Sunshine and Dresses

In the hope that this sunny weather is going to stay for a while, I'm digging out my dresses. Winter feels like it's been here for so long! In the cooler months, I've become very much a jeans and converse kind of gal, but with the hint of warmer days teasingly on the horizon, I'm looking forward to getting out and about in dresses again. 

Whilst I probably can't justify buying anything new at the moment, mainly because I've decided to start saving for a new camera, but also because I really need to show some love to the dresses I already own, it doesn't stop me looking lustfully at new ones. 

However if you have the budget or the urge to spruce up your spring/summer clothing choice, there's a lot out there at the moment that will make great additions to your wardrobe, whether you dress full on vintage, like a little nod to vintage style or just long for more pretty dresses. 

I thought I'd point you in the direction of some cute little numbers that in my opinion,  give a cheeky wink to the forties. A pretty floral tea dress, can take you through ALL seasons, wear with stockings or bare legs in the sunshine, and then team it with opaque tights when it cools down again. 

Peacocks £18

Buy Somerset by Alice Temperley Contrast Trim Silk Dress, Lemon Online at johnlewis.com
Alice Temperley at John Lewis £160 - not cheap, but it is just beautiful!

So much of creating a vintage look is about how you style it, victory rolls may be seen as overused and to 'everywhere' by some vintage folk, but the fact is, they are an ICONIC look, steeped in history, and quite frankly, they are just very pretty! 

Topshop £46 (Maternity version also available)
Uttam (House of Fraser) was £45 now £33.75

Topshop £42

I can remember dresses like this being fashionable in the nineties, indeed I used to own a few myself, now as far as fashion in 2013 goes, the nineties are back - good news if you like cute dresses, bad news if that just makes you feel old! Interesting though isn't it? Mix one dress with a sprinkle of inspiration from the past, style it in different ways, and it transforms. Ooooo, there's a whole styling blog post with that idea in mind I think! One dress, two vintage eras....

So how will you wear yours? Will you rock one up with a biker jacket (although I'm still trying to find the perfect one) go cute with a fitted cardigan, or indie it up with a longer cardigan and some DM's. You think you can't possibly do a cute dress, DMs and victory rolls? Why not? Who says no? It's a big yes, yes, yes. I've seen the done and it totally rocked!
Dr Martens 1460 Boot
Dr Martins £110

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