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Brrrrrrr, I did not order snow! I'm not actually a huge fan of the white stuff I must confess. I like the romance of it all, walking along snuggled up in hats and mittens or watching it fall through the window, but mainly I just find it all a bit of an inconvenience. If you do find yourself stuck inside though (or you just don't fancy going out it) it can be the perfect excuse to either lounge around or make a 'to do' list of thinks you want/need/fancy.

Essential winter warmers on these cold dark oh so long nights

Tea, yes lots of tea. Served in vintage china is nice, you can pick up teacups pretty readily if you just keep an eye out in the charity shops. Tea pots can be harder to find, but keep looking and they do turn up. Of course you can always try Ebay and Etsy too. If you want a vintage look but in the form of something new, then there's plenty of choice and if you shop around there are also some bargains to be had.

House of Fraser  £9.40 (was £23.50)
House of Fraser £18.75 (was £25)
John Lewis £25
Dotcomgiftshop £23.95
And if you want new cups and saucers?

Marks and Spencer £12

Debenhams  £4.80 (was £6)
John Lewis £4 
Dotcomgiftshop  £6.95

Handy with knitting needles? you could knit your own tea cosy, the amazing blog Cosy, has a whole load of free knitting patterns (perhaps handy to bookmark for knitting for Christmas gifts?) If you can't knit for toffee (I fall into this category!) then you can buy some great ones on Ebay and Etsy if you want to go down the vintage or knitted route, but if you fancy something cute but brand spanking new then there's lots of choice.

Dotcomgiftshop £2.95
BHS £10
If you need even more warming up then a dash of something like whiskey always warms the cockles, I can also confirm that I've been adding Amaretto to my tea and it's like a liquid cherry bakewell. What's not to like?! 

If your happy to go a little cooler but would still like to say you stuck to tea when the cocktail hour arrived, then this is very yummy tea cocktail......

Gintea Cocktail
Makes 1:

2 measures of gin
1 Earl grey teabag (I've also done this with green tea and it was nice too)
Squeeze of lemon juice
Teaspoon of sugar (you can adjust this to taste and you can use sweetner instead)

Make the earl grey tea in a mug, add the sugar whilst the tea is still hot then allow to cool. Once cool add the gin, stir and either drink from the mug or if you;re feeling more cocktail like, pour it over ice in to a tall glass.

One thing that I really like to do, and I think 2013 will be another year of us all staying in/going round each others houses to socialise more than hitting the pubs etc, is to make up cocktails like this in a tea pot and serve them in tea cups. It's fun, it's pretty and it will make your afternoon tea or your evening get together, most memorable (or may be not, depending on how much gin is involved...)

You can always make this as a gift too, put it in a pretty bottle, or make up a hamper with all the ingredients. I hate to say the word Christmas again and so soon after we've just said goodbye to it, but if like me you intend to watch what you're spending this year , then now really is the time to start looking out for vintage china that you can either use to entertain a houseful or give as gifts. So when it comes to being both creative and thrifty, I say there's no such thing as too soon!



  1. Amazing, a gin cocktail! I put mulled wine in my tea cups, they are far too pretty to only be used for tea. Some great finds, I did a post last week on crockery. You can never have too much, especially in our house, where we tend to smash things rather than wash them up. I think that most people feel that way about snow!

  2. Thanks for the link to "Cosy" - I am just learning to knit, so once I have it down, I shall be having a good go at one of them!

  3. Hi my dear! Happy new year and so lovely to hear from you! Some gorgeous picks here and the cocktails in tea cups sound very yummy and such a good idea! Well done on all your achievements in 2012, keep up the amazing work and hope those opportunities continue to come your way! xx


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