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I'm still catching up with myself after a very exciting but busy fashion week, and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know that I sent huge thanks to all those that nominated and voted for me in the Vintage Norwich Awards, unfortunately I didn't win this year, but was thrilled to even make the finals, so I'm still really pleased. Not everyone can win, and all you can do is keep doing what you're doing and enjoy it! 

I'm a very gracious loser/runner up (however you want to think of it!) Norwich has an abundance of talent and everyone who made the finals are all fab and well worth a look, but of course a big well done to the winners too. There were also some people that I nominated that didn't make it through to the finals, but one in particular that I'd like to mention  is Hannah of Bohemian Love Story, who's not only a wonderful makeup artist but also makes beautiful hair accessories that were featured a lot during Norwich Fashion week. 

The awards night was a rather hectic one for me. Not thinking for a moment that I would be a finalist, I agreed many months ago to be the photographer for the evening, so I actually had my work head on, but did finally manage to have a few cocktails right at the end of the evening, but until that point only a sip of fizz, from someone else glass passed my lips.

Everyone had got really glammed up, which was both wonderful and brave as the awards were held in a heat free medieval building, and it was snowing that day!

A special shout out to Betsy Hatter who we can now say is an award winning designer! I styled Betsy's hair for this ceremony and had to wipe a little tear away when she won as it was such an exciting moment for her and she was beaming with joy. There were lots of squeals and whoops as she walked down to accept her award, and Betsy's category like mine was packed full of talent, so a big well done to her.

Thanks once again for your continued support and encouragement. I'm hugely grateful and shall  carry on just being me, doing what I'm doing, and of course I'll keep you all informed 

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  1. As always, wonderful pictures. I love seeing your styling work, and I LOVE that you're so creative, it's really inspiring to see you obviously have a passion (and a talent) for these skills of yours. You really are a force to be reckoned with! Keep it up :)


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