Leg Talk : Stockings and Tights

The day of spooks, witches and gruesome ghouls........ Shall I tell you what else I think is really scary? This chilly air! Wowsers, it's got so cold in the UK. I made the error of going out without stockings or tights on the other day. Oh my dear lord, what a mistake! I was freeeezing! So the days of naked legs are over for 2012, but fortunately there are lots of ways to keep the nip away from direct contact whilst keeping our pins looking lovely. Now I'm not a huge fan of tights (I used to say this about stockings but am now a total convert) but there are times when sometimes only tights will do, so here's my selection of some brilliant tights and stockings to keep us going through the cooler months.

UK Tights £11.95 Glad I discovered this site. I've never seen coloured  stockings with a retro seam, so these tick lots of

New Look £4.99

What Katie Did £12.50

 Sock Shop Pretty Polly bow tights £10 (I was going to crop the 'cheeks' off  but have decided to leave them. We're all grown ups here aren't we..... snigger)

Tights Please £8.98 (I haven't purchased from this site, but the selection is HUGE) and it's free UK delivery

Are you a stockings or a tights girl?

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Puurrrfect Weekend

Monday again, can't believe the last time I posted a blog post was Tuesday! Apologies for only one post last week, October has just been so crazyily busy! Last week was no exception. It saw the Halloween shoot I  styled hair and make up for, hit the press. Always exciting!

I've been having issues with my beloved camera too which makes me both sad and annoyed. Sigh. My iphone stopped working but was thankfully still in it's year warranty so a trip to Apple was in order. I hate going in to Apple shops. I love my iphone, but I am in no way a gadget geek. I don't want to use my iphone to scan an item, I want to buy. I want to take it from the shelf, go to a till and be served by a person. Old fashioned thing that I am. That said, the staff in the store were incredibly nice  but I still felt guilty when they tried to show me something amazing, but it was totally lost on me.... (something about my iphone communicating with an ipad...I think) I'm hopeless! BUT they sorted my issue out by replacing my handset so yey to great customer service!

So whilst technology isn't my friend, at least the pencil skirt is. Always a reliable pal, I'm constantly keeping my eyes peeled for new additions to add to my wardrobe. I don't very often buy new ones - you'll know if you've been reading this blog for a while, that I'm a keen charity shop shopper (try saying that after a few vinos..) but I popped into New Look and fell in love with  one from the Kelly Brook range reduced to £12 so I thought I'd treat myself. I'm a sucker for animal print. I also bought a red elastic belt as I've been looking for one for ages.

 I  recently went to watch the film Ginger and Rosa, and was quite taken by the 60s beatnik look worn by Christina Hendricks character, so as I love a beehive I thought a bit of beatnik black would be a good to go with the look. Primark is great for basic tops so I was pleased but not at all surprised that I managed to find one for £3.50. These long sleeved tshirts have lots of stretch so give a nice fitted look and are really comfy. I actually have a few of these in white which I use as PJ tops, for when I'm not sleeping in vintage silk PJs of course. (Nice image, shame I don't actually own such silky loveliness!)

Not the best picture, sorry guys, just asked The Boy to quickly snap what I was wearing on Friday night. The necklace is a 1950s find from a charity shop. The lovely green bruise I'm so glamourously sporting on my leg is from a falling over incident on the beach! No, alcohol hadn't been consumed.
Top £3.50 - Primark     Belt £4.99 - New Look     Skirt £12  - New Look     Shoes  - New Look

I'm also rediscovering my love for false eyelashes. I used them on the recent photo shoots I've styled, and the difference they make is amazing. I've been playing with a few brands and will be blogging my thoughts soon. 

A-hem, taken after a few alcoholic beverages - not at the start of the night... Just in case you wondered...

