Boats, trains and lipstick mobiles

Happy belated Valentine's Day! How was it for you? Personally I like the fact there’s a day when the whole world is actively encouraged to show a little love. Yes I think every day should be filled with romantic and good old nice gestures but often they're not. If you happen to be with someone who isn't a natural romantic then they’re probably grateful to be given some assistance on how, what and when to do it!

I was planning to do a mid-week love link to what I've enjoyed reading online lately, but I've simply been overwhelmed with activities and events to do much reading so I only have that partly written - I will be making a ginormous pot of tea and catching up with all the interesting things people have been writing about shortly, which of course I will then pass on to you.

So what have I been up to? Well, I was lucky enough to attend a Benefit masterclass and play with lots of make-up (bliss!) but I shall write a separate post on that so I can show you oodles of pictures. I also attended A Most Curious Wedding Fair with The Historical Sauces…..

We were there with our pop up reading room which as usual was chock-full with books for folks to grab some free inspiration from. That’s always a popular feature, people just love to be able to sit down and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the fair. This time we also set up a glamorous boudoir. Gemma brought along her beautiful dressing table which we used to make a dazzling display of the Besame lipsticks and the What Katie Did seamed stockings and tights we had for sale.

Picture Courtesy of Retro Chick
We had a lovely time and it was super getting to meet lots of visitors, some planning weddings, some planning parties. There were lots of interesting ideas in people heads and we're  excited about being able to help some of those ideas become a reality. I didn’t get a chance to see much of the fair but there was lots going on. Fashion shows, activities, workshops…. Speaking of which, we gave talks on getting the perfect pout and vintage lingerie. I know some of you arrived too late and missed us, I’m so sorry! We're thinking that next time we will need to run more than two talks a day to give your more opportunity to swing by.

On the day we were also on hand for one to one lipstick workshops. Talking you through lipstick shades, how to apply and make the most of your lipstick all day long. You may have seen a previous post where I oohed and ahhhed over my latest find – a gold tea trolley? Well, we are The Historical Sauces and we do like  to make everything we do interesting so on the day that little tea trolley that had stood unloved and quivering outside a charity shop in the bitter cold was given a stylish makeover and became a much admired lipstick workstation.

When the trolley isn't being our glam assistant, she will be living in the kitchen providing storage for cook books. It feels good to give something old and overlooked a whole new lease of life. To celebrate our amazing day and Lucy’s 21st birthday (cough cough) we went on a boat picnic. In February.... which may sound a little traumatic but it was such a giggle. We caught a train to the Norfolk Broads then boarded our little boat armed with picnic baskets, flasks, mittens, hats, ear muffs, scarves, cava and gin. All those little life essentials to keep you warm, well fed and watered.

Despite the broads looking a little like the Antarctic with big chunks of ice in the water and many jokes about Titanic in a boat that was actually teeny tiny, we sailed/chugged away in to the wilds of the broads where it then rained. Hard. Fortunately the boat had its own rain hat so we pulled up its little hood and carried on. Doing anything that involved movement was not easy when you had a life jacket over 4 layers of clothing and a big faux fur coat as shown here…

Picture courtesy of Retro Chick. * No Sauce was harmed in the making of these pictures, despite it looking like I am about to be strangled.....
Thank you Mr Chick for taking the above series of boat photos. I'm sure herding cats would have been easier!

Hope you're all having a good week so far. It's Wednesday, we are alomost at the weekend again people. Hang on in there!
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Fluffy Glamour

I like Kelly Brook's style, she is generally an all-round gorgeous girl. She was named as a style icon in my recent blog give away so I thought I do a little feature about her, but then I stumbled across some fluffy mules that are part of her collection for New Look, so I thought I'd do a feature about those instead! Look at these beauties........ (I'd *love* a pair)

New Look £19.99 (also available in pink and red)
I stumbled across these as I was doing some research on vintage style night wear. Aren't they just so glam! I do not wear slippers. I personally do not like slippers but these are something else! So Hollywood glam, so oh la la. Possibly a little camp for some tastes but who cares?! Once that front door is shut and you’re in your own home, what's wrong with swooshing around the house like you're Jean Harlow. Swooshing is highly underrated.

