Friday Shoe Love

Recently I used Instagram to snap a pic of some new shoes from New Look and they seemed to cause some serious shoe envy. Whilst it's better to be looked over than over looked, it's also nice to share, so imagine my sadness when I realised these were no longer on the website. I know I snaffled the last pair in the shop (sorry!) but I was hoping that you could go online and snaffle a pair yourselves should you wish to. However all is not lost as New Look now have this style in black and white.

Now I have to say that these are VERY high, not the most comfy after a while but they look just divine and will add five and a half inches on to your height, so if like me you are more dwarf than Snow White then these will make you walk mighty tall. The high street has some amazing shoes at the moment. I'm really impressed right now with the choices if you don't have hundreds of pounds to spend on shoes. So let's have a bit of a shoe love Friday-fest.

Feeling the need to let your inner pin-up out?

New Look £24.99
New Look £19.99
Zara £49.99

Or are you needing some classic courts?

New Look £17.99
George £10

New Look £19.99

Zara £39.99

More of a flats girl? Brogues or ballet pumps?

New Look £17.99

New Look £38.99

Zara £49.99
Oasis £35

But what if money is no object..............
Net-A-Porter Christian Louboutin £495

Net-A-Porter Alexander McQueen £745

So what Kind of shoe girl are you? Do you have a big budget for shoes? I don't, but I still love to look at those ones are way out of my price range. You don't have to be able to afford a piece of art to be able to enjoy it!

* Disclaimer* I shall not be held responsible for any slips, trips or falls that may result in the wearing of these shoes you may decide to buy. If you consume alcohol and become unsteady on your feet, then take my advice and act sensibly.....send someone else to the bar!

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Norwich Body Art Festival 2012

This month saw the annual Body Art Festival return to Norwich for it's fourth year. With a day pass costing just £10 I thought I'd pop along and have a look as I've never been to one before. I only have one tattoo, but have been wanting another for years now. What's stopped me? Well it's a little bit the pain, but it's mainly the money. I'll get round to it one day, in the meantime I shall continue to be fascinated by other peoples. The event seemed to attract a mixture of people and a variety of age ranges. Good if like me, you like to people watch.

The weather on the day of the event was sweltering, the festival was held in a listed medieval hall, that's commonly used for vintage fairs in Norwich. I wasn't sure how it would be set up for a tattoo festival, but expected a choir of tattoo guns and I wasn't wrong. On entering the hall, the buzz of the guns and the heat hit me straight away. There were lots of people who unlike me, had obviously saved their pennies for this event. There were tattoos being inked on various body parts. Many seemed to be seemed to be in no pain at all - in fact several people were on their iphones as the tattooist worked!

There was a full line up of entertainment but it really was so hot, that I feared at one point I might faint so I had to dip out of the main hall for a while which annoyingly means I missed a few acts that looked quite interesting. Luckily the Curious Party were there with their tearoom. It was the best kind of tearoom as they were serving gin and tonic in teapots. Believe me when I say I NEEDED that teapot, I really did. The bar was packed as people opted for pints, but for me there was only one thing that would quench my thirst.

I was also reviewing this event for the Vintage Norwich website so high five to me for finding a way to combine work with gin! I've tried for many years to do this, but my pleas for a mini bar in the office have always gone ignored. Boooo to that. The acts I did manage to see were fab, including a gorgeous burlesque performer - I just love burlesque, I'd never be brave enough to do it so I have full admiration for those that do. Unfortunately DSLR cameras weren't allowed to be used - but there's always the trusty iphone, which is better than nothing!

