Skyfall, My Night with Bond

Imagine the scene, it's one of those Mondays when you understand *exactly* why Bob Geldof felt the need to sing about his dislike for them. It's a day that appears to be showing no sign of improving, nothing is quite going as planned, and the 'to do' list for the day is not only getting longer but appears to be mocking you as things that should easily been ticked of are still there, staring you out. 

You've run out of milk, and have now used the last spoon of coffee so a trip to the supermarket can no longer be avoided. Walking home in the drizzly rain, you look up and spot a handsome man striding towards you, His shirt soaked with rain and sticking to his chest like he's Mr Darcy but it's not Mr Darcy, it's actually Mr Bond. Hello Daniel Craig............ 

Well that last bit didn't quite happen (sadly!) but it sort of felt like it when I received an email asking me if I'd like a night with Daniel Craig .There I was walking home in the drizzly rain and the email came in and my thoughts were something along the lines of, 'Yes! I would like a night with Daniel Craig!' With the day I was having, to be honest I'd have settled for an hour but if I was being offered an evening, then how could I resist? 

Unfortunately I wasn't being offered  an actual date (I know you're married Daniel, me too but call me, drinks are okay non? * note to self: If you ever meet Daniel Craig do not lick his face. Resist....) Oh, C'mon - I bet most have you have though about it!........................ 

What was on offer was a chance to go and review Skyfall at VUE cinemas with VIP seats and then review a meal at Zizzi's afterwards. Now, I really do like Bond films, not just for the Daniel Craig element (honest) so I though why not? I will be completely honest, I rarely go to the big chain cinemas as most of the films I want to see are shown on a local independent cinema we have in Norwich, so this was going to be interesting.....

I'm an online girl, I tend to book everything online, it saves waiting for tickets and also, with things like the cinema, it avoids that risk of turning up to a big film that's just out, only to find it's sold out! But my tickets were sent to me in the form of a VUE giftcard and unfortunately  VUE don't accept bookings online using giftcards, which is a pain and something worth remembering if like me, you were actually planning on getting a gift card for someone's Christmas present. So I had to whip out my debit card and pay online that way. As we'd booked a table at Zizi's , we didn't want the evening to go pear shaped by turning up to the cinema and not getting in at the time we'd planned for.

On arrival I also found that VUE had no bar! I'm obviously spoilt by the cinema I usually go to and have to confess, I do like a drop of vino with a film. The cinema did redeem it's self with the seats though! I've never gone VIP before but the seats were just soooo comfortable and delightfully roomy. All cinema seats should be as comfy as that.  Despite there being no bar there was certainly an abundance of popcorn, knowing we were eating late I asked for just a small popcorn to share. Apparently VUE don't do what I'd consider a small portion and we ended up with what I would consider a huge portion! So glad I only ordered one, as we didn't even manage to get through that!

It was a bit of a chilly night and we'd planned to walk in to town and then on to the restaurant so I took the weather conditions in to account when choosing my outfit. I'm currently loving black, and am wearing a lot of it lately so I went for a very simple beatnik black outfit but mixed it up with my 50s/60s faux fur, some hair twists (faux victory rolls) and some hair flowers

What I wore: Coat - Charity shop (a bargain at £8!)     Jeans - Primark      Shoes - Clarks    Bag -  Charity shop 

So The credits open and I'm a huge fan of Adele, I think her song for this new Bond film is amazing and it feels like a 'real' Bond song. It's big, it's sexy, it's dramatic and that is exactly what a Bond tune should be. (By the way, I think the next Bond song should be performed by Paloma Faith - just throwing that out there!) The film was utterly amazing, possible the best Bond ever, some great nods back to the past and this really was Bond at it's best. I especially liked the casino scene, which felt very much of the Sean Connery era as Bond. The classic Bond Casino connection is obviously why Ladbrokes were keen to help promote the film by sending bloggers to the cinema to review the film. The casino in Skyfall is not only atmospheric and glam it also has a pit that houses Komodo dragons.... classic Bond non?

Nice faux 20s faux bob and makeup in this scene
The glamour was there, the action was non stop and let's be honest, as well as being just amazing to look at, Daniel Craig can really act too. He brings a dimension to Bond that I personally don't feel we have ever had before. It's well worth seeing, and I have never before wept at a Bond film......I can say no more or I will spoil it for you.

We then went off to eat, drink and generally be merry at Zizi's. Now we're *sure* we've eaten at this restaurant before but can't quite remember when - which possibly says a lot..... BUT this time was much more memorable, we were offered the chance to sit right next to the open kitchen, which I loved  and the food was really fab. We started of by sharing some olives and some calamari, and the reason I'm pointing this out to you is because these were honestly the nicest olives I have *ever* tasted - and I could eat olives for breakfast, I just love them.


Double yum!

Triple Yum!

We will definitely be returning to Zizi's, for you veggies there's a good choice (I used to be a veggie myself for years so I totally feel your pain when the menu choice is boring!) and there are also gluten free options too - so this will be a good one for when we go out as a group! 

Have you seen Skyfall yet? What did you think?



  1. I haven't seen it yet, but can't wait! I don't want to wait until it comes out on DVD! I haven't heard anyone mention it made them cry yet....... how interesting...hmmm, I'm dying to see it even more now. You are so right about Zizi being good for groups, nothing worse than going somewhere that doesn't make everyone happy.

  2. Loving your coat. I haven't managed to get to see this yet but looks fantastic! Great to know about Zizi's, I often go out with a mixed bag of eaters and peeps with special dietary requirements and it is a struggle. Will take a look at the menu and see if this could be a solution. Cheers Missy.

  3. I'm looking forward to my own evening with Bond, although for slightly different reasons to you. I am a massive Bond fan too but have never experienced it at the cinema so will be toddling over to a picture house in the next week or so.

    I hear there's a scene featuring a safety razor so the fact a proper piece of shaving apparatus is used is reason enough to watch it!

    Lovely choice of outfit - black is very Bond. It's always pleasing to see the Victory Rolls out on parade.

  4. I love your outfit, that coat is divine :)

  5. Skyfall hasn't opened in NZ yet but I will be first in the queue!

  6. I love Daniel Craig as Bond. From his first outing in those teeny tiny speedos I was smitted.

    And can he wear a suit?!

    Saw Skyfall, loved it - I thought Javier Bardem was deliciously nuts as the baddy, and it's set up well for the next few films - yay!


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