This was my outfit of choice for cocktails at an event organised by Blue Skies Vintage events. The event, called The Blue Skies Lounge, is becoming a regular feature in Norwich. I had every intention of A) having a good time and B) getting some great photographs like I had managed to capture previously, but A over took B due to the help of several Manhattan's and at least one Long Island tea - so essentially I ended up taking the night off and just had a jolly nice time. 

I have photos on my camera, but didn't take any of them! So to those of you that snapped the ones I have thanks! I'm not much of a dancer, so who ever took these, thank you for not snapping Lucy (AKA Glamour_ologist) and I doing some dodgy nineties style dancing to Bobby Darin! Wild rebels that we are.

The last Sunday of the month means Historical Sauce day, and we were running another workshop (and another sell out one too - thanks ladies!) I love getting to play barmaid at the start of the evening as we get everyone ready to start the evening, so here I am again behind the bar getting drinks for everyone. You'll notice my hair is totally unstyled. 

Picture: Retro Chick
This class was all about teaching our attendees tips and tricks to achieve vintage inspired hairstyles created by their own fair hands. A question that keeps popping up is where my salon is! I don't own or work in a salon, I'm total freelance with my styling, but it's nice that people think I own one though! I think a lottery win would help with that! 

As I suspected the favourite look of the evening was rolls. The versatility of victory rolls never ceases to make people want to to know how to crack the art of these little beasts! With a bit of practice and just actually being shown and assisted I promise they can be mastered. I love creating rolls, because whilst they are an iconic forties look, they are also perfect for creating pin up looks, and wearable evening or day hair with a vintage twist. One of my all time looks that I like to wear myself is this one sported by the *gorgeous*  Paloma Faith

This big roll was popular with my table of vintage loving girls, there was also a lot of love for hair flowers and a few light bulb moments for the power of the flower to add a vintage look to even the simplest of styles and that clustering them or mismatching them can add a real touch of individuality and drama. 

If you fancy coming to a workshop all the details are on the website, the next one in November 25th and for that one we're going 1920s, so smoky eyes and pretty lips - perfect for some Christmas evening glamour.

Following the workshop we run a petite little vintage shopping and cocktail soiree, with affordable vintage and guest sellers which this time included Elizabethan Herbal, who make the most amazing products for your body and home, all using natural products such as herbs and spices and I just had to treat myself to some bath salts, such beautiful packaging and the one I bought is called Clear Head - which smells just like it's full of goodness, tea tree, mint and eucalyptus, which is apparently great for colds and hangovers! As a sufferer of migraines (and the occasional hangover!) I thought this would be a lovely addition to a long wallow in the tub as well as looking so pretty. Brilliant idea for Christmas non? As well as a good way to show some love to an indie business. 

Our other guest seller was the fabtastic Eclectic Eccentricity, who's designs have been worn by no other than Miss Paloma Faith herself, too much loveliness, it was hard to choose something, but as I was trying to watch my pennies I opted for some pretty flower studs. I only ever really wear studs, and that's mainly pearls so I thought these would be a nice way to add some colour with my accessories. I also had a special delivery of some bespoke bird hair clips. Here's one of them, I've called him Rory (as you do) full pics on birds with some hair action to follow! 

Picture Sugar and Hatter

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Wedding Fever

 Hope you had fab weekends. I worked......again! This time I had my Historical Sauce cap on and we were at The Most Curious Wedding Fair. We were there promoting our hen party packages, chatting to brides and we had several chats from people planning to come to our workshops and our Sip and Shops too - which was really nice. It was also obviously lovely to chat to people who read this blog too (you know who you are! *waves*) There were some interesting fashion shows, you kind of learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Curious Party crew, but I still was surprised when we got a fashion show involving ballet dancers....

We were super lucky to be right next to the stage so we could enjoy the shows and the music as the day went on. The Voxettes performed some beautiful classics for us. They have quite smoky tones to their voices. I can picture them in floor length gowns with big hair in some dark but glam club and The Dog Days of Summer gave us some brilliant folk/Irish music. I've never heard this band before and they were simply fantastic. Real musicians - which always leaves me in awe. The whole day was just lovely and the talent in the room was superb. It really was such a delight to browse the stalls and see what was going on.

