Swagger and Swoon In Your Cravat Ladies

I'm sorry chaps, we steal your jumpers, we steal your shirts, we steal your socks and now, now we have the cheek to move on to your cravats. Well when I say we, I mean some of us do, but I'm hoping that by the end of this more ladies will be wanting to add a cravat to their outfits......  

Swagger and Swoon asked if I'd like to road test one of their cravats or bow ties, and I was pretty tempted by the bow ties I have to say, but then I began thinking about cravats and Marlene Dietrich in a tie popped in to my head.....

I love the strong masculine look Marlene has in these pictures along side her beautiful striking made up face. One of my all time favourite photographers is Helmut Newton and some of his best know images are girls looking like boys. Beautiful non?

So whilst you might not want to go for a complete masculine look, adding a touch of boy to your outfit can certainly add a glam twist with a difference. I often wear neck scarves, so think of the cravat as an alternative version. They come in a huge array of styles and colours so you can mix, match, clash as much as you like. They are great for keeping the chill off your neck on a chilly day, and make a stylish barrier to that pesky office air conditioning. 

I've been wearing mine with a blouse, or more often a man's shirt. My top tip for wearing a man's shirt is to go for a slim fit one so it doesn't just add lots of bulk. If you you are of ample bosom but think you can never get away with a slim fit shirt, you can. Because I can. It's worth investing in a good one which might be a bit more expensive than somewhere like primark but a good quality white shirt will last you for ages and is so versatile. My other top tip is to visit the male rail in the charity shops and look for you shirts there. Again, keep an eye out for labels like Marks and Spencer, TM Lewin etc. So here I am in my cravat.

Actually here's two of me! 

As well as wide leg trousers, I've also been wearing my cravat with skinny jeans.

So a cravat could be a fab unisex gift, and would be quite a thrifty one too as you can 'borrow' it from your other half, brother, dad etc.... That's assuming you can resist not buying one for yourself and having your very own Marlene days. As it's the time of giving, lets have a look at a few present ideas from Swagger and Swoon as well shall we? This is mainly because I just found some Christmas bow ties on their website and I'm itching to show you them! 

Vintage chocolate bow tie £16.99

Holly bow tie £16.99

Mistletoe bow tie £16.99

Red braces, but these ones are glittery which I think makes them okay.... £19.99



Happy Cravating! 

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  1. Wow it looks fab. You look quite different with straight hair x

  2. I've actually had a load chopped off, so I was a bit suprised at how long it still looked in these pictures! It must have been quite mermaid like before! I didn't really realise, as odd as that sounds!

  3. Hi
    I love this look on a woman.My favourite would be an Hermes scarf worn in this way.

  4. Hi
    I love this look on a lady.
    Even better would be an hermes scarf worn this way.


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