Holidays are Coming!

Yes, Christmas is on it's way! I almost got myself a chocolate advent calender but decided at 35 maybe I'm too old so I didn't. Then I got home from the supermarket and decided you can never be too old! So I shall be going back to buy one. I shall leave it a few days, they might be reduced a bit and not only could I save a few pennies on the calender I will also have the joy of opening several doors and scoffing the contents all at once! Hooray! 

I was one of those kids who would open several doors on the calender in advance and eat the contents, I got very very very skilled at doing it in such a way that no-one could tell the door had already been broken into.... I wonder if that skill is still there.....

This time last year I was planning my wedding! Well when I say planning, I mean trying to keep it secret (amazed I didn't burst) as we actually sneaked off to Chelsea Registry office to do it, with just a couple of witnesses, followed by much booze, food and fun along Southbank, I don't recommend riding the carousel after a huge afternoon tea and lots of booze! It was fun but the last ten seconds or so were slightly more spinny than I liked and I was glad when my horse (who was called Darren....) came to a halt!

 I'll be visiting the Christmas market on Southbank again next month. It's a lovely atmosphere and the smells of food and drink are just delicious, if you get a chance to visit the market (or any Christmas market for that fact) then do, they are such a lovely way to get in the Christmas Spirit, and hot mulled wine/cider really tastes so wonderful in alfresco.


This picture is actually me on my wedding day! The bride did not wear white..... she wore a navy blue Stop Staring dress £120, a fascinator by Sugar and Hatter £35, a faux fur late 50s/early 60s coat that was £8 and I think my shoes were from Peacocks so those would have been under £20.

I've already started my Christmas shopping and I've got posts planned to help you with yours too. Along side the shopping for gifts posts, December on Missy Vintage is going to be looking at party season fashion for all budgets, style tips and advice and a give away so brace yourselves people! 
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Girls On Film

It's been another busy few days, including workshops and photo shoots. Sunday saw me put my Historical Sauce hat on and we ran a class based on getting a 1920s look for hair and make up. I sported a bit of a different look for me clothing wise, I opted for quite a masculine look with a pair of wide leg trousers, a crisp white shirt and a cravat, more about this in another post, but here I am later in the evening with Karen of Fabulous Miss K and Lucy of glamourologist

After the workshop we opened the doors for our end of the month Sip and Shop, and we were joined by two fabulous local businesses who set up shop and offered people some brilliantly priced .vintage gorgeousness (thank you Wake Up Little Susie) and we also had local designers Sugar and Hatter with some beautiful accessories to decorate our barnets. 

I shocked everyone, including myself by not taking a single sip of alcohol, I was doing a shoot the next day and wanted to be as fresh as a daisy so it was soft drinks for me all evening. The shoot was for Norwich Fashion Week 2013 (yes,we have a fashion week!) and was for Karen who you see me with in the first picture. Also known as The Fabulous Miss K, Karen is an expert at putting on fashion shows and she is treating Norwich Fashion Week to a vintage show, so I was called in style hair and make up for the promo shots for the event. 

It was a veeeery  busy first part of the day as we got four models styled and the pictures are just going to be stunning. The good thing about being a stylist on shoots like this is that once all the crazy part of getting everyone ready is over you can take the foot of the gas a little and watch it all come together in front of the camera. I always stay on set when I can, it's all part of the fun.

If follow me on instagram (if you don't but want to here's my instagram online page) you will know that I always try and get some behind the scenes shots, because I think it's fun to see what goes on my side of the camera. I've had a peek at the official photos by Photographer Antony Kelly and oh my goodness they are going to be breath taking! Full on glamour and beauty. Trust me. Karen will be blogging about it at some point and fashion week is in March so expect lots of interesting posts from her in the build up to the big event  over on her blog. 

Missed the behind the scenes shots online? Well here's a sneak peek, I have lots of great ones but you'll have to wait before I can show you all of them.

