The final Christmas Giveaway - Vintage Hair Help

Now the presents have all been opened, the best sweets have been eaten from the tin and there may well be a few Baileys induced doses of heartburn, I thought I'd list the final giveaway of 2012. Vintage inspired hair is something that has been a part of my life for a while now, and 2012 has seen me work on lots of different heads other than my own both on photo shoots and teaching workshops with The Historical Sauces (speaking of which tickets for the Jan and Feb classes are on sale now if you'd like more info click here

I've had several photo shoots this year including a sixties inspired shoot which allowed me to create one of my favourite styles, the beehive. 

The final one of 2012 went back to the days of Hollywood glamour and I created victory rolls to give our model some vintage evening elegance.

Being able to style your hair can take practice, it might take a few goes to get something you're happy with, but the final giveaway of 2012 may be able to help. The hair edition of Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay gives you step by step guides to creating lots of different styles, so whether you want to master twenties finger waves, forties victory rolls or you just want to learn a few tips to create something that's for a special occasion then this will be a handy little resource to have.

I have a copy of this book to give away to one lucky reader. For your chance to win you just need to follow Missy Vintage in at least one of the following ways. You can sign up to follow the blog with Google Friend Connect, 'like' the Missy Vintage Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter (@Missy_Vintage)

Each method counts as one entry, so that's a potential 3 chances to be a winner. I'm using
 rafflecopter to run this giveaway it's really easy to use but of you have any problems just pop me a comment on this blog page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So there you go, the final giveaway for 2012, I'm making lots of blog plans for the new year so you can expect more tips and hints at fashion and styling with a big dash of vintage inspiration along with a look at some style queens of the past who can inspire us all. I'll certainly be watching my pennies so you can expect a good sprinkle of thriftyness alongside the glam. There will still be the odd 'if I won the lottery I'd buy these shoes' too, because I like to dream! 

Good luck to all who've entered the giveaways, don't forget the last entry for all seven giveaways is midnight tomorrow so if you haven't entered those yet then shimmy on over and get entering.
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Finishing Touches : False Eyelashes

Those little finishing touches can go a long way to help you leaving the house feeling amazing. Confidence comes from within, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to able to use little additions and wardrobe accessories to help boost that confidence and I’m a firm believer that if you’re feeling confident about your look then you’ll carry yourself with confidence too.

I don’t wear false eyelashes on a daily basis, but I think they're a great way to add some drama to your eyes for special events and nights out. I also use them on models when I style make-up shoots. They’re a beautiful way to emphasise the eyes and if you’re dressed in your looking your loveliest, why not go for the little details too?

I've found that the idea of false eyelashes can really frighten some people, the concern that they must be tricky to apply or that they will fall off half way through the night and land dramatically on the cheek like a spider can put people off, but they are really a perfect way to enhance you're eyes and are super easy to apply once you have he hang of it.

Lashes have come a long way since they began being worn by silent movie actresses. Thought they were an invention of the sixties? No, they have been around much longer and for decades women have wanted longer fuller lashes. False eyelashes were originally made of human hair, the creator of false eyelashes is believed to be film director G.W Griffith during the shooting of for his film Intolerance in 1916. It was his actress in this film Seena Owen who owned the eyes he wanted to “….make shine larger than life”

Seena Owen

There’s now so much choice with lots of brands, length, style and colours. Many are reusable too meaning they can be good value for money. Most are actually incredibly light to wear, long lasting and with a little practice very easy to apply. Glamour girl Katie Price is said to have worn several pairs of eyelashes at the same time, but that's something that Mae West used to do too.

Applying false eyelashes

·         Apply your eye shadow and eyeliner first.
·         No glue at this stage! Remove the lashes from the box and hold one strip against your lash line to measure the length of the strip – too long and the plastic could poke into the corners of your eye causing discomfort. If it’s not the right length just take a pair of scissors and trim the false lashes from the outer corner. This step is so important
·         Repeat on the other eye – eyes can be quite different shapes, so don’t be surprised if the lashes measure up differently on each eye.
·         Once you’re happy with the length take one of the lashes and just very gently flex it for a few seconds so it’s nice and flexible to work with the shape of your eye.
·         Now using the glue – follow the manufactures instructions and this can very between brands so ALWAYS make sure you read the instructions given.
·         Using fingers or tweezers apply the eyelashes to your closed eye (looking down into a mirror helps) getting as close to the lash line as possible. Hold in place, gently pushing along the lash line using the tweezers.
·         Repeat on the other eye and apply mascara.

