Bringing the Auction Room to Your Armchair

I’ve never been to an auction before, not in real life. I hold my hands up to being one of these people that can happily search away on the big online auction site (you know the one) and just browse all manner of things, but what that site isn’t so useful for, is actually researching items. We’ve all seen clothes and bits for the home marked as vintage but you know they are less than 5 years old!

When I was asked if I’d like to check out an auction site I’d never heard of before called Barnebys, I was quite curious, but part of me did think, another auction site? Fortunately, my curiosity won the day, and for several hours, I actually found myself popping back to the website to follow certain items and was happily jumping from description to description on all sorts of things from china and jewellery to furniture, art and dresses. Even motorbikes – which I actually have no interest in really, but the stories and the history of them really caught my attention.

This site helps you find items that are listed with auction houses and salesrooms from all over the world (including Sotheby’s). Whether you want to spend some serious cash, or are just looking for something interesting, there are thousands of items to look through.
Sadly, with a guide price of £4,000-£6000 this William Klein print is out of my price range, but as a lover of Klein, it was still a bit of a thrill to see it!

You can also sort the results by price too – which starts to make using this site to find items that bit more affordable, really rather tempting…….

1950scompacts with a guide price of £20-30, what amazing gifts these would make! 

I’ve mentioned this site to a few people now, including some who really are experts at buying at auction, and they thought it was a great idea, which is high praise indeed. For me it’s made buying at a ‘real’ auction, seem more of a realistic option. If you’d like to browse through the site, I recommend making a big pot of tea and sitting in a comfy chair….because you may be there a while!  www.barnebys.co.uk

*Written in collaboration with Barnebys

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  1. Those compacts are amazing! I love things like that :)

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