Days are not always as special as we'd like. Life is stressful and busy, sometimes it's good to inject yourself with a bit of glamour - just because you can. How you get that is up to you. May be it's a good red lipstick, some gorgeous shoes that hurt your feet but you love them anyway or maybe it's throwing on some fluffy mules and a gown just to sit around at home and watch the TV.  Here I am ordering a pizza....

Okay, you may have guessed that’s not me but you get my point? For now my slipperless feet must leave you. I'm at a vintage wedding fair on Saturday with The Historical Sauces so I am still preparing and organising myself for it (when not getting distracted by fluffy slippers.......)

If anyone is in Norfolk on Saturday or you know any brides to be that are, then do have a look at this link, it should be a good event and of course I will report back with pictures! We are actually giving little talks on lipstick and lingerie so wish us luck!

Oh and one final shameless plug  ;O).......... I've been interviewed by the lovely Kate at Your Vintage Life. I discuss the fifties, if you haven't taken a look yet then pop over and have a read. Feel free to let me know what you think. I found the questions really interesting; they certainly gave me an opportunity to talk about the things that often get over looked in that decade.

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I do not like snow

There I said it! It makes me want to do this............

I don't like being cold, I also don't like being too hot. It's a British thing, moaning about the weather. It was quite a quiet weekend for me , partly due to snow and yes slightly too much vino. Completely accidental. No big night out was planned, in fact I was home by about ten! Friday night I had a meeting with The Historical Sauces  about a wedding fair we have coming up. Meeting finished, we had wine. Then went to the shop for more wine. Then went to pub........ You get the picture. The sauces did indeed end up on the sauce.

Those of you on Twitter may have seen that it wasn't just my fellow Sauces in the pub with me.... also keeping me company was this divine 1940's handbag that I got for a bargain on ebay, actually I got two for about £15 (for the pair!) including postage. This one is the prettiest, with gorgeous green lining (I will show you more pictures in the next post - Having looked around the house, I've a few bits that I've picked up over the last few months I haven't yet written about so I will do a treasure post very soon!

So Friday was a good productive day! Slightly ruined by Saturday not being very productive at all! Whoops. But I did take myself out for a walk to try and clear my head. Why I though that would be a good idea in such arctic conditions I do not know. My head felt a little more sensitive than usual and I ended up with what felt like and ice cream headache most of the way! It's okay I know I deserve no sympathy.

However something cheered me up quite a lot was walking past a charity shop and spotting this hostess trolley...... for an amazing £2!

It's all shiny and lovely! Wheels need a bit of oil - I wouldn't want to use it for a tea trolley right now, but it's going to be a super little item for storage. How fab is it?!!

Sunday I finally watched the last Harry Potter film. I'm a huge fan of this wizard! I've been putting off watching the last film because I didn't want to feel completely over. I can still vividly remember the moment when I was on the final word of the final page of the final book.... oh did I cry! I hated that feeling of knowing that was it. There was no more!

Seeing the final film has made me want to read the books all over again. Has a series of books ever had such a diverse readership? I hope people are still reading these books in fifty years time.

Finally just to let you know............I've been interviewed by  vintage blogger and seller called Your Vintage Life. The questions were really interesting and really made me think about the decades I enjoy.  People over look the fifties. It wasn't all rock and roll and fashion.......... Pop over and have a read and let me know what you think! Click here to read the interview
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The calm before the storm of #ZOMGbloggersbash

For those of you that are not tweeters then #ZOMGbloggersbash is a hashtag that has been flying around all over twitter for the last few weeks. It's linked  to an event that was thrown on Monday night by  ReeRee Rocket, the creator of lipstick brand Rockalily. ZOMG is a new colour (a bright cerise type of pink) that's been added to the range and this time ReeRee has collaborated with beauty blogger The London Lipgloss.  The idea of the event was to not only to launch this new lip colour but to have a blogger get together.