We dressed our stall with a gorgeous burgundy damask material and deco style mirror to give it a bit of a boudoir look. We gave out oodles of goodie bags and were quite talked out by the end of the day! 

Also in attendance were the fabtabulous (that should so be a word!)  head wear and  accessory designers Sugar and Hatter - in fact the head wear I wore for my very own wedding came from these girls, and I am now totally smitten with these bird clips. You shall be seeing more of this range and probably on my head! These clever ladies are brilliant at making bespoke pieces for your wedding or  special occasion, you can have something special  just for you, and it's hand made with love!

Picture courtesy of Sugar & Hatter    Just gorgeous non? (These are  yet to be listed in the online shop so contact the girls for more info)
We are very very lucky in Norwich that we have an amazing and thriving vintage scene, one of the loveliest shops is Antidote Vintage (owner Annie is equally as lovely) amongst much gorgeousness on this stand was a gents 1940s suit and 1930s evening dress, was this  beautiful, stunning 60s wedding dress. Now I didn't want to get married in a white dress, I got married in a Stop Staring pencil dress and I don't regret it, BUT Annie had this fantastic wedding dress on display, and honestly it is the only 'typical' wedding dress that has mad me go 'oooooooo'  - they always say that 'you know' when you see the dress that is the one! This was just beautiful and the bride who ends up with this is one lucky girl! What a gorgeous neckline. I'm totally smitten with this too. Can you tell?!

You can find Antidote Vintage on Upper St Giles Street in Norwich, The shop itself is an old  pharmacy with some of the original features still in tact. It's a must go to  if you're in Norwich and love vintage. 

Karen (AKA Fabulous Miss K) was there with her vintage events management company Blue Skies, super organised Karen is a whiz at stage management or even organising the whole event, she also does vintage wedding dress sourcing as well - so a very handy lady to know! Finding vintage wedding dresses isn't always easy - especially of you are looking for something pre 1950s. Karen dressed her stand this time with a beautiful 40s gown that was in such amazing condition. 

Also adding a splash of colour and yumminess to the day was super cupcake baker Jess of Cup Cakes by Jess. Jess's creativity doesn't just stop with how her cakes look, she also explores flavour with some dreamy combinations. Salty peanut butter and chocolate cupcake anyone? Reginald Spleens Travelling Snuff Bar drew it's usual curious crowd! As Reginald couldn't be there himself, us Historical Sauces actually manned (womanned?!) this for him - which was much fun! 

Picture courtesy of Retro Chick

I'm a huge fan of close up magic (good magic!) and was treated on the day to not one but two tricks by Bob Percy which were fab. How do they do it?! So clever. Flamingo Any was on hand to do hair, The Curious Party girls ran a tea room and gave the chance for the visitors to have a sit down and a cuppa from beautiful china, there were so many business with ideas to make an event vintagetastic (again, that should so be a word!) that I can't name them all but pop over to the A most Curious Party website for the full list of exhibitors and links to their businesses. 

If you didn't make the fair but fancy some Historical Sauce action for your event or hen party then drop us a line. Also don't forget those for you in Norfolk - that we have the Sip and Shop on Sunday evening. Affordable vintage (the rail will be Halloween themed so expect lots of black!) The bar will be open (hello cocktails...) and this month we have the uh-may-zing guest sellers who are....... drum roll........ Eclectic Eccentricity to perk your jewellery box up for autumn (Paloma Faith has been pictured wearing their designs!) and Elizabethan Herbal to treat your body and home to some beautiful natural products made from traditional recipes. Hope to see you there!

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National Stockings Day!

