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If you were reading Missy Vintage last Christmas, you might remember that I wrote a post about visiting the Imperial War Museum in London to see their 1940s house all dressed for Christmas.( If you missed that post you can read it here

Well it seems that nearly everyone I know has already decked the halls, but if you haven't or maybe you still want to add some vintage inspired touches, then the paper lanterns Dotcom.giftshop sent me to review might be of inspiration to you. 

Paper lanterns in the 1940s house

I loved the look of the 1940s house and it made me crave simple but pretty decorations. Sprigs of holly, paper chains and lanterns. It was all very sweet and uncoordinated. No set theme of red and gold etc. There was a very child like feel to it and I wish there was something that could be bottled and enjoyed by all. 

Now my first mission with my paper lanterns was to be able to reach the ceiling, once I'd mastered that, my next mission was to be able to get a drawing pin into the ceiling, I've discovered I am not only short but weak too as I simply couldn't get the pin into the very hard ceiling, I guess that's old houses for you! BUT refusing to be beaten and wanting to display these lovely lanterns ASAP,  I've dressed the cocktail shelf with them instead. 

Set of 5 lanterns £8.95
If you fancy creating some vintage Christmas cheer then paper chains are easy peasy to make, or you can cheat and buy some, you'll still get the 'I made these' feeling without the cutting and chopping. What I'm also liking from this online shop is the hanging paper decorations, which are very much like the ones that were in the 1940s house. There's lots of good present ideas and plenty of things under the £5 mark too, so this site is well worth a visit.

Paper chains were £6.95 now £3.95

Large honeycomb bell £5.95 

Bunting £12.95

Have you decked your halls yet?

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  1. Oh the old-fashioned decorations are beautiful, so charming and much prettier than mass-produced rubbish. My daughter and I put our tree up today and I must say the BEST decorations are the home/school-made ones, including colourful paper chains. Thank you for sharing :) xo

  2. They really are aren't they. I think, so many people (and I include myself in this)have at some point coordinated our baubles! Made sure the tree is symmetrical. The 1940s house looks homely and friendly all dressed up for Christmas.

  3. Oh it looks lovely! My parents have got original ones we occasionally put up but they get taken down quickly because dad gets fidgety that they'll break!


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