Thanks to some cheap train tickets being offered at the moment, I was able to get there and back for a fabulously cheap £10! So I took this as an opportunity to have a weekend away and then go to the event before coming home on the Monday night. Yey! Before jumping on the train on Friday, I was lucky enough to be able to grab lunch with a friend and it was so beautifully sunny that we sat outside. Eating alfresco in January? How simply marvellous is that? Sunglasses and faux fur ahoy!

I love trains. I still get very excited by journeys that involve this kind of transport. Far less stressful than a bus and much more relaxing than driving. I always take a pile of stuff to read or write with me, but rarely do I ever do anything with it. I like to watch the world whizz past. That feeling of seeing grey industrial blur followed by a sudden blast of vibrant green countryside keeps my eyes wandering towards the window. I think I'm generally so busy, and trying to stick to deadlines that the two hours it takes from Norwich to London are a perfect way to just stop and just enjoy the world passing by. 

I've started using the Iphone app Instagram, which I've used to take the picture above and there will be a few more further on in the post. It's a Free app! I really like it, if you follow me on Twitter you will notice that I will be tweeting more pictures from now on - this app just makes is so easy!

70's sunglassses 50p via charity shop
I hadn't planned to do much in London, I love the place so much that I'm happy to wander around and do it on the cheap. I constantly fear that the free galleries and museums will one day have to charge, which would be a tragedy! I simply adore the National Gallery, I feel so completely overwhelmed by the scale of the building and the art. It's all such an explosion of wonderfulness, the first time I attended on my own a few years ago (something about going alone felt like such a grown up thing to do!) I actually cried!!

It was all so breathtakingly beautiful. To this day whe I visit, I still get tears in my eyes! Partly I think because I think back to crybabygate but also because I still  feel in awe of the building and all it contains. It feels such an honour to be looking at all these amazing pieces of history. I'm not an art expert - I don't have a degree, I just have a heart that appreciates such wonderful things. If you stood next to me in the gallery and asked me what the artist was trying to convey, I probably couldn't tell you. If you asked me what I though and felt about it then that's something I can answer. (I may also cry - but remember it's not you, it's me!)

So I've digressed slightly (a lot) and I bet you are all wondering just what I got up to? What did I see and photograph? Well.........................actually........ nothing! We had a chilled out evening Friday and on Saturday I didn't set my alarm and woke up at 12pm!! 12pm!! I wasn't even late to bed! I don't know what happened top me. I think it was not being at home where I'm constantly thinking, planning, writing, researching etc that the moment I started to relax my body seems to have made the most of it! So whilst I'd love to tell you that I did oodles of lovely touristy things, I can't! My afternoon was spent in a pub ( not exactly a punishment I know) and then we went and had a yummy dinner in the evening - and I was still yawning by about 8pm! Not too tired to round off the dinner with some limencello though. Who needs pudding when you can have this?!

Sunday I did a bit of work, I'm really excited that I've been asked to do an interview (more news of that to come soon) I had it all completed when my laptop died on me about two weeks ago, taking my Q& A and about a hundred million pictures (slight exaggeration, but there were lots) with it. So it's been quite manic the last two weeks trying to keep all my plates spinning. An unexpected trip to the dentist (followed by 2 days of feeling sorry for my self and my purse) found me playing catch up a bit. May be all of this explains my marathon sleep!

So having accidentally  forcing a quite relaxing weekend on myself, I was refreshed and energised for the event on Monday night! Which was handy as I was actually working at the event (I'm still excited about that!) I attended with The Historical Sauces and we manned (womaned?) a table full of testers and of course we took a mini pop up library with books packed with historical details on lipstick and cosmetics. Lucy (Glamourologist) also took along her beautiful collection of lipsticks that date back to the 1920's - as always we wanted to add some history and interest to an event and I think we certainly pulled that off.

