Holidays are Coming!

Yes, Christmas is on it's way! I almost got myself a chocolate advent calender but decided at 35 maybe I'm too old so I didn't. Then I got home from the supermarket and decided you can never be too old! So I shall be going back to buy one. I shall leave it a few days, they might be reduced a bit and not only could I save a few pennies on the calender I will also have the joy of opening several doors and scoffing the contents all at once! Hooray! 

I was one of those kids who would open several doors on the calender in advance and eat the contents, I got very very very skilled at doing it in such a way that no-one could tell the door had already been broken into.... I wonder if that skill is still there.....

This time last year I was planning my wedding! Well when I say planning, I mean trying to keep it secret (amazed I didn't burst) as we actually sneaked off to Chelsea Registry office to do it, with just a couple of witnesses, followed by much booze, food and fun along Southbank, I don't recommend riding the carousel after a huge afternoon tea and lots of booze! It was fun but the last ten seconds or so were slightly more spinny than I liked and I was glad when my horse (who was called Darren....) came to a halt!

 I'll be visiting the Christmas market on Southbank again next month. It's a lovely atmosphere and the smells of food and drink are just delicious, if you get a chance to visit the market (or any Christmas market for that fact) then do, they are such a lovely way to get in the Christmas Spirit, and hot mulled wine/cider really tastes so wonderful in alfresco.


This picture is actually me on my wedding day! The bride did not wear white..... she wore a navy blue Stop Staring dress £120, a fascinator by Sugar and Hatter £35, a faux fur late 50s/early 60s coat that was £8 and I think my shoes were from Peacocks so those would have been under £20.

I've already started my Christmas shopping and I've got posts planned to help you with yours too. Along side the shopping for gifts posts, December on Missy Vintage is going to be looking at party season fashion for all budgets, style tips and advice and a give away so brace yourselves people! 

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