I simply can't wait to see the official shots! In other news the short film I worked on recently, called The Nearness of You, got a nice mention in the Eastern Daily Press and the other shoot I worked on styling singer/song writer Nina Baker also went in the paper this week too. I've snapped these articles on my iphone, so apologies they aren't the best!

I had no idea there would be pictures of me in the paper on the Nina shoot...... so I got a bit of a shock when I opened up the paper! Had I have known I would have ensured my concentration face was a bit more camera friendly! Eeek! Well, with all the behind the scenes shots I get of other people, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I was papped myself! My New Years resolution is to find a better 'thinking' face! 
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What Missy Vintage Did.........

Firstly sorry for the radio silence over the last week. My ability to manage my time seems to have fallen in to slight disarray or possibly I'm trying to pack too much in............ either way, October was a crazy busy month and I was expecting November to be a wee bit quieter but no! It's been another busy one and is frankly whizzing past at such speed that it's almost a blur.

But what have I been up to I hear you ask? Well, I've been focusing quite a bit on my art/photography lately and to keep me focused on this I've started a new blog. Yes a second blog, it's no wonder I never have time to be bored. I thought I'd start a shiny new blog so you lovely Missy Vintage readers would have a choice as to whether you want to see that side of my world or not, rather than just push it on you when you might have visited Missy Vintage to read about eye liner and dresses. So the new blog is called The Girl and The Camera if you fancy a visit, it's very much a baby blog and not an awful lot is on there but like all good blogs I'm sure it will grow nicely. I've started Project 365, so I'm taking a picture a day I'm only 14 days in so still a looooong way to go! 

visit the blog

Speaking of blogs, I also missed the 2nd birthday/anniversary of Missy Vintage this month! The two years has simply flown and has opened up so many opportunities for me. Slightly annoyed with myself for not celebrating such a landmark though. Obviously had I had not been quite so forgetful I'd have made a cake....

But it's more likely that I would have attempted to drink my way out of one of these....

 I've also had a few shoots to style which is always fun, the first was for a newspaper article for an event coming up in Norwich next month in aid of Help for Heros. The shoot was held in Epic Studios, which I've never been into before but it's an amazing place, lots of proper TV studios, lights everywhere - real dressing rooms with work stations it was amazing! 

Visit website for more details
The shoot will be in the press next month but here are a few pics to give you a sneak peek. Along with Gemma of Retro Chick we style the hair and make up with a 20s/30s influence. It was full on glamour and was nice to get a chance to get super creative and very heavy with the eye make up. I was also asked to create a moustache on one of the chaps, amazing how versatile Benefit Brow Zings can be! 

This is a great 20s inspired up do, often beads are used as a head dress but I after playing with ways to grip them into the hair I decided to wrap them around the side bun I'd created. This lipstick is Besame Cherry Red which I'm hoping to try out myself soon. I think it's a gorgeous deep red for the party season. (These will be available at the Sip and Shop at Olives, Norwich this Sunday if you fancy popping along for a cocktail and a shop)

Even the instagram shots are looking great so I can't wait to see the official images. Today I had another shoot, with a bit of a twist as it wasn't a vintage inspired one, this time it was for Norwich born musician Nina  Baker who has just been named as a finalist in the MTV Brand New for 2013 Unsigned awards, so very exciting! Along with Emma Harrowing (Norwich Evening News and Eastern Daily Press Fashion Editor) we met at local shop Catfish  with the idea of 'edgy chic'. We all totally fell in love with a Vivian Westwood black dress and as soon as Nina tried it on we all knew that was the one for the shoot. Local designer Betsy Hatter had designed a new hat so combined with the dress, we certainly has our edgy and chic elements.  

I also totally fell in love with these shoes but at £128 I may have to love them from a distance. Perhaps I'll pop in every now and again to look at them and stroke them. Emma also made me smell them...... insisting that there was something that the shoes were made of which seems to make them smell really nice...... and they did, like bubblegum/sweets! So if you were in Catfish this morning and saw two women strangely smelling the shoes that was us!