You can read my review of the event over on Vintage Norwich
There's more pictures on Facebook

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Friday Night Cocktails, Glamour....and Cider

The last Friday of my holiday was spent with some lovely friends. We are so lucky in Norwich that we have such an amazing vintage scene, and it's an honour and a privilege to not only work with some brilliant people, but to be able call them my friends too. The very Fabulous Miss K who also runs Blue Skies Vintage Events has started a new night in Norwich called Blue Skies Lounge which offers a relaxed evening in one of Norwich's oldest buildings which is now a cafe/bar called Olive's (this is also The Historical Sauces HQ and where we do our hair and make-up classes)

With forties music played by DJ Graham, who handily happens to be Karen's husband the lights are dimmed, the cocktails are good and the atmosphere is chatty, but calm. Not a manic noisy night out, this is an evening to catch up with friends, chat to new people and tap your feet to some wonderful tunes. Despite it being a forties inspired evening, the dress code is really just about getting dolled up in your glam togs, so forties style is not compulsory and whilst I love a good iconic victory roll, I have really been embracing my fifties style a lot lately so I wore a navy blue Stop Staring dress and my hair up pin up style. Encouraged by the fact it's been so hot and humid, I've been wearing my hair up in a quiff and a big messy bun a lot, in an effort to embrace some glamour and attempt to stay cool.

Dress - Stop Staring  . Shoes - New Look
(Now, I have to confess that this outfit picture was taken at the end of the night, so no care has been taken to remove the door mat from the shot and we had to take several as I had the alcohol giggles)

My hairstyle of choice for these hot days and evenings

The dress I'm wearing was actually the one I got married in. I love having a dress I can wear again, I really like the cut of the Stop Staring Dresses, they are not cheap this one was about £130 - but they are such classic styles and feel amazing to wear, if you have a special event or occasion coming up (hello Christmas....) these are well worth looking at. I've worn this several times and every time I've been told how lovely it is and asked where it's from. This came from a UK stockist Stop Traffic Clothing.

A few cocktails were very much enjoyed, it was such a warm evening the humidity was quite tropical. The night was turning in to quite a soiree, the venue isn't the biggest space in the world but that makes it all feel like a somewhat intimate affair which encourages strangers to easily strike up conversation at the bar, compliment outfits and the like. Whilst I can't dance (lessons didn't work out, long story!) There were some there who could and we were treated to some fantastic demonstrations that as always left me wishing I could do that!

We headed home and then decided just one more drink would be good....so as you do when you're dressed up in your best pin up attire, we popped in to our local with me slightly over dressed and ended the night watching a brilliant band called Them Harvey Boys. I've seen them a few times now and they do the best version of Viva Las Vegas ever. Yes ever! Sorry Elvis....

Cocktails were swapped for cider and by the end of the night I had hops in my hair from where I was standing on the bench to take pictures of the band as they played their way around the entire pub. I'm currently addicted to Instagram and will quite often record my activities using it, so feel free to follow me there too, my username is missyvintage. All in all a quifftastic evening. Cheers!

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Holiday Jaunts Part 2

Earlier in the week I explained that week two of my holiday was slightly more glam, although I can't lie, we did miss all that walking up in the hills, the change of scenery was really just what the doctor ordered. But week two of our staycation saw us back home and going out and about. What a scorcher of a week! After a week of being in t-shirt and jeans, I was so ready to get out the summer skirts and hair flowers.

On this particular day I accidentally pinned my quiff quite tight - so I felt like I'd given myself a slight face lift! Sadly just on one side - I must try and crack this technique for both sides! Notice my lovely t-shirt tan, brown arms and milky white shoulders. You may also note that the boobage is a little pointy, this is due to my Triumph bra - a post on bras is to follow.

Our first stop was the cinema to see Ted! Oh my gosh, it's funny, bonkers and has elements of a chick flick. Totally bizarre. Very outrageous. What snacks does a classy film like this need to accompany it? Why a bottle of sauvignon blanc and a packet of goats cheese and pepper popcorn of course darling!

I recently bought this gorgeous 80s M&S skirt from a charity shop for 50p! I love it, it's just the perfect length for a shortie like me. I've been wearing it a lot, mainly with a 50s summer style influence. This gorgeous basket bag was reduced from £12 to £6 in Primark. It's my absolute fave at the moment. I wish I'd bought another one for when this wears out. Which it inevitably will, as I'm using it all the time!