ReeRee (I love this picture!)

The Tigz Rice Studios photobooth was a huge hit with the visitors - us included!  Our cute little mortar boards were custom made for us by the clever Sugar and Hatter
Our table was busy pretty much all of the night, I talked so much that I woke up the next day with a croaky voice! It was such a fun event, really interactive. Not only were we on hand but there was cup cake decorating ( the icing on these cup cakes was just divine) and we were also lucky enough to be next to one of the most talented hair stylists I've ever seen! Kelly of Honey Bare (who I now have a bit of a girl crush on) was amazing to watch! She is so talented. People seemed a bit shy at first to go and have there hair styled (despite it being free!) so I very quickly started to send people her way - and before long crowds were gathering around watching her produce some fantastic styles. If you now wish you'd gone and had Kelly work her magic. then all I can say is - I told you so!!

There was also a divine selection of clothes and robes from Betty Blues Loungerie . We were all very taken with some gorgeous red hollywood glamour style robes. Gemma almost wouldn't take one off and I for one, have since been day dreaming of swooshing around the house in one with my two sausage dogs (which are also imaginary!)

Lovely event, sadly we had to miss the burlesque acts, as we had to get the train. Unfortunately the burlesque performace area was *exacly* the area that we needed to make our exit via - it began minutes before we were ready to leave so after several minutes of being trapped by a burlesque artist (not as fun as it sounds when you fear missing your train!) I took decisive action and made a pitifully poor attempt at trying to discreetly work my way round the performance area with a suitcase and two big bags, finally climbing over chairs to get to the door. So I'm sorry to anyone who has a recording of me saying ''excuse me please - I'm so sorry!'' as they filmed the acts, I'm sorry (again!)

Several minutes later Gemma and Lucy had followed my lead and we headed of to the station. No we didn't miss the train and we even managed to get a nice train picnic and some cans of gin and tonic for the journey!

Lucy has reviewed the event for The Historical Sauces blog which you can read here.

You can also see more pictures on the facebook page.
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Vintage Style book give away! The winners are............

Drum roll..............

The 5 lucky winners of Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy are.................

1) Emma-Lou (aka EM170, @teainthecity)

2) Mac234 (aka Ian Maciver)

3) I Am Fabulicious

4) xbeautybee

5) zbody (aka @mawhittaker)

Winners - can you please email your full names and addresses over to me missyvintage@hotmail.co.uk

Well done everyone! I've really enjoyed reading about whose style you find inspiring. I will work on getting a post together listing all the icons mentioned!

Thank you to all that entered, I'm glad you've enjoyed the review. Thank you also to Carlton Books for not only the fabulous books but for your super vintage tweets on twitter.
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Style icon: Louise Brooks

(November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985)
With The Artist taking cinemas by storm (not that I've had time to see it yet, which is annoying to say the least) and The Great Gatsby due to hit the big screen at the end of the year, it looks like 2012 will have more than a sprinkle of 1920's fashion inspiration. I wonder if this will be reflected in the Oscar fashions?......

Louise Brooks was American born but had great success in Europe following a move to London at seventeen. A wonderful dancer and an all round bit of a character, who was declared bankrupt in 1932,  she liked to splash the cash that's for certain. Perhaps it was following her bankruptcy that she gave the famous quote:

“A well-dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world.”

The bob hairstyle must surely be one of the most repeated styles over the decades? It may have been similar to the Louise Brooks cut, longer, asymmetric or the famous Vidal Sassoon bob, bobs have evolved - but they are still bobs. Yes even the famous Victoria Beckham 'pob' was of course a bob.

Vidal Sassoon
Danni Minougue
I had a bob about 2005 too, but I've not been able to find a clear enough picture to add to this blog, my hair is much longer now as I currently like to wear it in victory rolls or quiffed at the front - but I haven't ruled out going shorter again at some point. So that's iconic hair, what about if you'd like to recreate a twenties look with your wardrobe?