Click to swoon at shoes

A few action shots from behind the scenes courtesy of Nina's dads camera. 

A peek at the final look

The shoot will be in the press soon, and Nina finds out VERY soon the winner of the award. But a big well done to her for getting so far! My outfit for the day was a bit more thrifty and unfortunately I didn't get an outfit shot of mine but you can just about see from the behind the scenes pictures that its a leopard print shift dress. It's an F&F label (Tesco's) but I bought it from a charity shop brand new with label attached for £4.80! I've teamed it up with a long sleeved black tshirt which was £3.50 from Primark. I'm loving this outfit at the moment. It's warm but still looks a bit dressy. I've teamed it with heels and Converse but would also look fab with a pair of boots. I LOVE animal print and will always try and get some into an outfit if I can.

In other news, I'm running a 1920s make up workshop with a hair demo on Sunday in Norwich and we have just 2 tickets left if you fancy grabbing them you can find details here.

If you're interested in booking me for styling work then feel free to get in touch

So apologies again that it's been quiet, but normal service is now resumed and brace yourselves for Christmas inspired posts and I'll be announcing my Christmas giveaway next month too! 

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Skyfall, My Night with Bond

Imagine the scene, it's one of those Mondays when you understand *exactly* why Bob Geldof felt the need to sing about his dislike for them. It's a day that appears to be showing no sign of improving, nothing is quite going as planned, and the 'to do' list for the day is not only getting longer but appears to be mocking you as things that should easily been ticked of are still there, staring you out. 

You've run out of milk, and have now used the last spoon of coffee so a trip to the supermarket can no longer be avoided. Walking home in the drizzly rain, you look up and spot a handsome man striding towards you, His shirt soaked with rain and sticking to his chest like he's Mr Darcy but it's not Mr Darcy, it's actually Mr Bond. Hello Daniel Craig............ 

Well that last bit didn't quite happen (sadly!) but it sort of felt like it when I received an email asking me if I'd like a night with Daniel Craig .There I was walking home in the drizzly rain and the email came in and my thoughts were something along the lines of, 'Yes! I would like a night with Daniel Craig!' With the day I was having, to be honest I'd have settled for an hour but if I was being offered an evening, then how could I resist? 

Unfortunately I wasn't being offered  an actual date (I know you're married Daniel, me too but call me, drinks are okay non? * note to self: If you ever meet Daniel Craig do not lick his face. Resist....) Oh, C'mon - I bet most have you have though about it!........................ 

What was on offer was a chance to go and review Skyfall at VUE cinemas with VIP seats and then review a meal at Zizzi's afterwards. Now, I really do like Bond films, not just for the Daniel Craig element (honest) so I though why not? I will be completely honest, I rarely go to the big chain cinemas as most of the films I want to see are shown on a local independent cinema we have in Norwich, so this was going to be interesting.....

I'm an online girl, I tend to book everything online, it saves waiting for tickets and also, with things like the cinema, it avoids that risk of turning up to a big film that's just out, only to find it's sold out! But my tickets were sent to me in the form of a VUE giftcard and unfortunately  VUE don't accept bookings online using giftcards, which is a pain and something worth remembering if like me, you were actually planning on getting a gift card for someone's Christmas present. So I had to whip out my debit card and pay online that way. As we'd booked a table at Zizi's , we didn't want the evening to go pear shaped by turning up to the cinema and not getting in at the time we'd planned for.

On arrival I also found that VUE had no bar! I'm obviously spoilt by the cinema I usually go to and have to confess, I do like a drop of vino with a film. The cinema did redeem it's self with the seats though! I've never gone VIP before but the seats were just soooo comfortable and delightfully roomy. All cinema seats should be as comfy as that.  Despite there being no bar there was certainly an abundance of popcorn, knowing we were eating late I asked for just a small popcorn to share. Apparently VUE don't do what I'd consider a small portion and we ended up with what I would consider a huge portion! So glad I only ordered one, as we didn't even manage to get through that!

