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Looking to add some vavavoom to your Christmas outfit? Maybe you fancy something different from a dress? How about adding a corset to your party season outfit options? I'm a big fan of corsets, I don't wear them nearly enough, but this year I did some freelance writing all about corsets and fashion and it really made me think, and I have to say, corsets are much more versatile than I think a lot of us give them credit for.

I was asked by Corset Story if I'd like to review one of their corsets and I chose this green one. Which is a longer line corset and recommended for taller gals - which I'm not at 5'2, however I like a longer line corset that a) covers my tummy and b) adds a little theatre. 

I like the peplum shape it's created

When the corset came I was surprised that the shade of green was much darker than the picture online. However it still a nice green, but I was expecting it to be brighter. It's like a metallic forest green, which is still very fab and probably a bit more wearable than a bright shade. It's actually a lovely Christmassy green, hence why I thought it would be a good one to review for the festive season.

 It felt very secure and comfortable in my corset, I especially like the bust line on this one, as I actually felt quite covered up and a little demure which isn't easy when you have an ample bosom encased in a corset. The corset is easy to tighten during the evening if you feel that you want to go a little snugger - of course that works two ways, so if you need to loosen it, it's not a big upheaval. There's no doubt about it they create a killer curve! 

This corset costs $70/£45 and feels great value for money, I've a couple of corsets from different companies and this one compares very well in terms of quality. What I do like about this company though is the range! Whether your style is burlesque, steam punk, or gothic glamour (and anything else you can throw a corset at) they seem to have something for all styles and tastes. They also have a 3 for 2 offer as well, meaning you can either stock up, up get the girls together, do a joint order and you can all save some pennies.

Proof that girls with big busts can wear corsets.

Turn on any of the popular music channels, or flick through a celebrity magazine, and you probably won’t have to wait too long until you see a star in some kind of corset. It could be on the red carpet or in music video, but whatever the circumstances or occasion, most people will probably look glamorous and well styled. Corsets are good for giving us smaller waists, straighter backs and controlling our shape. For posture they are wonderful, they make you stand up straight and tall and because your movement is slightly restricted you walk/sit differently, I find I feel very poised when wearing one.

My tips for wearing a steel boned corset

  •          Wear the corset as much as possible before and event/occasion. Even just an hour a day is sufficient.
  • ·     The corset will be laced at the back – just lace the corset with as little tension as needed at first. This allows you to get used the sensation of the rigid steel boning and allows the steel to warm up with the heat from your body.
  • ·     Gradually tighten the lacing, this could be after a few hours or it could be over a few days. Only tighten to what’s comfortable. You should be feeling secure but not uncomfortable. You should never be in pain.
  • ·     Over time the corset will adapt to YOUR shape. YOUR curves so this is a piece of clothing that’s unique to you. Don’t let anyone else wear it.

Above all glam up and enjoy!

Visit Corset Story



  1. This is a great colour, I love it. I might brave a corset this year, will pop over and have a look. May be I can convince my OH to get me one for Chrissy!

  2. I have 3 lovely corsets, I haven't worn them for a while- will definitely be digging them out!

  3. You look gorgeous and that green would be my choice, too. x

  4. Divoon!
    That's something I definetly need!

  5. I'm a shortie too and I also like long line corsets, but don't always find nice ones that easy to come by. Will certainly be checking out this website, thanks for the tip, this one is a really nice colour. Very christmassy indeed!

  6. Well as much as I'd love to send a link over to the husband to this page as a subtle hint, I fear he'll be mesmerised by you (looking especially cheeky in that last pic btw!) So he will have to make do with a big unsubtle link to the corset website! ;)

  7. Oh the green corset is so beautiful, green is my favourite colour ... but nevermind that, you look amazing!!!! You look ready for anything and "don't mess with me!" Simply gorgeous and thanks for the tips on corset-wearing, I think I'm going to have to try out my lace-up ones again. Inspiring! xo

  8. it’s very sexy! I do not recommend wearing them while gardening, country dancing, or anything else highly strenuous.


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