Well it's not all feathers and pearls (unless you want it to be!) Simple shaped dresses can be given an instant twenties twist with a pair of Mary Jane shoes.  

Black shoes BHS £25     Blue shoes ASOS £18 (sale)

Just a few accessories can really vintage up your look. You don't have look like an original twenties flapper to carry off the look. Little hints back to another era are a really workable way of adding a sprinkle of vintage style to your look.

With snow possibly on the way, what better time to brighten up your wardrobe with a hat. Also perfect for bad or just can't be bothered hair days! You may be familiar with cloche hats?  A simple shaped hat popular that was a popular style in the twenties. Still a very popular style today.

Red hat Topshop £25     Black hat George £8  Grey hat BHS £12.60 (sale)

If you've been into vintage for ages or if it's something you might just be starting, may be you are just at the thinking stage? My advice would be don't worry too much about eras and looking authentic. Vintage in such an interesting sub culture of fashion because many of us are not purists and we do mix and match the eras. For me that's part of the fun. One day I could be sporting a 1940's wartime sweetheart look, the next I might be feeling in the mood to put on a pencil skirt and look more 1950's. It's all about just finding out what you like.

You also don't need to ditch your existing wardrobe either! You may be surprised to know what vintage inspired looks you can put together with a pair of trousers and a blouse, or a pencil skirt and a t shirt. You can see me chat more about this in a previous post I wrote called 'Getting that vintage look'.

If you want a look at fashion through the decades then I currently have a competition running  this week and there is still time to enter! Courtesy  of Carlton Books ,I have 5 books by Sarah Kennedy called Vintage Style, featuring Elizabeth Taylor as one of 25 icons of fashion. Carlton books have been having fashion week on Twitter with vintage inspired tweets as well as give aways, if you're on twitter but you haven't been following them yet then you have missed some fab tweet. Do pop over and follow them for the final day. If you're on twitter and you have seen the hashtag #VINTAGEWEEK this is why!

If you haven't entered the give away then don't worry, you can enter up until midnight 27 Jan 2012. Just click here to read the book review, the competition rules and details of how to enter.

Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy, published by Carlton Books, £20, is available in all good book shops and online now.
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Style Icon Elizabeth Taylor

Following on from the last post about the Vintage Style book by Sarah Kennedy, I've been thinking about who my style icons are. I love Marilyn because she was truly beautiful and always looked gorgeous whether she was wearing a floor length frock, a pencil skirt or jeans. But who else do I think personifies style and glamour? Well one icon I was glad to see in the Sarah Kennedy book was Elizabeth Taylor. Does she get enough credit for being a screen siren? I think possibly not.

Yet she herself sparkled with charisma as much as any diamond she may have worn. She certainly had a screen presence and the phrase 'it's better to be looked over, than over looked' could have been written for her it's so perfect. She was a true screen siren, possibly a diva but always dressed up to the point of being OTT at times. I once saw a lady on a mobility scooter who was just like Liz Taylor in her later years. Flamboyant, decadent but utterly glamourous in her beret, fur coat and huge sunglasses! Yes, when I hit my pension years, may be that will be me!

The 50's Elizabeth Taylor look is all about glamour. Think styled hair, red lipstick AND heavy eyes . None of this one or the other business. To recreate her look think of colour. Jewelled coloured 50s style dresses (or may be 50s originals if you're lucky!) Mostly what I think is so utterly fabulous about her was her confidence. She seemed to have led a life that was as times as OTT her some of her wardrobe, but she certainly had a full life that's for sure.

January can be a tough month as we all wait for pay day, we still need glamour in our lives though! Why not get dressed up to the nines and have everyone over for dinner? Send out invites with a theme such as Hollywood glam. Host a come dine with me style get together, or have a living room dinner dance!  Even beans on toast will be scrumptious if you're eating it dressed up in black tie event attire, pop a Marilyn film on, get the fairy lights back out of the loft and you have yourself a soiree!  