Skirt 50p - Charity Shop. Vest top - George/Asda. Bag- Primark
Shoes - Tesco

My hair style preference is to wear it down, with a victory roll or a quiff, perhaps a hair flower for a splash of decoration, but the weather just got so so hot that I wore it pin up style most of the week. Which is most unlike me, but I created a style I ended up falling a bit in love with. We went to see a friend who was starring in a play at a local theatre, I haven't seen him for ages and I'm not sure if the last time was a massive karaoke session or Come Dine with me style dinner party, either way there would have been much vino involved so I was keen to play at being grown ups (just for once) and watch him tread the boards. Biased as I am I thought he was wonderful.

What did I wear? Well I picked up this beautiful cotton dress in a charity shop for under £4. It's home made so not easy to date, but form the stitching and the style it could be 60s - but it's quite plain dress, so with no obvious pattern or detail to try and date it's tricky. But either way, it's 50s style and I think it's quite Mad Men.  It creases easily due to the fabric, but I'm not to precious about it. I spent the evening sitting down so it's to be expected. I teamed it up with a gorgeous black belt which was another charity shop bargain and a pair of black courts. Belts are worn under the bust are a brilliant way to emphasize the smallest part of your torso and lengthen your legs.

Dress - charity shop. Belt - charity shop. Shoes - New Look

Not the best angle of my legs! However these shoes are great and I have them in red too. They are actually in the wide fit range, but I wear them with an innersole and they are fine. Reasonably comfy too.  New Look £19.99
I love creating height with a quiff. At 5' 2 on a good day, a quiff and a pair of heels are a good way to give me some extra inches. Of course if everyone else has done the same then I will always still be the smallest in the photographs. Sigh. I'll do a tutorial on this hair as it's super easy but very effective and easy to dress with accessories too.

Not the greatest picture, but just to give you another angle on the hair. Taken in the loo of the theatre. It's really glam being a blogger don't you know... worryingly the light  makes my skin as yellow as the walls...
I did manage to catch a post show drink with my friend, star and darling of the boards Steven.
I used to love drama at school, being at the theatre seriously made me think about giving it a whirl again, or may be even helping behind the scenes with the hair and make up, as a qualified hairdresser and make up artist it would be lovely to be able to volunteer those skills for the shows. I'm just so time poor at the moment, it's always a juggling act to get through my current work...... I might pop that idea to one side for the moment and see if I can get better at managing my time! If you have killer tips for time management and being organised, then let me know! I'm always open to new ideas.

There were a few more events in the week (this was not a lazy holiday at all) but they were so good they deserve posts of their own. So those will follow! Are you having a staycation this year or are you leaving on a jet plane?

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Holiday Jaunts Part 1

Hello! I'm back from my holiday, so unless I die under a mountain of post it notes that are piling up as I attempt to catch up with having two weeks off, normal service shall resume! Hoorah!

Seems like you enjoyed the guest posts about letter writing and colouring your hair that I lined up for you in my absence. Well, I hope you've all had a good August so far. I can assure you I haven't been lounging around forgetting you all. Amazingly whilst I was catching my breath following a climb up a steep hill ( They call them hills, I think they are more like mountains!) I had a few thoughts for the blog. Having put lots of effort to get to the the top of that hill, I pondered how I can make it less effort for you to all read about my vintage world and how I can try and make it effortless for you to all gain inspiration for your own vintage inspired worlds, so I have a few changes I'll be making to the blog over the next week or so in an attempt to hopefully give you more of what you seem to like!

Enough of the riddles/cryptic chit chat, what else have I been up to? Well I climbed lots of hills. Did I mention that? Lots of HUGE hills! We went to Shropshire and expecting the weather to be awful we even bought the boxed set of Mad Men, however the weather gods were in fact in high spirits and the weather was glorious so we were able to go out adventuring, which resulted in us pretty much living like cheese and wine eating mountain goats for a week!

