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Well, Monday again already, the weekend just flew by. I hope you all had good ones. Mine was a combination of going to the pub, and helping ladies in Norwich get some 1940s styling inspiration with The Historical Sauces

I'm often asked what my favourite era is, and I can honestly say that I don't have just one. I've got huge appreciation for lots of eras really, history and life in general, as well as hair and make up of the times is something that I just find really interesting, but as I've spent the weekend in forties mode, let's take a look at that.

Why I like the 40s

 This was a real make do and mend period in history. People made the most of what they had and I think slowly due to the world financial situation, we're slowly coming back to the days of having/wanting/needing to make things last and/or go further, from the food in our cupboards to the clothes in our wardrobe. Many of us are becoming less of a throw away society and are thinking  more thriftily with our lifestyles. 

I've been shopping in charity shops for as long as I remember and the last couple of years I've really noticed these shops getting busier with shoppers of all generations. All my forties style clothes are either modern or 'vintage' but not actually true 1940s, it's more likely that they are 80s does 40s, but a lot of the clothing, regardless of age is second hand. Charity and vintage shops are a great way to build up a vintage or a vintage inspired wardrobe without having to spend an absolute fortune. 1940s clothes are not always easy to come by, they are also understandably quite pricey and the seams can be very delicate. So using more modern vintage or even modern clothes, to create the look can be really cost effective

I find women generally very inspiring, I find tales of the women during was years both inspiring and fascinating. What a time of change for women those years were. Kissing loved ones goodbye as they went off to serve their country, husbands, lovers, sisters, friends. It's hard to to imagine what it was like for those left behind. Putting your children on a train to go off to strangers? Heartbreaking. Women played a huge part in the war, it wasn't just the ones that served in the forces that faced huge dangers. Land girls and factory workers all used machinery that was capable of causing horrific and at times fatal injuries. 

The forties was a tough time to be a woman, but for many it would have been empowering too, an opportunity to mix with different people, in some cases see the world. Back in 2011 (although I can't believe it was that long ago!) I wrote about a talk I attended by Professor Yvonne Tasker, on the way Hollywood propaganda glamourised the forces and the opportunities it could offer. You can read that here

In terms of styling, the forties is certainly one of the most popular eras that I'm asked to recreate and teach. The forties wasn't just about victory rolls, women also wore their hair down or up in a number of ways - just like we don't all have the same hairstyle today but victory rolls are certainly an iconic looks that screams 1940s, and they might take practice, but once you have the knack they are quick and versatile. I promise! 

Sometimes I wear just one big roll, other times I'll wear two or three. People seem to have a real love for the forties, and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. The wonderful thing about vintage continuing to be embraced by people who might normally be a bit more mainstream (for want of a better word) is that many do go on to want to know the hows and the whys of the era, so it's popularity is helping these techniques and styles live on. 

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Happy Monday everyone!
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  1. I also love the 1940s, and I like the way the clothes, hair and make-up represent that time in history.


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