If you need a treat then courtesy of Carlton Books Publishing, I have 5 books by Sarah Kennedy called Vintage Style, featuring Elizabeth Taylor as one of 25 icons of fashion. Carlton books are also having a fashion week on Twitter with vintage inspired tweets, if you're on twitter do pop over and follow them (and me too!)

If you haven't entered the give away then don't worry, you can enter up until midnight 27 Jan 2012. Just click here to read the book review, the competition rules and details of how to enter.

Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy, published by Carlton Books, £20, is available in all good book shops and online now.
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Book review and give away!! Vintage Style, Iconic Fashion Looks and How to Get Them

The lovely folks at Carlton Books have very kindly given me a copy of Vintage Style, Iconic Fashion Looks and How to Get Them by Sarah Kennedy to review.  What’s more, they’ve also given me five – yes five – copies of the book to give away.  So first, let’s get down to the review and then if you’d love the chance to get your hands on your very own copy, read on…

Firstly, there’s been a lot of buzz around this book, with British Vogue recently listing it in their guide of books to curl up and read at Christmas.  The cover of the book, as you may have realised, is the gorgeous Debbie Harry.  Now, while she may not be my personal style icon, she is, without doubt, certainly an icon.  As soon as I got the book in the post, the first thing I did was to open it up to find what reference had been made to Debbie Harry.  Straight away, it was obvious this was going to be a style book with a difference. 

There’s twenty‑five women used in this book to demonstrate different eras and looks, from the twenties to the nineties.  There’s a good deal of detail about their lives and the impact their look had on the fashion‑scene at the time.  Within each icon section, there’s also bullet‑points to key looks, style and beauty tips, key designers of the time and shopping advice.  For example, with Debbie Harry there’s a guide to achieving smoky eyes and hot red lips.  So, which other icons has the author selected to illustrate style through the decades? 

  •  Louise Brooks: Flapper
  •  Jean Harlow: Tea Dancer
  •  Marlene Dietrich: Femuline
  •  Wallace Simpson: Mistress
  •  The Mitford Sisters: English Aristo
  •  Marilyn Monroe: Goddess
  •  Audrey Hepburn: IngĂ©nue
  •  Grace Kelly: Ice Princess
  •  Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood Glamour
  •  Jackie O: American Classic
  •  Brigitte Bardot: Bombshell
  •  Twiggy: Ultra Mod
  •  Jean Shrimpton: British Classic
  •  Marianne Faithfull: Rock and Roll Girlfriend
  •  Talitha Getty: Boho Contessa
  •  Francois Hardy: Euro Chic
  •  Bianca Jagger: Studio 54
  •  Grace Slick: Combat Chic
  •  Joan Jett: Rock Chick
  •  Debbie Harry: New Wave
  •  Lauren Hutton: Simply Seventies
  •  Diana Ross: Diva
  •  Kate Bush: Free Spirit
  •  Molly Ringwald: Indie Girl
  •  Cindy Crawford: Glamazon
Picking out a few of the icons I particularly enjoyed reading, I found the Louise Brooks: Flapper chapter very interesting.  The Roaring Twenties is not really one of my go-to eras, so I found this full of useful detail and beautiful illustrations.  Within each chapter there’s a quote from each iconic lady, maybe this one from Louise Brooks appealed to me due to the time of year?!

“A well-dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world.”

Moving on, the chapter Jean Harlow: Tea Dancer, discusses how fashion evolved from the twenties to the thirties and very helpfully suggests some films worth watching if you do aspire to achieve the Harlow look.  There’s also some history on the Marcel Wave and the history of tongs, with the book frighteningly informing the reader that

“in the early days, tongs were heated over a gas burner and first tested on paper: if they burned a hole, the tongs had to be cooled down before being applied to the hair.”

Eek! If you do want to give finger waves a try without the use of a hot appliance, then there is a tutorial in this section.  Now I can tell you from experience that finger waves take practice.  It always looks simple in books, but if you do want to try this look, I really would advise that you have a practice run before an actual big  event. 