What Katie Did stockings
Now I have no idea who decides these things, but I'm reliably informed by Kate - the lingerie guru behind one of my favourite brands What Katie Did , that today is National Stockings Day in the UK! Are you a stockings girl? Do you love a retro seam? Well if you can't get on with stockings, then the good thing is that What Katie did also sell seamed tights, which aren't very easy to find if you've ever tried shopping oin the high street for them. So just in case you feel like adding some retro seams to your wardrobe (and a seamed leg will add a vintage twist to pencil skirt and shirt that you bought on the high street or the supermarket) then you can cheat with tights and no-one will know...... unless you tell them!

If you want the look but also want to try and keep the nippy autumn air off your legs, then I have another cheat for you....wear a pair of nude tights, then wear a pair of seamed stockings over the top. This may make  trips the ladies a bit a bit of a faff, but gives you a fab retro look with an added layer between you and the elements as you wait for the bus etc! If you wan't something more opaque though, then these beautiful contrast seamed stockings have just gone on my wish list. Perfect for some vamp glamour at Halloween or for Christmas I think?

£12.50 What Katie Did
What Katie Did are now also working with the ridiculously beautiful Bernie Dexter so you can now buy Bernie's equally ridiculously beautiful 1950s inspired dresses from this online shop too. This post was purely going to be about stockings but I can't resist showing you this dress because it made me gasp when I saw it and I think you will love it too.......

Image of BD02 Bernie Dexter Osterley Winter Dress Product

                Happy National Stockings Day! Go forth and shake a leg!

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Corset giveaway winner announcement!

Thanks to everyone who entered, ever the curious cat (that still lives!) I've had a peep at most of the corsets you told me you loved - whilst styles varied it's obvious that you all love a bit of glamour! Thanks to Corsets UK for your kind offer to give away a corset to a lucky Missy Vintage reader.

The winner is.................................. Carol Oldham. Carol, check your inbox, I've emailed you! Well done and thanks again for all you comments. I'm in the process of planning a Christmas giveaway, so watch this space! 

Also blogged on Missy Vintage this week

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Weekend Wonders

Monday, it's almost over but my word what a weekend I've had. My Monday has been a bit lazier than it usually would have been, but I was working all weekend. In fact Friday through to Sunday I've either been doing hair and make up, helping people learn hair and make up or reading and planning..... yes you guessed it, hair and make up! 

Friday saw the start of a styling hat-trick for me, with the first booking being for a Halloween shoot for the local press. Featuring suitable spooky inspired head wear from designers Sugar and Hatter and clothes from various Norwich shops including Rock Collectionwhich were hand picked by fashion journalist Emma Harrowing. We set about showcasing some wearable and glam looks for those who want to be fancy rather than fancy dress. The article will be in the press next week so here's just a sneak peek..... Model Ruby had shoulder length hair and a fringe but an up do was created. Big hair won! 

Saturday I had my Historical Sauce head on and had a lovely drive in the autumn sunshine, out to North Norfolk to a gorgeous cottage that was home to a hen party. We had a great time creating some vintage inspired hair and make-up and they were really up for getting stuck in with the make-up and the rollers, so we had a fun time and they all looked great and uber glam at the end. I only wish I'd been in the pub when they all walked in that evening! I imagine the locals in this quite little village in Norfolk got quite a surprise! 

Sunday saw me wake up thirty minutes before my alarm went off.........which means I was up at half past six! On a Sunday! What??! Once again I was on the road but this time to do hair and make up for a short film. Exciting non? So I found myself in the pretty little village of Heydon, Norfolk to create hair and make-up for a film set in 1943 that has been written and directed by actor Sam Heydon. With two leading ladies and several extras to style it was non stop for most of the day. The film scene was a dance, so we had a band, soldiers, dancers......... it was just fab! Some of the extras had already come styled and were ready to go, others waited their turn to get in the hair and make up hot seat and a fair few had done their hair and make up themselves but weren't quite happy or didn't feel suitably glam, so came to see me to get made over! 