It can take practice but once you have the knack, you can apply false eyelashes in just a couple of minutes and they really are perfect for a glam look any red carpet siren or burlesque beauty would be proud of! Keep them natural or go OTT the choice is yours

Eyelash prices can vary and only you'll know your budget, but there's plenty of choice in price as well as styles.


Vivo £2 (available in larger Tesco Stores)
I've used Vivo eyelashes several times now and they are good value for money, I've also tested these out on photoshoots including this sixties inspired on for the local press. The feedback from the models has always been really good. They are slightly stiffer than some of the other eyelashes I've tried, but the overall effect is really good and if you don't/can't spend a lot of money on lashes then these are a perfectly good option.

Mid price

If I'm feeling a bit more flush or I've got points on my boots card then these are the lashes I opt for. They are very soft and light to wear. You can get these from various places but here's a link to Boots £5.95

Budget blowers…

Shu uemura £22
I have to say that these are out of my price range, but Shu uemura are a premium brand hence the price, but it's a name held with high regard in the beauty industry so if you do have a bigger budget or want to splash out then this is a brand worth looking at.
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The Christmas Wind Down

That's easier said than done isn't it? Well it's been a busy few weeks for me, I've been getting all the blog giveaways arranged, plus all the other bits of my day to day working life and making plans for 2013. I did though manage a few days in London and the change of scenery was definitely just what the doctor ordered.  

There aren't any outfit shots for this because it wasn't a get dressed up and pose for the camera kind of time away. So in fact I lived in my converse all weekend, even in a dressy restaurant. London is one of those places where anything goes and I literally stepped off the train, walked across London and then hit the restaurant with my suitcase in hand. 

So whilst I might not have been dressed in my finest vintage style, I happily rocked up looking quite beatnik all in black, snuggled up against the cool air in my charity shop £8 1950s faux fur. Sigh, now I've written that I'm annoyed at myself for not getting an outfit shot! Dinner and wine were obviously my priority. Perhaps not in that order.........

So I was very lucky to get to spend my evening in The Delaunay, a truly gorgeous restaurant on Aldwych. It's dark wood panelled walls and it's deco details are simply sublime, and it's hard not to feel like you've stepped back in time, it's simply stunning.

I also managed to get to the Christmas market at Southbank, which I just love. There's something so Christmassy about all these little wooden huts and food stalls. The smells are amazing and mulled wine from a paper cup is a little taste of Christmas. 

Whilst I was away I found out that I'd won a hamper full of goodies from the blog Pretty Much Penniless, which is a blog I've read for ages now and really enjoy, it's well worth adding to your reading list.

I very rarely win anything, so this was a fab suprise, it's crammed with all sorts of goodies from yummy teas to gorgeous toiletries. Super pleased I entered I can tell you!

So the wind down to Christmas begins....... well sort of. I've one more giveaway to add to the list, that will be up soon. Christmas has come around so quickly, I can't believe it's next week! 

Are you ready?

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For The Love of Books

If you're still doing your Christmas shopping, then you are running our of time to do it online which is fine if you intend to hit the shops and deal with the other hundreds for shoppers, for some of you the hustle and bustle will be heaven, for others it will be hell.....

If you're thinking of giving the gift of reading then if you can, support your local independent book shops, and don't rule out second hand either. Browse the second hand book shops, ponder the shelves of the charity shops, you just never know what you'll find, and you could end up stumbling up on something that will have a personal meaning for that someone special. For the person who loves cooking, you might discover a vintage/retro cookery book, for the femme fatale crime lover, you could find yourself handing over a book complete with beautiful 1950s book cover. Never rule out the the joy Enid Blyton stories can bring, regardless of age, Famous Five anyone?

If you plan to go down the online route then here's some ideas, most of which are either already on my bookshelf or on my wish list! It's worth checking the details of Amazons Christmas delivery dates (this link is for the UK website)

£5.96 Amazon

£14 Amazon
£8.96 Amazon
I've reviewed this book, and have a copy to give away if you can hang on until the new year to try and get your hands on a copy. Details here

£15.10 Amazon

I *really* can't recommend this book enough, if you love Marilyn, fashion or illustrations this book has so many things to make you go 'ooooooooo' I reviewed this book earlier in the year if you fancy reading more about what I thought you can read them here

Another one I reviewed recently would make a great present for any fashion lover who needs to make do and mend next year, needs tips on how to re-work those charity chic bargains. or needs ideas on how to be more thrify with fashion. If you want to try your hand with lady luck then I have a copy to give away. Details of that and my review here

£8.81 Amazon

£10.87 Amazon

£23.61 Amazon

£10.84 Amazon

There's one more giveaway to be listed so look out for that one, if you haven't seen the other goodies up for grabs then click here for details. Books, they might not be stocking friendly, but for me, they will always make an excellent gift.
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Being Santa Baby on £10

So we looked at budgets of £5 here, but it you do have more cash to flash then just what can you get for £10, or even better what can you get that will leave you with change from £10?