The chapter with Bridget Bardot: Bombshell, sees the author describe Bardot as an “antidote to Hollywood vamp glam”. I think that's a perect description. Bardot was certainly something very different to the likes of Marilyn Monore and Elizabeth Taylor with their curves, sets and lipstick. This section includes tutorials on how to get the Bardot Face, with cat eye eyeliner and that famous pout. 

It’s actually very difficult for me not to run through every icon in this book because there really is something worthy of discussion in each chapter.  What I really liked about the book is that whilst every chapter includes a tutorial of some kind, it’s not just a 'how-to' book. 

Whizzing forward to the chapters covering the eighties and the nineties….vintage lovers can often raise eyebrows when the eighties gets mentioned.  Personally, I wear quite a lot of eighties clothes but I wear pieces that reflect back to the forties and fifties.  There’s always fashion trends that lend themselves to previous decades.  How this book covers the eighties, though, is to choose the Indie Girl look, which I actually think is quite an inspired choice, because although it’s not my cup of tea, when you walk through the street, you do see this look on teens today a lot.  So if like me you read the list of icons and saw Molly Ringwald’s name and thought “really?”, well I can honestly say that having read that chapter in full, I get what the author is trying to demonstrate. 

The book is as much about the history of fashion as it is about inspiring the reader to experiment with a look.  It’s an informative look at fashion through the decades and whether you decide, as I did, to read the book from cover-to-cover or just dip in and out of the sections, you won’t be disappointed. With an RRP of £20, it may not be the cheapest book out there but it's packed with not just ideas but historical facts. It’s a beautifully illustrated guide to fashion, that casts its definition of “icon” as widely as possible to cater for every taste.  It's a book I would recommend adding to your book wish list.  

If you’d like to win one of five copies of this book (UK entries only on this give-away), then here’s how.  Firstly, all you need to do is follow the Missy Vintage blog using any or all of the following methods:

Google Friend Connect (the box is on the right hand side of the screen)
- Twitter (don't forget to tell me your twitter name)
- or subscribe via email (this box is also on the right hand side of the screen)

Secondly, you then need to leave me a comment on this blog post with your name, tell me how you follow the blog (list all the ways, each follow is one entry so there’s a possible four entries per person!) when leaving your comment why not tell me who your style icon is.  It can be anyone who inspires you, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Cheryl Cole, your mum.... me ;o)

 *It's really easy to leave a comment: where you see the 'comment as' under the comment box  a drop down box opens -  if none of the options apply to you, just select annonymous - but remember to leave your name!*

Five winners will be picked at random using random.org.  This competition runs from today right now! (Monday 23 January 2012) to midnight on Friday 27 January. 

Each method of following equals one entry, but only one book can be won per person.  If the same person is randomly selected more than once, another name will be selected instead. 

I will announce the five lucky winners on Saturday 28 January 2012.  If you are on Twitter, then why not follow the Carlton Books PR team This week, they’re having a special vintage week so there’s no better time to follow and see exclusive tweets about vintage goings-on. (You may have started to see the hashtag #VINTAGEWEEK bouncing around twitter already!) 

Good luck everyone! 

Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy, published by Carlton Books, £20, is available in all good book shops and online now.
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Face Hair Friday......

David Niven

 Lots of bloggers do a frock Friday, but today I'm doing a face hair Friday! Partly because it gave me a reason to use this picture of the dashing David Niven (I've had a few conversations over wine with other vintage ladies about this man, but what happens in the pub, stays in the pub!) and secondly because I wanted to highlight the brilliant effort chaps all over the world made back in November for the face hair fest that is Movember.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this event chaps get sponsored to grow a mo (also known as a tash) for the whole of November. The money raised goes to programmes run by Movember and their  men’s health partners The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research.

For me it was a glorious month of watching my chaps in the office become, well chaps quite frankly. There was much excitement and some serious conversations and inquisitive comparing going on. I've watched several conversations take place bout adapting eating techniques for certain types of food. For someone like me, who is fascinated by folk and loves to people watch it was an amazing month!

