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If you're still doing your Christmas shopping, then you are running our of time to do it online which is fine if you intend to hit the shops and deal with the other hundreds for shoppers, for some of you the hustle and bustle will be heaven, for others it will be hell.....

If you're thinking of giving the gift of reading then if you can, support your local independent book shops, and don't rule out second hand either. Browse the second hand book shops, ponder the shelves of the charity shops, you just never know what you'll find, and you could end up stumbling up on something that will have a personal meaning for that someone special. For the person who loves cooking, you might discover a vintage/retro cookery book, for the femme fatale crime lover, you could find yourself handing over a book complete with beautiful 1950s book cover. Never rule out the the joy Enid Blyton stories can bring, regardless of age, Famous Five anyone?

If you plan to go down the online route then here's some ideas, most of which are either already on my bookshelf or on my wish list! It's worth checking the details of Amazons Christmas delivery dates (this link is for the UK website)

£5.96 Amazon

£14 Amazon
£8.96 Amazon
I've reviewed this book, and have a copy to give away if you can hang on until the new year to try and get your hands on a copy. Details here

£15.10 Amazon

I *really* can't recommend this book enough, if you love Marilyn, fashion or illustrations this book has so many things to make you go 'ooooooooo' I reviewed this book earlier in the year if you fancy reading more about what I thought you can read them here

Another one I reviewed recently would make a great present for any fashion lover who needs to make do and mend next year, needs tips on how to re-work those charity chic bargains. or needs ideas on how to be more thrify with fashion. If you want to try your hand with lady luck then I have a copy to give away. Details of that and my review here

£8.81 Amazon

£10.87 Amazon

£23.61 Amazon

£10.84 Amazon

There's one more giveaway to be listed so look out for that one, if you haven't seen the other goodies up for grabs then click here for details. Books, they might not be stocking friendly, but for me, they will always make an excellent gift.


  1. You've listed some amazing books here, any of which I would be so happy to own! I have the Forties Fashion book and it's fabulous! A lot of online stores are now plugging their gift vouchers which are a good idea for some last-minute shopping, as the voucher is emailed the same day. Yay!

  2. And they're easy to wrap, which is always a win! I'd be happy to get any of those x


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