Guest Post: Hair Advice - Spring Trends

Blogger Zoe (on behalf of Salons Direct) has come up with some great tips for long hair, and some ideas for braiding to keep you looking and feeling cool over the warmer months that are coming our way....... *fingers crossed*

I've recently had a bit of a hair change myself, over the last month or so I've gone from dark red, to bright ginger and now I'm on my way to........blonde! What this means, is that after quite a lot of bleach, I'm trying to go easy on my hair for the next few weeks when it comes to curling and backcombing. I'm limiting my use of heated and chemical products for now, just to give my hair a bit of time off.

What this also means is that I'm embracing my very naturally straight hair for the first time in a few years and I'm actually finding that I really like it! I'll often wear my hair straight but with a half beehive or victory rolls, but for the few weeks, I've been wearing it pretty much as it falls!

Braids are going to be a big feature for summer this year, and I'm looking forward to wearing some braiding with all sorts of styles, from beehives to buns and more relaxed 70s type boho hairdos, but for now I'll hand over to Zoe.

Long-Locked Ladies, Listen Up! The Newest Trends To Try On Your 'Do This Spring

Are you praying to the style goddess for longer locks (please, please grow faster!)? For many women, flowing hair really is a labour of love that can take years to achieve, if you start with a short style. Yet long hair is nothing if not high maintenance, and it can feel like the whole world is against your tresses: heavy winds, wets sets that take forever to dry, boyfriends accidentally lying on runaway locks, curls that won't hold, exceptionally lengthy blow-dry’s…the list is never-ending.

But instead of feeling blue about your beautiful hair, put down the hairdressing scissors and try out some of our favourite hairstyles for this spring. You’ll be happy to hear that long tresses are having a moment this season, and this is how to wear them :

Sleek And Chic

Remember the 90s? Well they are back! If you’ve got naturally straight hair like Missy Vintage has, you’re in for a treat. Embrace those straight locks and for you curlies, it’s time to get out those flat irons! Give yourself a blowout and straighten your hair to make it extra smooth. 

Pull your tresses back to the nape of your neck and secure with a skinny barrette for a Parisian look that takes all of five minutes to complete. We love fashion on the go.

Ballerina Headbands

Headbands aren’t just for ballerina babies anymore; we’re claiming this accessory back! This spring, bands are going to be all over the runways; and again, the style couldn’t be simpler. For a pretty finish, take the front section of your hair, twist it back and secure it under your accessory. Then give yourself a twirl. Headbands can be a great way to decorate a beehive, if you feel like adding a pretty touch to your vintage inspired hair.

If you haven’t got a headband to hand, never fear! You can use your own hair as an accessory; all you need is a set of bobby pins and elastic bands.

Begin by sectioning off your hair into three segments: front left, front right, and back. Just below the ear, plait your first section and secure with an elastic band. Do the same to the other side, then bring both plaits over your head and secure them in a headband with your bobby pins – try to hide all pins and elastic as well as you can. Immediately, you have a cute, Heidi-like hairstyle that would make any country girl jealous.  

Braid and Ponytail Hybrids

Braids can be seen in hairstyles from many favourite vintage decades, they feature in many of the styles featured on madmen, but are also popular with more relaxed boho styles. 

Braids, Twists and Plaits

Jazz up your bog-standard ponytail with four, small braids on either side of your parting. Pull them back in an interesting design and clip them around your hairband, to mask its appearance. This Grecian style is fit for any style queen and looks harder than it actually is.

Mermaid Hair

Missy Vintage has been predicting the return of crimping for ages, But even so, who would’ve thought that crimping would be back in style? Creating a mermaid effect with crimping irons has become so de rigour now that no-one is even batting an eyelid. Get the look by going to bed with your hair in small plaits. When you pull them out in the morning, you’ll have a style that didn’t cause any heat-damage to your tresses and saved you the price of a new set of crimping irons.

Are you experimenting with your hairdo this season? For all your hair essentials plus some more adventurous options such as hair dye and extensions, try Salons Direct. Visit here to get your haircare kit prepped for Spring!

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  1. what a great post! My hair constantly fights any curls I put in, so hooray for straight hair!

  2. I'm so excited to have "Mermaid Braids" back in style! Thanks for the all natural, heat-free tip on how to get them!


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