This office activity along side all the social media and the man on the street, means November 2011 was a face hair fest indeed. I love walking down the street and seeing two men walk past each other sporting mo's and you could just see that although they didn't know each other there was some sort of recognition there.  Respect for the mo. 

So because it's important that we are all aware of our health, I'm going to re post some stats from my previous post. Awareness of how healthy your bits are chaps is not just for November. I know this isn't really a vintage post, but this blog started off as a fashion blog and has evolved into a lifestyle blog really so today it is face hair, next week who knows?! (Okay, actually I do know, but I can't tell you yet. I know something else too, I'm a tease! I can't say a word until Monday)

Some important facts and stats courtesy of the Movember UK website
Prostate Cancer Facts
  • 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK – one man is diagnosed every 15 minutes 
  • A man will die from prostate cancer every hour - more than 10,000 men will die of the disease this year in the UK
  • African Caribbean men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer. 
  • You are 2.5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer if your father or brother has had it Occurrences of prostate cancer in men are comparable to the rates of breast cancer in women
  •  Testicular cancer in the UK affects younger men between the ages of 20 and 50. There were 1,990 men diagnosed with the disease in 2007
  •  Men are 80% less likely to visit their GP and stay in touch with their doctors than women in the UK, thereby denying themselves the chance of early detection and effective treatment
So well done to all you chaps who rocked your mo's for the month of November. I was sorry to see them go, but I know many of you were relieved to have your faces back! Thanks to those who offered their pictures for this blog, I'm sure you will be an inspiration for Movember 2012 and I look forward to seeing how creative your mo's are this year!

Mat from Southern Retro.  Do have a look at Mats ongoing project that involves people who live their lives in a vintage loving way (I'm in the gallery!) 

Mike - loving the Selleck pic!


Nick. This was one of several pictures sent by Nick (thank you!) I chose this one because of the Simon Cowell finger on face position! ;O) Nick's a really talented photographer so do pop over and check out his Flickr photos  
Well done chaps, thanks for the photos. Hope you're not missing that face wool now it's turned nippy! Get your diary's out and remember Movember in 2012!
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Mid week link love

Picture : Brassai (1899 - 1984)

Time for the first mid week  link love of the new year I think! Apologies the blog has been quiet the last few days, I've been a busy bee making lots of plans for Missy Vintage, The Historical Sauces and also for Vintage Norwich too. That's a lot of planning. There's been highlighter pens, folders, individual note pads and yes, slight panic attacks when my pen ran out of ink followed by the lead breaking in my pencil.........

So it's been a flurry of activity, much research and about a zillion emails have been exchanged. I've so many ideas in my head, that I continue to sleep with post it notes by the bed. I'm also working on a super give away so watch this space for news on that soon....

I've also finally upgraded to an iphone! Yes! I knew I had to move with the times when a lady of at least 80 whipped out her iphone. Now I like a bit of granny chic, and I'm used to often having beret envy at ladies I pass in the street but this was actually the first time I'd *really* had iphone envy. So this has already revolutionised my world and has made my twitter twitches worse...... social media, it's a thief of time but I love it so!

So when I've not been planning, texting,tweeting etc, I've been reading.........so because it's good to share, here are links to some reads I've enjoyed recently.

Firstly, the picture I've used at the top of this post is by photographer  Brassai who's work included combing the streets of Paris at night in the thirties to capture life of a Parisian. Beautiful pictures. Please be aware there is some nudity in a few of the pictures. Just so you know...... www.atgetphotography.com/The-Photographers/BRASSAI

Over on In with the Old out with the New you can see what blogger Rosie wore to go and watch The Artist 

If you haven't seen this film yet, or can't quite make you mind up if it's for you then here's a review by Eclectic Ephemera 

Finally........... Charly AKA hilarious Land Girl 1980  shares The tale of a home hair cut

Happy Wednesday!
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