Vintage Norwich Awards 2013

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Hello! This is a bit of tricky one for me as I'm all for encouraging people to blow their own trumpet but quite lame at blowing my own..... However, spurred on by people getting in touch to say they have nominated me in the Vintage Norwich 2013 awards and wishing me luck, here I am letting you know about it! 

I spent ALL of my twenties working out what I wanted to do when I grew up, and it wasn't until my thirties that I actually discovered that I could - with a lot of effort and tears along the way (I love learning new things but won't deny there were some wall I had to climb!), make that happen. I know find myself in the fortunate position that I'm doing something I really love and am teaching people how to help themselves enjoy their appearance too! 2012 was a fab year, and I'm going into 2013 with an open heart and mind about what 2013 will bring, and I'll document it along the way in this blog, along with all the other stuff that's covered on this blog, from fashion top thrift and Hollywood starlets of the past. The website dedicated to Missy Vintage the stylist is under way too, so there's lots going on behind the scenes!

So, if you've worked with me or just enjoy what I do then if you feel that you could spare a moment to vote for me in the hairdresser and/or make up artist categories it would mean such a lot. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of creative talent in Norwich, there's so many people who I admire and feel inspired by so I'm realistic to the fact that I might not get to the next stage against salons and styling super stars, BUT the fact I've even been nominated by people in 2013 is just amazing and I thank you all so much! 

If you're familiar with other vintage inspired businesses in Norwich, then now is the time to name them! Nominations close January 25th and then the businesses with the most nominations get through to the voting stages! It's fair to say Norwich is buzzing with excitement right now! We try really hard not to take our small business scene for granted here in Norwich, and you'll often find lots of collaborations going on to put on and promote events, these awards are a nice way to give us all little nudge to keep going! If you're planning a staycation or a mini break this year then I can highly, highly recommend you look at Norwich/Norfolk as an option. Yes I'm biased, but if it wasn't true I wouldn't say it!

*blows kisses*

Thank you!


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