So Long 2012!

I expect there will be a lot of posts like this over the next few days, you probably looked back at your own year and wondered where it went, why things happened, how things happened etc. I'm all for reflection as I think it's really useful, the problem there is that you can begin to dwell on things, so whilst it isn't always the best idea to stick your fingers ears and sing lalalala in an 'I'm not listening kind of way', it can sometimes actually be a good idea to sweep some of those rubbish bits of the year under the carpet and just look for the positive happenings. Even in a bad year hopefully you'll find some light!

My achievements in 2012 weren't the answer to global warming, they didn't bring on a glow of world love and peace, but I've sort of realised that although I can't change the world for everyone, I can (in some ways) change the little bit that I live in, I can influence how my little world feels. So here's a few of the good bits of 2012........

At the start of the year I qualified as a make up artist, this wasn't ever something I'd had a life long burning desire to do, but the opportunity came up and the timing was perfect and fitted in with  some plans I'd been making with The Historical Sauces. I've always loved make up, that feels like a ditsy thing to say but it's true and in my opinion creating hair and make up really is an art. Whether you do it on yourself or others, it's a skill. So remember that next time you create some knock out make up for your night out. 

Becoming a make up artist is probably one of the best things I've done. Ever, not just in 2012, it's opened up so many opportunities for me and I've met and worked with some simply fabulous, lovely and hilarious people along the way. If you'd said to me a few years ago year that one day I'll be on a film set for hours creating forties hair and make up, I might have told the barman to stop serving you! But this is exactly where I found myself in 2012. 

I had a phone conversation with writer Sam Heydon whilst sat in the restaurant of the National Portrait Gallery, looking out over London. Notebook in hand I began scribbling down notes and sketches. I remember looking out over London feeling like I want to open the window and shout with joy at how 2012 was turning out. I was beyond excited to be part of this project. It was Sam's first step in to a directors role and it was a great project to be part of. So a huge thank you to everyone involved.

Amongst the several photo shoots I worked on this year, the one at which much hilarity took place was with singer/songwriter Nina Baker who made it to the MTV unsigned acts 2013 final, so was given a styling session for the local press. The shoot was styled by fashion journalist extraordinaire  Emma Harrowing, I normally turn up on set and swoon at the clothes but on this shoot I got to help choose the clothes too. When I say help this meant me trying on shoes, trotting to the mirror and having a little swoon and generally touching clothes that then jumped off the hangers. Whoops. 

We also discovered that there are tights in this world that cost £130. Yes! Unfortunately for us we didn't realise this so a shock was had by all when we went to pay at the till. The look on Emma's face will stay with me for a loooong time. I was still giggling on the way home. The result was fabulous though, even without the £130 tights.No we didn't buy them! After what felt like a long awkward silence during which Emma went very pale following the question 'how much?' we went and chose a much less pricey pair! The whole shoot worked really well, it's always nice to see your work in print and this was a day that really didn't feel like work at all. 

I also stepped in front of the camera in the summer for a shoot Mat Keller was doing in conjunction with London design week. Mat is an absolute darling of a fella, a giant of a man who is an utter genius with a camera. This may look like an out take, but in fact the brief for the shoot was stylish vintage people doing everyday normal things. Luckily for Charly the face behind the Land Girl 1980 blog and I, this meant that we got to sit on a sofa and drink beer and eat crisps. 

Picture: Mat Keller
Picture: Mat Keller
When he's not feeding people up on camera, Mat also has a fascinating ongoing project where he documents vintage lovers in their homes. That's people who love vintage just to clarify, not 'lovers' in a kissy kissy way, although they look pretty kissable to me! It's turned into a fascinating exploration and I'd encourage you all to pop on over and visit his work.

I also got round to starting a second blog, The Girl and The Camera. I've been into photography for years now but had a gap a few years ago, however for about the last year or so, I've really been back with a bang and I'm even more in love with it that I was before, so I started this other blog to follow that side of my world. It's inevitable that there will be a crossover between the two blogs, but I thought I'd start a second one to keep a bit of a divide. If you like photography and art then I would love you to come over and see me some time ;)

It's still just a baby blog, and it certainly feels odd to be starting a blog from scratch again, now that I've been writing Missy Vintage for two years, but it also feels good too. That feeling of tackling something new. I LOVE it!

There have also been some parts of 2012 that frankly sucked! But I don't even want to bore myself with those never mind inflict them on you, so they can stay well and truly gone and I'll keep focusing on the better bits and reflect not dwell. 

What plans are you making for 2013? Is this the year that you hope to learn something new, try something different? Spend less? Devote yourself to buying second hand or vintage? Don't think of then as new year resolutions, think of them as goals and aspirations. 

The world probably won't end if you don't stick to them (depending on what they are!) but you might just change it a little, even if it's just your little part of it.



  1. This is a really lovely look back at the year and it's so nice to read how a persons life can take such turns and end up in such wonderful places sometimes by chance more than anything else.

    As a single unworking parent with health issues I love stories like this because it reminds me that, when my time comes, the right thing can happen, it's not too late, people can decide to do something and land on their feet at any time and in many ways.

    I hope the next year holds as many wonderful oppotunities for you as this year seems to have :) xxx

  2. Happy New Year, I love following your beautiful, well written blog.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Life throws all sorts of things at you that you don't expect.
    Last year I was a teacher this year I am self employed.

    Roll on 2013 its going to be a good one.

  4. Happy New Year! I love love love those pictures of you and Charly - brilliant!

    And I definitely think hair and makeup is an art - it's one I'd like to improve on for sure, I'm always amazed by the genius things people can achieve using the face as a canvas. I would definitely like to grab more opportunities this year.


    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  5. Wow you have had a busy year, well done on all your fabbylous achievements. This year I plan to get back to blogging and being creative whilst I have the chance as I am on mat leave. I also have some environmental qualifications to finish, but I quite fancy trying a creative course too.

  6. Loved reading this. You've had a great year and I look forward to working with you lots this year!
    Here's to 2013!!


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