I'll always try and get some behind the scenes shots on photoshoots............

Joe hasn't released all the pictures yet, so we'll have to wait and see the rest, but having looked through them on his camera, I'm very excited. You can visit his Facebook page and see his shots from the day so far. If you follow me on Instagram though you may have seen a pic from the day, which looked amazing - can't wait to see what the final shots look like. For these final shots we vamped up the makeup up changing to a Besame red balm (review of this coming soon)

So back to the big knickers debate, sexy yes or sexy no?! If they make you feel more confident then you'll feel sexier, yes? And they do have that vintage appeal to them too.

If you are in any doubt and fancy investigating some new big knickerage yourselves, then here's what the high street and the internet has to offer..... 

Black Lace Back No VPL Waist Cincher

Black Engineered Lace Knicker

If you won the lottery at the weekend and have decided to treat yourself to some new knickers then these monochrome ones are rather gorgeous and if you're a millionaire then I suppose paying just under £400 for a pair of knickers isn't such a splurge..... or maybe it is.... pretty though, I think you'll agree. 

Carine Gilson 

Of course if you won the lottery at the weekend and are feeling generous, then feel free to buy me a pair of these too ;)


  1. I LOVE big pants! LOL!

    A friend of mine was most put out once that I could buy a pack of big pants for a fiver (M&S) but she had to pay more for smaller pants! Ha!

    Love the ones you've linked to, I shall have to save them to my wishlist.


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