Sunday Reading

A round up of what's been interesting/amusing me lately......

Queens of Vintage - If you haven't added this website to your reading list, then now is the time. An online magazine just crammed with interesting people, vintage tips and it really is an all round good read. The recent feature on Veronica Lake made exceptionally good reading.

The warmth of spring may be almost upon us.... (let's hope!) but a feature written by blogger Land Girl 1980 for Queens of vintage last November, about how to stay cosy in bed the vintage way might interest you. Not a birds and the bees chat, just a 'how to' advice on blankets and layers.

Another 'not recent, but well worth a look' post is Rosalilium's look at the Paris flea markets.  As always this blog has lovely photography, and even if you don't have plans for a city break, grab some coffee and croissants and head over to see it through this bloggers eyes.

Over on Norton of Morton, plans for a handle bar moustache are under way, catch up with his story so far 

A blog I've only just discovered is Film Noir Photos but one that I will be spending a lot of time browsing. Crammed with amazing images and films stills, it's going to be a fabulous resource as well as a great read.

Picture from Film Noir Photos
The crafty amongst you might like to bookmark a page listing lots of free sewing/knitting/crocheting patterns over on Va-Voom Vintage

Another truly excellent post from Mr Partington over on Eclectic Ephemera that celebrates the greatness of the bow tie. This really is a must read!

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? I'm starting to get the hang of it. It's a shame it doesn't make it easier to credit the source but hopefully that will be something they will keep trying to improve. But I'm developing lots of boards covering things like hair and makeup of course, but also home ideas and more couture/avant garde looks. Feel free to make a cup of tea and have a browse for some inspiration.

Hopefully these will keep you going for a little while today. No rest for me, I'm running a class with my fellow Historical Sauces later today and this time we're looking at using traditional products to cleanse and prepare the skin before teaching how to get a vintage inspired look, so I'm expecting a room of red lipsticked up pouts by the end of the class.

Next week is a full week of client consultations, meetings, and planning several photoshoots and various projects that are all bubbling away. Just one more cup of tea and then my working week begins! I fell out of love with instagram a bit at the start of the year, but it's wooing me back again, so if you fancy following my adventures over in instaland swing by and say hello!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Thanks awfully for the mention, dear lady. I rather enjoyed this little read, I must say. I quite agree on Mr. Partington-Plans' bow tie write-up - it is simply marvellous!



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