Christmas Jumpers - Yay or Nay?

December is here!!

Woooooo! December not only brings mulled wine, biscuits by the box (packets are sooo last month) sweets that come in huge tins it also means the airing of Christmas jumpers............. At the end of November I asked a question on my facebook page about how early is too early when it comes to proudly showing of your woolly Christmas spirit, and responses were mixed as to when or even if they should be worn at all! Personally I love them and if I could knit, I would be totally up for knitting up some Bridget Jones style Christmas jumpers. If only it were possible to knit a Mark Darcy....

But if like me, you can't knit or creating a jumper that is wearable is as impossible as knitting a Mark Darcy then there are options. Option A is to keep an eye out in the charity shops/carboot sales etec ALL year round. You never know what you might stumble up on and if you don't buy that jumper no one else wants in March you probably will regret it when Christmas gets here.

 That said, let us think of the Christmas Jumper as an investment. People don't really have 'Sunday best' in their wardrobe anymore, but these jumpers are truly seasonal, special and should be worn, then carefully stored away until it's time to get festive again. Of course you don't have to go for a big Rudolph face, you can opt for something more traditional, there are options for all tastes and this year I have to say that I'm not sure I've known a year where there has ever been more choice. The countdown  to the big day has begun, so without further ado, lets take a look at what delectable knitted jumper delights are out there.


Untitled #2
left to right ASOS  £35 / ASOS £38 / ASOS £38

Untitled #3
left to right  River Island £35 (love this one!) / New Look £24.99 / Peacocks £18


Untitled #5

Untitled #6

Untitled #7

left to right Topman £28 / Topman £38
If you're still not convinced or if you feel you need an excuse, then Save The Children UK are encouraging us all to take part in a Christmas Jumper Day on December 14th and donate £1 to the charity. More details on the Save The Children Christmas campaign here. 

So what do you think about Christmas jumpers? Knit-tastic or naff-tragic?



  1. LOVE a good Christmas jumper. I'm spending Christmas day with the Mr for the first time and he was the one who suggested getting his'n'hers! Definitely indulging.

    Big fan of the men's Ho Ho Ho jumper.



  2. I love Christmas Jumpers! My step-mum knitted me a reindeer jumper a few years ago and it's a real staple of my winter wardrobe. I really love that (incredibly expensive) John Lewis one too though!

  3. So funny, did a post on the same topic a couple of hours ago :)
    For me it's definitely a yay - I love everything Christmas and want to look like my over-decorated home myself!


  4. Never! But then I'm a real Xmas spoilsport. Bah humbug. (sorry). xx

  5. Definitely a yes from me. Perhaps it's the 4 year old in me desperately wanting to get out. I mailed you a photo as proof!

  6. Oh yes! Festive jumperness! HURRAH!

  7. Well the majority of people seem to think it's a yay!

    Ben - loved that sent me proof! :)



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