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I love having what some people would call 'old toot' (I call it vintage!) around the home. It's a thrifty way to add a bit of interest and dare I say it individuality to the house. Don't get me wrong,   I have a modern cooker and a modern kitchen (although the kitchen was here when we moved in so no choice in that really!) The TV I watch isn't old one at all, it's a flat screen modern one, which is pretty ugly to be honest and I've wondered many times about creating something to cover it up when it's not in use, like a little rail system with vintage curtains, but at the moment it's still only a thought.

Old books, interesting, cheap to pick up and well let's be honest, even if they are not interesting inside, they can be  attractive to look at.

I've written posts about the house before but it's been a while, and the start of the year often seems to be a time for changes and a period where we start to make plans for the year ahead. This often comes with budgeting and this is where a love of vintage can come in useful. Now we're not talking antiques, we're talking furniture and curiosities that you can pick up really quite reasonably, as far back as the twenties isn't unusual but often in charity and general vintage shops you'll find items from the thirties and onwards. 

Mirrors are fairly easy to come by, I've set myself a project of collecting them so we can have a hall of mirrors.  I've set a limit of £15 and under per mirror though, it's lovely seeing the wall start to take shape.

You don't have to change the whole room, or even use big pieces of furniture, although if it is time to change large items like your wardrobe or get new drawers, then compare the price of spanking brand new pieces against something second hand, and you will see a drastic difference in price. Even a piece of flat pack furniture can be much much more expensive than a beautiful wardrobe that's as old as an OAP. Okay, so you probably won't get Swedish meatballs when buying your goods second hand but you could save a pretty penny and there's a good chance you'll end up with something beautiful and long lasting too. I mean, can you see a piece of flat pack furniture bought today being around in fifty years time? Hmmm. 

Well here's a little peek at a few ways I include vintage in to my home, I'll cover some more rooms next week. The bathroom is basically a brand new white bathroom that was here when we moved in. So whilst I crave a claw foot bath, brick shaped tiles and an array of vintage wall decor, short of ripping it out and starting again, it just isn't going to happen. What I have done though is to add vintage inspired touches. For storage I've moved my much loved tea trolley from the kitchen in to the bathroom, and it now holds a basket of towels and various bits and bobs. This is a recent brain wave so I haven't had chance to cram the first shelf full of stuff yet, but it will probably happen......

My bargain 10p ice bucket stores my cotton wool, the sugar pot has cotton buds living in it and the tea cup I use to store hair grips. The jug I picked up at a carboot sale, and normally it would have flowers in it, but thanks to the icy paths I haven't been out to get any.

I've been storing my bubble bath in glass decanters for a few years now, I got the idea from blogger Vintage Vixen (who's blog is well worth checking out of you're not familiar already) These look pretty, you can pick up decanters in charity shops for a couple of pounds and in fact, if you wanted to opt for vintage 'style' it's not unheard of for places like the 99p shop to have glass decanters, so this is an uber cheap and very easy way to add some glam to your bathroom. I think these would make nice gifts too? Fill them with some delicious bubble bath and there you have it. How much easier can it get?

One of my most favourite buys last last year takes pride of place on the sideboard in the lounge. I'm not sure how many people would consider a vintage typewriter the perfect decorative centre piece but I ADORE it! I purchased it from an amazing shop we have in Norwich called Shade of Pale (if you live nearby or plan to visit this little shop is a great one to visit) When I saw it I had no idea how much it would be so I wasn't optimistic that it would come home with me, but when I turned over the price tag it was £22! I just had to have it. So handsome don't you think?!

I'm fascinated at the thought of what letters have been written on it. It's in great condition but you can see it's been well used. I STILL haven't managed to find the right vintage wardrobes though, the hunt (saga) continues. Mainly because I can't get the one I bought at a charity shop out of my head. Why is it only in my head? Well unfortunately the charity shop resold it before delivering it to me. You can read about that here. I'll keep looking of course, but that wardrobe has a place in my heart as 'the one that got away'...............


  1. Love all these little touches. Especially the wall of mirrors and the tea trolley in the bathroom (and the rubber duck!)

  2. http://scarletrealm.blogspot.co.uk/

    Aww I love it, im getting a new house this year made by us by my brilliant father in law. Thats great but all very modern, love the decanters idea I always see them but never know apart from sherry what to put in them!
    Lauren xx

  3. Every bathroom needs a rubber duck. Even if it belongs to two 35 year olds :)

    Lauren a new house - indeed your father in law does sound amazing! Our house is an old terrace but had been modernised, but it's interesting /challenging trying to put character back in to it, so I think you'll have fun!

  4. The decanters look great, my bubble bath is in glass bottles but yours looks better. I've seen the mirror collection in house mags, will look fab when it's finished!

  5. Will and I have had two nice 1940's wardrobes and a 50's cocktail cabinet from the PDSA charity shop on Queens Road near the St Stephens roundabout - might be worth a peruse! x

  6. I really like your use of the decanters in your bathroom. It looks UBER stylish!

    The typewriter is the epitome of cute and vintage :)

    Naomi xxx


  7. Love the idea of bubble bath in decanters! Fab! :)


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