I had such a hoot, it was certainly a very long day, but everyone was so lovely and several ladies asked me what were the chances of their hair being intact the next morning if they slept in it, so the forties style was being worn and loved! I also got to be an extra, this involved me dancing. Not something I feel I do very well, but I have to say that I had a lovely dance partner guide me round and I enjoyed it, pretty sure girls would have free-styled in the forties..... this one did!......... as it's only a two minute film I have every expectation that any scenes with me in the background will hit the cutting room floor! I certainly won't worry too much about that, but once again I'm thinking that I really really must learn to dance because I know I'd really like to be able too.  After all that hair and make up I was starting to feel a bit achy so that dancing loosened me up quite nicely!

I had lots of lovely cups of tea - these were well received, as the hall was very chilly indeed (until all the dancing started!) Big thanks to the directors sister too who made sure we all had food to keep us going through the day including a hot meal at tea time of baked potatoes and chilli, plus home made pudding for those that still had room. Spoilt, is the word I think. Oh and if you're wondering if I managed to get my paws on any of that lovely 1940s wardrobe, the answer is ........yes. Sadly whilst the coat fitted my waist and hips like a glove it was too small over the bust (this happens a lot, boobs and vintage are not always friends!) however I didn't let this stop me from swooshing around in it for a while, along with a rather splendid hat. 

Did I sleep well on Sunday night? You bet I did! Hope you all had good weekends too!
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Halloween Shopping

I know Halloween isn't such a big thing over here in the UK but if you do need an excuse to get dressed up (or eat suitable coloured cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks/cocktails) then 31st October is as good as any! Whether you're planning a party, a pub crawl, staying in to watch scary films or perhaps a comedy but you still fancy doing something other than carving a pumpkin, then what's available for you? Well how about a hat? No not a witches hat, something far more super stylish. 

Well the very clever Betsy of Sugar and Hatter has created something to keep us all looking chic and suitably Halloween like. I have several pieces from Sugar and Hatter, I even got married in one of Betsy Hatter's creations. They are not only gorgeous but light as a feather too, so blissful to wear. Indeed I once went to bed in a leopard print mini beret Betsy Hatter made (there's a confession!) it was so light I forgot I had it on! Vino may also have helped with this forgetfulness....... 

Bespoke made to order pumpkin cocktail hat £40 by Betsy Hatter
Other spooktastic goodies....

Ghost tea light candles £1 from Dot Com Gift Shop

Head scarf £6 by BooBoo Kitty Courture

Another UK designer well worth checking out for some simply brilliant Halloween related handmade jewellery and accessories is Dolly Cool

Heart skull cake necklace £8.50 by Dolly Cool

If you fancy printing your own free bunting then pop over to the House to Home website

Now I'm not in to scary films at all, when I was a teen (hello teenagers of the 90s!) I used to watch them all the time, we'd go round each others houses and make a real event of it. However these days I'm more of a Harry Potter kind of gal and whilst I keep promising myself I will read the books again (although having sobbed into my pillow at the last one, I'm not sure I want to go through that again!) I still haven't got round to it. However I do have the boxed set on DVD. I deliberately didn't go to the cinema to watch the last film as I just didn't want it to be over. In fact I only watched the final film last year. Yes I cried. Lots. I also wished I hadn't watched it because it really all did feel so final and over. Sigh. Big kisses to you JK Rowling for creating such a wonderful and magical way to escape. So you've probably guessed the next link is going to be to the wizard himself.... Harry Potter marathon anyone?

Harry Potter boxset £25.06 Amazon

If you fancy getting some corset action on then this is the last day to win a corset courtesy of Corsets UK which closes at midnight tonight! The giveaway is open worldwide so get entering for your chance to corset up for Halloween! I think this would look great with a zombie look. Burlesque girl goes bad..... or should that be rotten? I'm not up on zombie etiquette. I happy to stay that way...... However I'll be doing a sugar skull tutorial before Halloween if you fancy trying it out for your spooky nights out, so watch this space.

Enter the giveaway Click here for details

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