I never knew I needed a toast cutter until I saw this set! £6.95 Prezzybox

For the person in your life who loves a spot of fizz, get them their  very own special  glass.  Now reduced to  £6.30  at Red Candy
£9.95 dotcomgiftshop

£10 What Katie Did

£8.50 What Katie Did 

£8 John Lewis

£10 John Lewis

£6 John Lewis
£10 Boux Avenue

£8.95 Lush
£7 Past Times
£6 Past Times

This week I'll also be looking at book ideas for Christmas, and next week we'll move on to glitz and glam! Have you entered the Missy Vintage Giveaways yet? Up for grabs are books on fashion and style, a Groupon voucher, a Besame lipstick and an adorable hand made hair accessory. Click here for details. 
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Christmas Giveaway Day 6: DIY Fashionista Book

Whoops slight delay for Day 6 as I was away and my internet access was not what I thought it would be! But better late than never....

 Now I like to think I'm quite crafty, but in reality I don't dedicate much time to being creative with anything else other than words and my camera but I love the idea that one day I will get round to making the things I keep getting ideas about.

If you need some crafty inspiration for your wardrobe then this book could be just what you need. It looks like 2013 is going to be another year of trying to to make do with what we have for most of us, so if there was a way that you could revitalise items from your wardrobe or swish up that charity shop find which is quite right, would you give it a go?

Well the new book by blogger Geneva Vanderzeil ( apairand-aspare.com) could be just what you need to guide you through a year of jazzing up, reworking, making and creating. Her new book DIY fashionista takes you through 40 step by step projects and they are handily graded in skill levels which means there is a good mix of ideas for beginners to more experienced makers and creators. So whether you want to rework that clutch bag, sparkle up some sandals or make a backless little black dress, this book could help you make do and mend your way through 2013. 

An ideal gift for those fashionistas who want to make more out of what they have - or perhaps they need convincing that they could try to re-work what they have before they spend their cash on new things....

I have a copy of this book to give away to one lucky reader. For your chance to win you just need to follow Missy Vintage in at least one of the following ways. You can sign up to follow the blog with Google Friend Connect, 'like' the Missy Vintage Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter (@Missy_Vintage)

Each method counts as one entry, so that's a potential 3 chances to be a winner. I'm using
 rafflecopter to run this giveaway it's really easy to use but of you have any problems just pop me a comment on this blog page.

If you can't wait try your luck at the giveaway, then The DIY Fashionista is published by Carlton Books, RRP £16.99, available at www.carltonbooks.co.uk, online and is in all good book stores.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions
  • This giveaway is open to UK residents only. 
  • You must be 18 or over please. 
  • This giveaway closes 31st Dec 2012 (UK time) 
  • 1 winner will be randomly selected and notified. Winners will have 5 working days to contact me following the winners being announced, failure to do so will result in another winner being picked.
  •  No cash alternative. Editors decision is final. 
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Being Santa Baby on a £5 Budget

Christmas goodies under £5

 100 teabags AND they come in a really pretty tin too!  All for just £4 from Twinings

*the Twinings website is well worth a look for gift ideas for tea lovers!*
Cute little mo' earrings £2.50 Missbehave Boutique

*love* this hand warmer! £4.95 dotcomgiftshop

Are you planning to save money by taking packed lunches to work with you next year? £4.95 dotcomgiftshop
Ginger hand cream £4 from The Body Shop
Cupcake shower cap £4.95 prezzybox.com
Boux Avenue candle £4

Bath wand £4.95 Lush
Cameo earrings £4 Sugar and Hatter
£5 Eclectic Eccentricity (I've a few pairs of these and they are super cute)

£4.95 prezzybox.com

Photographs make the most amazing gifts, if you have a favourite but want to give it a little tweak, perhaps you want to give it a vintage look, turn it  black and white or go arty with some Andy Warhol colours then the free online photo editor picmonkey could be really useful. 
There's lots of offers around for free prints and if you want to get enlargements made then foto.com have some of the best prices around that I've seen.

Happy shopping!

Also on Missy Vintage this week the Christmas Giveaways.......click here to enter

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