We climbed hills, rocks and jumped streams and it was absolutely wonderful! If your idea of a perfect holiday is snoozing by the pool and only going in to float to the bar, then I realise that my holiday probably sounds like hell! However I loved it! My leopard print peep toes were swapped for something much more practical.......

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing these North Face shoes are, I took some convincing because they are not my usual thing as you know but goodness, they are so comfortable and without them all that walking and climbing just wouldn't have been possible! If you follow me Instagram you may have seen me show you these shoes over the last few months as I've been doing monster walks of between 8-15 miles at a time in them on a regular basis.

I used to run but my knees now really feel it the next day, so I'm doing lots of walking as it's less impact but I'm actually doing a lot more miles. Mainly because because these shoes are so fabulous. No painful, burning feet when you get to the end. In fact, many times I've been so energised, that despite doing over ten miles, I've got home and then walked to the shop for milk because my feet are still good to go! So if you do want to take up an exercise don't rule out walking; the health benefits are brilliant and if you do it with a friend you can chat at the same time too. Invest in some decent footwear though, your feet and your joints will thank you!

I appreciate this doesn't make it look that high but at times it felt like we were walking in the sky! Always good to find a pub at the end of the walks, and with it being quite warm I need to wear my hair up so most of the week was spent wearing a quiff and a bandanna! Here I am cooling off with a much needed cider, my post workout face isn't so great so brace yourselves......

No winged eyeliner, it took me a few days to get used to seeing my eyes without their signature wings, but hot and sweaty (how glam) doesn't really work with a face full of make up. The week was mainly spent in jeans and stripy tops. I still can't get enough of the nautical look. Throwing on a stripy t-shirt is such an effortless way to add a vintage inspired twist to your look. I was quite sad to come home, it was such a lovely place and whilst climbing those hills and walking for miles was at times exhausting, the sense of achievement once you've done it is a huge thrill!

I did get a chance to have a look through the charity shops in the town we stayed in and I scooped up two early 80s brilliant dresses from The Sue Ryder shop for £1.95 each. I'll style them quite 50s, the skirt could take a small petticoat, but I think I'll probably put a nice belt with them. Polyester haters might want to look away  now........

I haven't worn them yet so a proper outfit post is still to follow, but cute no? I know polyester isn't the most breathable fabric, but it's easy to care for and I have lots of polyester dresses, when you have much boobage, material with some give in it is a godsend! So that's week one of the holiday. Week two had more glamorous moments..... so I'll save those for later in the week.
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Guest Post - Modern Colours meets Vintage Hair

Hello! I'm back with you later in the week, but in the mean time here's a guest post from the lovely Jess, the face behind Cupcakes by Jess to start the week off! Jess absolutely rocks coloured hair and sports a mean victory roll. Jess has kindly written a guest post about her gorgeous locks.

Modern Colours meets Vintage Hair

When Missy Vintage said she would like some guest bloggers, I was up for the challenge, even
though I had no idea what to write about! She then suggested the most obvious thing about me;
my hair. I do tend to forget the fact that my hair is bright turquoise. I’ve had moments when people
have started at me in the street and I’ve been thinking “What’s their problem?” until I remember my

I’ve had it turquoise for almost a year and I recently bleached a streak in the front to spice things
up a bit! Before this it was blue with purple running through it, and before that it was bright pink.
My natural colour is that horrible mousey blonde, so I’ve been having highlights for as long as I can
remember! I’ve wanted blue hair for years but with strict school rules and then strict employment
rules, it was only until 2011 that I actually dyed my hair a crazy colour.

The staring in the street isn't helped by the fact that it’s normally coiffed in vintage styles. I’ve had
victory rolls, poodles, beehives, you name it., and I often wear a bandanna or hair flower. My personal
favourite is a fresh set with a hair flower or, if it hasn’t been washed for a while, a beehive with a
roll in my fringe. 

As my hair is bleached, it is incredibly easy to style but has the awful problems of
frizziness and flyaways that I have just learnt to accept. “But Jess!” I hear you cry, “This is all very well, but how can I have bright vintage styled turquoise hair?!” Well, I am about to tell you!