It was a bit of a chilly night and we'd planned to walk in to town and then on to the restaurant so I took the weather conditions in to account when choosing my outfit. I'm currently loving black, and am wearing a lot of it lately so I went for a very simple beatnik black outfit but mixed it up with my 50s/60s faux fur, some hair twists (faux victory rolls) and some hair flowers

What I wore: Coat - Charity shop (a bargain at £8!)     Jeans - Primark      Shoes - Clarks    Bag -  Charity shop 

So The credits open and I'm a huge fan of Adele, I think her song for this new Bond film is amazing and it feels like a 'real' Bond song. It's big, it's sexy, it's dramatic and that is exactly what a Bond tune should be. (By the way, I think the next Bond song should be performed by Paloma Faith - just throwing that out there!) The film was utterly amazing, possible the best Bond ever, some great nods back to the past and this really was Bond at it's best. I especially liked the casino scene, which felt very much of the Sean Connery era as Bond. The classic Bond Casino connection is obviously why Ladbrokes were keen to help promote the film by sending bloggers to the cinema to review the film. The casino in Skyfall is not only atmospheric and glam it also has a pit that houses Komodo dragons.... classic Bond non?

Nice faux 20s faux bob and makeup in this scene
The glamour was there, the action was non stop and let's be honest, as well as being just amazing to look at, Daniel Craig can really act too. He brings a dimension to Bond that I personally don't feel we have ever had before. It's well worth seeing, and I have never before wept at a Bond film......I can say no more or I will spoil it for you.

We then went off to eat, drink and generally be merry at Zizi's. Now we're *sure* we've eaten at this restaurant before but can't quite remember when - which possibly says a lot..... BUT this time was much more memorable, we were offered the chance to sit right next to the open kitchen, which I loved  and the food was really fab. We started of by sharing some olives and some calamari, and the reason I'm pointing this out to you is because these were honestly the nicest olives I have *ever* tasted - and I could eat olives for breakfast, I just love them.


Double yum!

Triple Yum!

We will definitely be returning to Zizi's, for you veggies there's a good choice (I used to be a veggie myself for years so I totally feel your pain when the menu choice is boring!) and there are also gluten free options too - so this will be a good one for when we go out as a group! 

Have you seen Skyfall yet? What did you think?

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Bra chat with Panache

Knicker drawers, is yours bursting with vintage inspired prettiness or do you prefer to go for practicality? Panache have asked for my thoughts on bras, so here are some lingerie talk confessions.......

Q -  Be honest… how old is your oldest bra?
A - Errrmmmm, I did have a huge cull of bras a while ago - some of those were several years old, fitted badly hence why they never got worn. I think my oldest bra is still probably a couple of years old........ not sure if that is good or bad........I do have one or two faithful friends that have stood the test of time.

Q - What is your favourite colour underwear, and why?
A - Well, the colour I tend to wear the most is black, but my favourite colour would be anything involving electric blue. I'm also a fan of animal print. In fact I'd say most days of the week I'm wearing some form of animal print, it might be a scarf, shoes or it might be something you'll only see if I decide to show you.....

Q - What is a good fitting bra to you? What do you look at to see it’s a good fit?
A- I'm a bit of a 'want the moon on a stick' kind of girl when it comes to bras, I want good support, when your boobs feel like they are being well looked after, your posture is better, which makes you look better. Never underestimate the power of a well fitted bra. I appreciate a decent strap, pretty but flimsy is just not enough for the job in my case I'm afraid. I want practical and gorgeous, as should we all. When trying a bra on I ALWAYS put my top back on. Not everyone will get to see it without clothes on, so it's important to see how it's going to look  when I 'm dressed and that I'm comfortable with the shape and lines it creates.

Q- How often, or at what sort of occasions, do you wear matching underwear?
A - I used to be borderline OCD with this issue! I do still like to match, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't. Dinner out that involves getting dolled up will still always be a matching underwear event for me though. It's all part of the getting dolled up for a night out. Matching or not I always want to feel that I've got nice underwear on. I'm not a grey cotton kind of girl!

