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 I was delighted and honoured to be asked to style hair and makeup for the launch of a very special collection that was revealed during this years Norwich Fashion Week. The collection designed by Karen James-Welton AKA Fabulous Miss K , are all based on 40s and 50s styles that Karen has or still owns (and I've seen inside her wardrobe, it's utterly amazing!) 

As a child I would spend hours designing all kinds of fashions in a sketchpad that was dedicated purely for my designs and all the accessories I thought should go with it. On Sundays I would lose myself in The Clothes Show programme (who remembers that?) so I can only imagine how amazing it must feel to actually make a life long dream a reality and see it all come to life.

Karen aka Fabulous Miss K  Photo by Mat Keller for  Southern Retro
Much planning went into the hair and makeup, and four of the six dresses were to be topped off with bespoke creations made by designer Betsy Hatter, one of the other dresses was to be accessorised with hair flowers made by one of my other favourite designers No Dice Sugar (who's bird clip was featured in a previous shoot the day before) 

It was a huge night for all of us, it was really important that we got these girls looking not only vintage glam, but each looking different too, so they'd reflect that this was a collection of dresses, but that each design has it's own personality. The hats were made especially and therefore as a stylist I wanted the hair not only to be beautiful, but elegant and stylish, which are two words I'd used to describe both the Fabulous Miss K collection and Betsy Hatter's head pieces.

I spent many hours researching and planning ideas, that would not only compliment the dresses and the hats, but would also pull the looks together in a suitably sophisticated manner . For model Marie I styled some classic, authentic victory rolls and at the back created an asymmetric roll. I kept the makeup very simple, all the girls wore Besame lipstick. It's become one of my makeup kit staples as well as a brand of lipstick I use on myself.

Photo Joe Black
Photo by Stephen Plumb
Photo by Stephen Plumb

Kate has a cute pixie crop, and was wearing just the most divine birdcage hat, so I only needed to do makeup for her, I do love a birdcage veil and this 50s inspired dress is just so stunning.

Photo Joe Black

Grace was wearing a sweet little nautical style dress, topped of with a gorgeous straw hat,  such a sweet and summery classic look. I created a low chignon, this is such a pretty but unfussy look. Great for special occasions and brides, as flowers or sparkle can be added in all kinds of ways. 

Photo Joe Black
Danielle had my favourite look of the evening. Knowing that Dani, was our lady in the the LBD I wanted her to ooze class and sophistication, so I swept her very long hair over to one side to create a smooth shell like shape.

The final model I styled was Demi, who's also a blogger. Demi's signature look is full on vintage chic, so I only had to style her hair, which she'd set beautifully herself before the show, making it a dream for me to create some victory rolls at the front. The length was then tucked into a snood and decorated with hair flowers. This is a really simple but pretty style. Snoods are an excellent and speedy way to get a 40s look.

Photo Joe Black

How amazing are Demi's eyebrows? Her style pictures are really taking the world of instagram by storm, if you'd like to shimmy on over to her blog you can find it here

It was an amazing show, I was dashing to and fro between backstage and the front row, so I wouldn't say it was a relaxing evening but it was exciting! Other gems that stood out for me were........

Kimono from Wake Up Little Susie  
Photo Stephen Plumb
Dress from Vintage Deli (but what I really really loved were the green gloves) Hair feather by Bohemian Love Story
Photo Stephen Plumb

Also on display on the day was the exhibition I'd worked on with Karen and Stephen Plumb, but as this is a picture heavy post already I'll save that for next time, but here's a peek at it.

Photo Stephen Plumb

Well done to everyone involved in making the show a huge success. 

Keep an eye on the Fabulous Miss K facebook page for collection updates.


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