Firstly, you need fresh porous hair, so you’ll need to bleach it. I tend to do my hair myself, but
it is always good to have someone help you with the bleach as it’s very easy to miss parts! I use
Jerome Russell BeBlonde as it doesn’t have all this built in waterproof stuff that sometimes makes
it harder for the colour to take. Always follow the instructions for the bleach as it’s potent stuff
and everyone’s hair reacts differently. Once the bleach has taken, wash it out with just shampoo, no
conditioner, and leave it wet while you apply the colour.

I use Directions colour, which can be bought from little independent beauty shops and head
shops, or you can buy it online. You don’t tend to find it in bigger beauty stores as it’s not
really “conventional”. All the colours are gorgeous but I love to mix them! My pink was a mixture
of “Rubine” and “Poppy Red”. My blue was “Turquoise” with a purple made from “Turquoise”
and “Poppy Red”. My blue/green/turquoise/teal is a mixture of “Turquoise” and “Apple Green”.

Now it says to leave it on for 15 minutes on the tub, but I usually leave mine on for an hour. I have
even heard of people sleeping in it (but I can imagine that would get quite messy!) As it’s a natural
stain, it doesn’t damage your hair and the longer you leave it, then the longer the dye gets a chance
to soak through. I apply my colour by sectioning it and working from the bottom up. Once I’m done,
I wrap my head in clingfilm. It makes me look like an alien but it allows the heat from your head to
open up the hair follicles and allows the colour to be absorbed.

When it’s done, I then give my scalp a good scrub and rinse my hair until I’m sure all the dye is off.(Don’t wait until the water runs clear – this just means you’ve washed away all your hard work!) It is a semi-permanent colour, so it will fade. As I only wash my hair once or twice a week (thank goodness for dry shampoo!) my colour lasts for a good couple of months. Now you need to style it! There are some great blogs and YouTube videos that can teach you how to do some brilliant vintage styles and, as your hair is now bleached, you should be able to do most of them as it will be very manageable. 

I was going to list some but as I haven’t tried and tested any, I wouldn't know how reliable they were! My styles are mainly by trial and error. I see a style I like and then have a play around, recreating it until I get it right. As long as you know how to make a pin curl (wrap a section of hair around your finger, roll up and then pin) then you’ll be sorted!

Now, that’s my little tutorial over, so I’ll leave you with some handy hints:

  • Remember to apply Vaseline around the hairline to prevent you from dying your skin.
  • If you do get any on your skin, face wipes do a superb job at getting it off!
  • Don’t panic when your hair runs in the shower. It will! It’s semi-permanent so it will fade with every wash.
  • I re-dye mine when it fades to a candyfloss colour and I re-bleach my roots when they generally bad. Try not to bleach it too often as it’s really bad for your hair and it won’t forgive you!
  • Try to use a colour shampoo to keep it nice and bright, I find TreSemme’s works really well, and Aussie’s 3-minute intense colour conditioner is perfect for rejuvenating frazzled hair while protecting your colour!
  • Invest in a tint brush, a mixing bowl and disposable gloves as this will make life so much easier! For the first week or so, your hair will run in the rain, so be sure to have an umbrella if it looks drizzly!
  • Don’t forget to wear old clothes and move any towels or bath mats that you don’t want to dye!
  • If you do get and colour on the floor or sink, shower spray does a good job at getting it off.
  • Don’t forget, this is a big commitment! Bleach can be very hard and expensive to reverse, so make sure you’re committed!

You can visit Jess at her website Cupcakes by Jess and you can also say hello on Facebook and Twitter

I'd also just reiterate Jess's advice about being committed. Bleach is very harsh on your hair, it shouldn't be used at home lightly. It's NOT the same as a home dye that you buy in a box - it's strong stuff and if it goes wrong it can leave you with hair as stringy as bubble gum (until it dries and breaks!) So follow the instructions and don't bleach your hair at home unless you're confident! If in doubt go to the hairdresser!  Missy Vintage X
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