Q- What is your favourite type of bra, and why?
A- Hmmm, tricky...... If I had to pick, I'd say something lacy that gave a good cleavage without being a plunge bra. I show a lot less cleavage now I'm in my mid thirties, so I don't feel I need a bra that dips quite as daring as a plunge! I'm much more confident in myself at this age, and prefer to flash a cheeky smile and wink across a crowded room than a flash of bosom! 

Q- So… naughty or nice? With the washing that is! Do you treat your bra to a gentle handwash, or do you let it suffer in a machine wash?
A- The only time I ever handwash anything is when the washing machine is broken!

Any surprises there or would your answers be similar?

Most people find jeans are the thing that's hard to shop for, but personally my shopping nightmare is often bras! As much as I'd love a bullet bra, at a 34 FF/G cup, when does a bullet bra become a rocket launcher?! I do have one nice Triumph bra which gives a soft point shape that's great for creating a sweater girl look but usually I'll just stick with a 'typical' underwired bra. I have a few 'go to' shops/brands because I know I can usually rely on for bras that are both functional AND pretty. I don't consider myself a lingerie expert, but I'm an expert on my own boobs (oo-er!) and after a few mistakes over the years ( for example if you buy cheap, you definitely buy twice when it comes to dressing ample boobage) I know exactly what I want from a bra, and big boobs mean big expectations.

When I was approached to review a Panache bra, I had high hopes. Being a brand I'd heard of but never tried out I was keen to see what the range looks like for the bigger cup sizes. Anyone who has ever found a gorgeous bra only to find it doesn't go up to your cup size, will know how annoying this problem is. Even some of the bigger retailers, who you'd expect to have a wide range of larger cup size options can be a let down. 

The Cleo range from Panache offers a good selection of both pretty and quirky styles, so if you want to step away from your typical blacks and whites then this could be a range worth looking at. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I'm a huge fan of nautical colours, you can't beat a bit of red, white and, blue but I'm pretty much a lace/silk/satin material type of girl when it comes to undies. I decided to try something different when browsing the Cleo range though and opted for 'Darcy' with it's nautical shades of red, white and blue. 

Picture from Panache website. 

The Panache website describes this style as: 

An exciting, new and unique quirky heart print collection exclusive to Cleo. Darcy is a pretty padded balconnet bra with statement red embroidery and contrast fully adjustable strapping. A contemporary style offering great uplift and shape from a D-H cup.

 But what did I think?

Firstly I liked the pattern, I think it looks like hearts and fluttery eyelashes non? The material also felt nice and soft and smooth, meaning it's been good to wear under close fitting clothes. However apart from thinking 'nice pattern' my main thought was uh-oh quite thin straps and then looking at the back I thought that only having a width of two hooks could be an issue. Whilst I have many bras with only two hooks, I have to say that my preference is to have three hooks......... so how did this bra cope with the load?..........

Well it felt pretty good straight away, I personally prefer a slightly padded bra - even at my cup size! Not because I feel the need to look even bigger, but because I like the shape a little padding gives and on a cold day (or the arctic temperatures of the air conditioned office) I never have to worry about nipple issues! Whilst the straps look thin (and when I say thin, I mean the typical width of strap you might expect on a bra that's less than a D cup) the material is ribbed which seems to give it super powers, as the support was definitely there. At around £25 it's a good price for a good product in my opinion.

So a pretty bra in a large cup size without industrial size straps - that is always going to be a plus. The hook issue also wasn't a problem really and I certainly felt comfy. Would I prefer three hooks though? Yes, probably, but that wouldn't be a deal breaker. Panache seems to have put a lot of research into ensuring us D plus babes get function AND style. The other thing I love is that as the Cleo range has such a selection of colours and styles, the super thing is that if you try one and know you like it, then it's easy to build a nice lingerie drawer knowing that you'll have a choice of bras that  you'll feel good in and can rely on!

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